Foolish Games

By: Saltygoodness

Summary: This story is a new take on the episode 'School Hard'. The parent-teacher night never happened. Spoilers for everything up to the scene in the Bronze. Buffy and Spike never met, and she is currently with Angel.

Pairing: B/S Fluff.

Rating: PG-13? I'm not sure.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the story. The characters are all borrowed, but I wish I did own them. Joss, Mutant Enemy and UPN own it all.

Author's Note: This is a short series of chapters. Feedback: Absolutely. Every writer needs a little feedback. Tell me what you think so far.

Part one: Strangers in the Night

Buffy smiled, as she excused herself from her two best friends and strolled over to the bar. This was how her life should be. No monsters, no vampires, no demons, just out enjoying herself with her friends at the Bronze. She felt like a normal teenager.

"What can I get for ya?" The bartender asked.

"Just a Coke." She replied, before glancing around the club. Angel had said he would come tonight, but was still no where to be found. She was a little more than worried.

"Here you go." The husky little man said as he sat the drink down in front of her and walked away.

Buffy picked the can up and began to sip on it as she made her way back over to the table. She watched as Willow and Xander danced wildly on the dance floor, trying to keep up with the rhythm of the current song. She laughed as Xander flailed his arms from side to side in the air. He so could not dance.

As the song ended a new one started. This time it was a slow one. She observed Xander and Willow, dancing slower now, as Xander pulled her flush against him. They look so great together. Thought Buffy.

Suddenly she become very aware of how lonely she was. She felt like the third wheel, without Angel here. At the thought of her boyfriend she surveyed the room once more, searching the tall dark- haired man out, but to no avail. He wasn't coming.

"Hello cutie." An unfamiliar male voice from behind her said. When Buffy turned towards the voice, her eyes met a pair of sparkling blue ones. She'd never seen him before, she was sure she'd have remembered that almost white-blonde hair. And the way that he looked at her, it was like he was looking into her soul.

"What?" She asked awkwardly.

Spike smiled slyly at her expression. He wasn't sure what he was doing. He had come here tonight looking for the slayer and instead spotted the gorgeous creature sitting all alone, looking like she needed some fun. Her tight blue jeans conformed to every curve of her hips and the light purple shirt she wore hung loosely on her taut breasts. She had called out to him. Every muscle in his body tensed as their eyes met.

Buffy watched as the stranger reached out a hand for her to take. For some reason she felt a sense of recognition with this man, comfortable. She shakily placed her small hand in his much larger one. The stranger took her arm and pulled her away from the table and into the center of the dance floor where he held her close and began to dance. At that moment all thoughts of Angel fled her mind.

Buffy what the hell are you doing? You don't even know this guy. Buffy thought as she continued sway in the arms of a complete stranger. She noticed how their bodies molded together almost perfectly. Stop it! Bad Buffy! She scolded herself once more.

Bloody hell, Spike. What do you think you're doing? You're here to find and kill the slayer, not be trying to snog some young chit. Spike asked himself as he tightened his grip on the girl's waist.

He didn't know why he'd decided to dance with her. At first he thought she might be the slayer. The other vamps had given him a description of her: short, blonde, and hot. But now, seeing as how she trusted a guy she had never met before, he knew that she wasn't the girl he was looking for; Or at least that's what he kept telling himself.

The song ended and neither of them made a move to go. Buffy's head was resting on his chest and her hands were clasp around his neck. She never noticed the stranger's heartbeat, or lack there of. She then raised her head and looked deep into his eyes. He shifted uncomfortably under her intense gaze.

"Who are you?" Buffy whispered softly, finally finding her voice for the first time since he had dragged her out onto the dance floor.

Spike opened and shut his mouth several times before ultimately being able to speak.

"Uh, it's Spike." He replied still looking into her big beautiful hazel eyes.

"Spike? What kind of name is that?" She asked him, suppressing a little giggle.

Spike noticed her laughing, and normally it would have angered him, but tonight he was unusually relaxed. Having this girl in his arms made him calm. The warmth of her body engulfed and intoxicated him.

"It's a nickname, pet." He clarified, grinning boyishly.

"Oh." She said simply, resting her head on his cool chest once more. She sighed, with what felt like the strangest sensation of ...contentment? Surprisingly, this didn't strike her as odd.

"And you are?" Spike prompted, unsure if he really wanted to know what her name was. Something about this girl made his dead heart soar.

"Huh?" She asked snapping her head up once more. She looked at him with puzzled eyes.

"Well, unless you want to be called 'pet', I need to know your name." He chuckled, despite his uneasiness.

"Oh." She said, feeling a bit daft. "It's Buffy." She smiled at him proudly.

Spike froze. The slayer. He was right, she was the slayer. How could he be so bloody stupid! He'd been told to kill the Slayer on Saturday, the night of St Vigeous, but wanted to try his luck and kill her early. Instead, he had just danced with her and it had made him feel things he shouldn't be feeling. Damn her for making him have feelings for someone other than Dru.

Buffy noticed his body tense at her words and instinctively reached a hand up to cup his cheek. She took in the coldness of his skin.

"Are you alright?" She questioned concern ripping through her voice.

He opened his mouth to answer but stopped. This was insane. He was a vampire and she was the Slayer, he should be killing her not dancing with her. Besides, he had Dru to think of, the woman he loved and had been with for over a century. He pulled away from Buffy and stepped back. He turned.

"Wait!" She called, eyes wide, as she stepped forward and gripped his arm. The muscles there were very defined and she was reminded of how it felt to be wrapped in them, swaying from side to side, peaceful.

"Will I ever see you again?" She asked shyly.

He turned and took one last look at her, taking in the beauty of her appearance. Her face was flushed and her plump pink lips were curled up in a hopeful smile. Lips so soft and tender. If I could just.. His eyes widen at that thought, and he couldn't bring himself to look at her anymore without thinking something very disturbing, for a vampire.

He took a long, shaky, un-needed breath of fresh air and let it out slowly before answering truthfully.


And with that he was gone, out of the club and back into the darkness where he belonged.

"Hey Buffy. Who was that?" Willow asked, as she and Xander came up from behind her.

Buffy continued to stare at the spot where the stranger had just been. She could still hear his voice ringing within her ears, the accent sending shivers down her spine and the picture of his handsome face still fresh in her mind.

"I'm not sure." She asked dreamily.