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by Eileen Smith

"So Meg, what do you think?" Mrs. Jo asked.
"I don't know what to say, Jo. Another girl at Plumfield? This was originally a boys school, and most schools nowadays are not coed," Meg replied. "With Nan and Bess you already have your hands full." "I know," sighed Jo. "But it is so hard to refuse once you get someone. She comes from a private school in upper Connecticut, and apparently her guardians took her out of the school for reasons they would not tell me. She doesn't live with her family, and any child who doesnt live with their family, I yearn to give them one."

"Oh Jo, it's that good nature that comes from Mother and Father in you," laughed Meg. "All right, I guess it won't be as bad as I think, especially since Bess will be leaving soon."
"Amy apparently decided that Bess needed to have more training in the arts." Jo frowned. "She's having a private tutor come to their house and teach Bess. "

"Not a bad idea when you have one as talented and as dedicated as Bess," Meg said. "Now, what did you say this girl's name was?"

"Hazel," Jo replied. "Hazel Moore." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~