"I can't do this!" Hazel yelled, slamming the papers down. "I really don't get math." "Calm down, Haz," Dan said, looking down at the papers, where there was a mess of numbers, letters, and drawings of horses in the margins. "You just need to stop doodling and focus." "Oh, and what would you know, Dan?" Hazel demanded. "I know you have trouble with your math too." Dan glared at her. "Well, at least I don't throw a hissy fit about what I can and can't do!"
"I do NOT throw hissy fits!" Hazel yelled, stamping on the ground.
Dan laughed. "Ya, and what was that?"

"Oh, shut up Dan," Hazel sighed. She returned back to her work, smoothing out the wrinkles in the paper. I don't know what I'm doing this, she thought. iHe's so nice to me and puts up with me all the time. And now I'm barely giving him the light of day. What is wrong with me?/I
"So, uh, Haz," Dan asked, looking up bashfully over his book.

"Ya, Dan?" Hazel said hopefully, looking up to him with her beautiful hazel eyes. "Um, I was wondering, um," Dan stopped when he noticed that Hazel was hanging on to his every word. "Um, are we friends now? I'm sorry about what I just said."

"Oh. Um, ya, of course. Friends." Hazel said, sticking out her hand.
"Great. Friends." Dan said, taking her hand in his. But instead of shaking it, they both sat there, looking at each other's hands. Dan's strong and dark hand was squeezing Hazel's small, light hand. After a few moments, Dan snatched his hand away and quickly smiled at Hazel, then he went back to work.
II can't believe this boy/I, Hazel thought, her face bright red as she thought about what had just happened. IIs something wrong with me?/I

Dan pretended to be studying his book. As he looked up, he saw Hazel staring at him, her face very confused. Sighing, he put the book down.

"Haz, I have something to say," Dan said nervously. He paused for a moment.
"Yes?" Hazel said impatiently.

"Well, um, I've been thinking, and I know we haven't known each other for long, but we have so much in common. Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is - well, I really like you, Haz. You're smart, caring, and beau-beau-beautiful," Dan stammered out. He blushed after he realized that he had said she was beautiful. But he had meant it, really and truly.

"Really, Dan?" Hazel asked breathlessly. "Well, I really like you too. I was hoping that you would feel the same way."

Dan moved in closer to Hazel. "I do, I really do."

Hazel took his hand and squeezed it. She moved in closer to him, and they both kissed for the very first time. After a minute, she pulled away and smiled at him. "I'm so glad I came here, Dan."
"I'm so glad too," Dan whispered, as they both snuggled up against one another. "Who would've thought," Mrs. Jo said to Nick, from where she was watching from the window. "I guess 'the new girl' is not so new anymore."

"I guess not," Nick said, as they stood together and slowly turned away to watch the sun setting on the cool fall afternoon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END
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