Title: Real Emotion

Author: nikki (nikkichan0829@yahoo.com)

Genre: HUMOR

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto. Enough said.

Author's notes: Erm... I was supposed to be working on my kakaita fic but... I got sidetracked and this came to be.

//blah// - character thoughts

//"blah"// - character memories while thinking

"blah" - normal speech


A typical argument in the Uchiha household...




"Pretty please with cherry on top?" This was accompanied by those cute, irresistible puppy dog eyes that you see on really cute kids. They're twice more effective if they're on the face of the love of your life.

"Hell, no." But one must show resistance to this sort of thing or your lover would walk all over you.

Sigh and pout.

"Err... no?" So much for putting up a bit of resistance...

Scowl. "Pretty please or no sex. You're sleeping on the couch!"

"What the?!" Dejected sigh. When your lover puts it that way, how could you refuse? "Fine, we'll keep the darn thing."

"Meow..." This can be roughly translated as a thank you in cat language.

There was a peck on the cheek. "Now, that wasn't so bad now was it, Gaara-kun?" Sasuke sweetly said as he smiled before carrying the stray cat into the kitchen.

Seconds later, someone laughed. Gaara scowled at the older Uchiha sitting opposite him, who just happened to have witnessed the entire scene.

"If you weren't his brother, I'd kill you."

Itachi merely laughed harder much to the Sand nin's dismay.

A moment later, the front door opened and shut. "Itachi-kun! You won't believe this. I just got the cutest thing!" a feminine voice identifiable as Ino's called out. This was followed by a loud yip. A dog.

Itachi paled. Gaara chuckled.

Ino came into view, holding up a cute puppy. "So... Can we keep him?"

The older Uchiha's eye twitched. Gaara burst into laughter.


A typical argument in the Hyuga-Uzumaki household...

"Look! Hinata-chan! He's so cute! Can we keep him?" Naruto and his puppy gave the woman of the house their best faces, particularly the pathetic puppy dog eyes trick. They reckoned that it would work on anyone.


"Yes!" That wasn't so bad now was it? In fact, it was quite easy.

"But we have to train him so that he won't cause trouble."

"Okay..." Well, at least she didn't reject the idea of having a dog in the house.

The door slid open and Neji came in. "I don't think you'll be keeping it for much longer."

Oh yeah. There's always the problem of relatives who hate your guts most of the time when they're not being civil.

Naruto tilted his head in confusion. "Why the hell not?"

A shout echoed throughout the compound. "NARUTO!!!"

Hinata's cousin sighed exasperatedly and shook his head. "That's why." There were the beginnings of a smirk on those lips. Naruto wished that he could wipe it off completely. "Your pooch here just left a surprise for Hiashi-sama."

"Oh crap."



A typical argument in the Nara-Hyuga household...

"What is that?" Each word was given a slow emphasis which meant that the person who said it was most definitely not pleased.

"A dog." It was no use in trying to hide the fact that Hinata's husband had just gotten into big trouble and was taking you along for the ride, especially when he pulled out his trump card, which happened to be those big, pathetic eyes of a wounded animal imploring you to pamper it to death.

"Yeah. I can see that. What's it doing here?" Emphasis on the last word would most likely mean that Neji's lover was demanding for a good explanation or he'd most likely end up on the couch tonight.

"It got kicked out of the house because it left a rather nasty surprise for Hiashi-sama."



"What a hassle."

"It would seem so." Agreeing with Shikamaru would be the best thing to do right now if one doesn't want to end up on the couch or in a cold, empty bed.

"It stays in the back."

"I agree."

Silence. Shikamaru let out an exasperated sigh as Neji was giving him THAT look, which meant that they'll be warming up the bed soon.

"So troublesome... Dump it in the back. I'll go get the lube so..." The genius scowled at his lover. "Would you stop looking at me like that?!" Then he walked into the bedroom, mumbling about troublesome boyfriends.

Neji smirked and moments later, the dog found himself tied to a tree outside while the two young men get right down to business.


A typical argument in the Haruno-Lee household...

"I'm so glad you agreed to keep the cute kitty, Lee-kun."

"It's so cute! Anything for my Sakura-chan!"

"Ah! The springtime of youth! It's so wonderul!"

Silence. Crickets chirped.



*omake end*

Author's notes: Well, that's about it. I got this idea while writing a NaruSasu scene for "Life Goes On", smoking and drinking Starbuck's white chocolate mocha with four packets of sugar! Hahaha! Sugar high galore! (well, except for the smoking part I guess.) It's short but I hope you guys liked it.

Anyway, please review! Flamers can go to hell and kiss Zabuza's ass! (They'll have to get through Haku first!)

Started: April 2, 2004

Ended: April 2, 2004