Chapter 17 True Blue

It was hard leaving her home in the country side and moving into the big city, Mayra Thought to herself ill miss all my friend from the school, the thought of meeting new people seeing new place sounded eciting because as my grampa always said once one door shuts another door opens. As her school passed by a school Mayra's mom pointed out a window and said theres your new school. Mayra looks out the window and smiles, as she watches school pass by and thinks I hope this school has a good library. As she got to her house she made her way to her room getting ready for her first day at school she stayed up late getting her stuff for the next day by the time she was down it was time for her to go to bed, get change into her pj's and went to sleep. As he go she yawned took a shower then got dressed grabbed her lunch with a piece of toast in her mouth as she ran to school when got there she was an hour early she sat in front of the school and pulled a book out of her bag and read the title out loud "the Tempest by William Shakespeare, since I have time for some lite reading, Mayra starts reading untill a girl past her, then turns back and grabs Mayra by the arm saying do you want to be late. As she was dragged into school she pulled her arm away from the girl that was pulling her, the girl says and says im sorry, it's ok but who are you says Mayra, Im Tea says the girl, 'nice to meet you Tea says Mayra, 'what class do you have first ask Tea, pulls out a list and says Math with Mr Pegasus 'Your in my first period class says Tea, ill see you there then But I have to meet with the principal a Miss Silverkisses, Cya says Tea as she runs down the hall, Mayra head to the principal office.

Tea got to class as the bell rings signel she was late again this week, Mr Pegasus smile and says I mark you here since I knew you would be late so don't worry about it, You're the best Mr Pegasus says Tea as she sites at her desk, this guy is creeping me out he seem to cheerful I almost think hes Gay says Ryoko, Tea Giggles at this thought at the weird Ryoko scare of a teacher, as the Mr pegasus was about to speak someone knocks at the door. Come it says Mr Pegasus, the door opened and the principal walks with a girl with Dark blue hair which Tea instintly started waving too, im here to introduce a new student her name is Mayra Mimiru, Mayra heads to a deck and sits down, 'Hi again says Tea, 'Mayra this is my friend Ryoko becareful she bites says Tea, Ryoko walks up and whispers something into Mayra ears and they both giggle, Ryoko walks back to her desk and sits down, Tea turns to Ryoko and says what did you tell her, 'that you have a tattoo of Sean Connery on your butt replies Ryoko, 'Im gonna get you for that says Tea, now now class there no fighting everyone should smile and be Gay says Mr Pegasus, oh God he is brainwashing us with his gayness says Ryoko, I think he meant gay as in happy says Mayra, 'oh says Ryoko and starts laughing,