Chapter 21 "Dark Horizon"

The Heavenly Sky Chapel on the edge of town was once in better condition but through out time has succumb to age and plants are varieties of animals that now call it there home, Sailor Senna was standing in front of a cross that has been spray painted black by Satanist or some teen vandals, Sailor Senna waited for the Sailor Imposters to show unknowing pawn in the scheme of the Negaverse, in the distance a girl in a red dress was heading towards her. It was Sailor Mars when got close enough you could tell she was very pissed off. 'Im gonna kick your Ass said Sailor Mars shaking with rage, oh not you again didn't I kick you your ass twice already god don't you ever give up Said Sailor Senna with a smirk on her face, 'shut up and fight me you skank demanded Sailor Mars, 'oh well its your funeral replies Sailor Senna, Ill give you the first punch said Sailor Senna as she exposed her chin to Sailor Mars, Sailor Mars charges up and punches Sailor Senna but she didn't budge, that was so pathetic you can do better then that said Sailor Senna in a sarcastic tone, Sailor Mars Does spin kick with knocked Sailor Senna two inch. they really choose pathetic people to impersonate Sailor Scout you wouldn't even pass my training course it would probably kill said Sailor Senna. Sailor Mars growls fight me you bitch, but im having so much fun messing with your head said Sailor Senna flicking the hair out of her face and cracks an evil smile, suddenly Sailor Senna elbows Sailor mars in the gut knocking the air out of her lungs. Oh poor baby did I hurt can I kiss it better said Sailor Senna mocking her again, 'you little bitch snarls Sailor Mars, 'that hurt so much im gonna cry mocked Sailor Senna, 'I'm gonna make you cry snarls Sailor Mars as she gets up. Before Sailor Mars could do anything she was knocked onto her back again, Sailor Senna cut Sailor Mars face with her sword and licks the blood off the end of the blade, now prepare to die said Sailor Senna as shes brings the sword to bare on Sailor Mars's head.

Which chapel should we look first there a lot of them why couldn't she be more descriptive and says which chapel my back is starting to kill me complained Sailor Moon as she followed the other scouts. 'Stop whining and keep up replied Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Venus and says she has a point we have no idea where were going all we have to go by is shes at a chapel the problem is we do not know which, 'So we just search each one on till we find the right one duh said Sailor Jupiter. 'Do you know there a thousand chapel that will take to long we ned to narrow it down abit said Sailor Venus. Still running they bump into sailor nearly knocking her over. Oh sorry Mercury said Sailor Venus helping Mercury up, I'm glad I bumped into you guys and a bit sore said Sailor Mercury rubbing her head, this is Sailor Jupiter said Sailor Venus pointing. Glad to meet you Jupiter. Whats that in your hand said Sailor Moon looking at what Sailor Mercury was holding in her hand it palm top computer luna gave it to me replies Sailor Mercury, theres some strange eminating from the Heavenly Sky Chapel I was on my way to check it out when I bumped into you guys says Sailor Mercury, its mite be the chapel we are looking for lets go said Sailor Moon , we will explain this later.

Queen Mai was staring at her crystal ball smiling at what is going on, its almost time soon Everything is going well, suddenly the sound of laughing echoed though the throne as Malachite walks into the throne, you finally got some clothes on Malachite giggled Queen Mai Malachite face red with embarrassment as he bow. Sailor Senna is facing that Sailor Brat Sailor Mars and the other scouts will be there soon said Queen Mai, to meet there own demise laughs Malachite, and Even Zoicite is gonna be there she will pay for betraying us said Malachite, 'yes she will pay replies Queen Mai, I told you Sailor Senna would serve us well to bad we will have to kill her once serves her purpose in Destroying Sailor scouts and providing power for the Negaforce said Malachite with a big smile on his face, 'yeah I have to congratulate you on that you mite be a good King at my Side Said Queen Mai, 'King Malachite does have a ring to it laughed Malachite untill he farted, Queen Mai plugs her and says can you please cork that, Sorry my queen replies Malachite.

'Sailor Senna stood over Sailor Mars with her sword still at her throat, go ahead and kill me spat Sailor Mars, 'I'm not finished having my ass kick by you said Sailor Senna in a sardonic tone, 'were here came voices from somewhere near, oh goodie more Ass for me to kick 'I have been waiting for the rest of you sailor imposters to show up and finally get my wish said Sailor Senna , 'Sailor Moon and said In the name of the Moon I right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you, 'oh please you nega scum have no knowledge of whats right and you and you are the evil and I will Triumph over you in the name of the Blazing Sun I will punish you, those are fighting word I will kick your ass said Sailor Jupiter charging Sailor Senna. Sailor Senna and Sailor Jupiter throwing punches back and forth at each other in rapid concession neither one landing one and in one instant the fight ended with a thunder punch by Sailor Senna to Sailor Jupiter face knocking stain glass window of the chapel.'that was a good warm up who is next said Sailor Senna, Sailor Venus walked and says Venus Crescent beam smash which Sailor Senna Just knocks away like it was nothing, Sailor Venus knocked to the ground by her own move reflected rigt back at her, Mercury Bubbles said Mercury and a fog was created and Sailor Mercury where Sailor Senna was and no one was there as mercury looked around receive kick to the head which knocked her out, your gonna pay for that Said Sailor Moon you hurt the last of my friends, 'Im so scared but you will have to find me first says Sailor Senna, 'Sailor Moon looks and stays on alert, em I here or maybe there as Sailor Senna voice comes from all direction, and maybe im right behind you said Sailor Senna echoing voice, come out and fight me demanded Sailor Senna, suddenly Sailor Moon knocked face first to the ground, now Sailor Mars was standing again saying im gonna kick your ass for this. 'There was a voice in Senna's head saying use the Sennen Scepter, 'Isn't that a little over kill my Queen I can kick there ass with out it says Senna, 'use it I command you Says the voice in her head again, alright my queen I will do what you say said Sailor Senna, Sailor Senna pulls out her scepter and says Golden TriForce sending huge golden triangles At Sailor Mars, no scream Sailor Venus shoving Sailor Mars out of the Way and taking it full on driving into the chapel wall and falls to the ground like a lifeless her uniform burnt, no yells Sailor Mars as she gets up and gets and goes to Sailor Venus saying speak to me, everything started to shack sky and the moon and the sky vanishes in darkness the ground starts to split apart, what are you doing Negaverse scum demanded Sailor Senna as she ran from spliting ground suddenly trees started dying, Luna and Artemis ran up to the scout and said are you ok, sailor moon seem fine and so does sailor Jupiter and mercury, Shes not breath screamed Sailor Mars cradling Sailor Venus, I think she is dead and its all my fault I should have stayed, the suddenly rained big black orbs that chased people out of there home and sucked them of there life energy, not that fast im gonna stop you plans said Sailor Senna as she knocked Luna a side, stop this now she aiming the sennen scepter at Sailor Mars. Amelthea Death Hurricane some scream from a distance which dark blast shaped like a Jackal hits Sailor Senna knocking through a wall, a Sailor Dressed in golden uniform Raises her scythe and says Amalthea Millennium teleport and they all vanish by the time Sailor Senna got back. -To Be Continued-

(Tea: Pride one of the things that mite get you kill (Luna: Yeah pride is dangerous it got me stuck eating kitty .

(Tea: Ewww (Tea: Sailor Moon say Cya hehehe