The Legend of Zelda

'Time and Again'


Staring at the pineapple juice before her that sat on the bar, the young woman with flaxen hair that cascaded down her back like silken wheat attempted to digest what her father had told her so long ago.

She had just turned seventeen, so she was wasn't old enough to order anything harder, but she already knew that it wouldn't help her problems any. In these modern times, where information was delivered to millions but with the pulse of a broadcast signal, the dangers of alcohol were well known. That, although, wasn't the reason she didn't care to drink.

She had had a little wine before, her father allowing her a mite taste during social events and the like, she knew that it would dull her sensibilities, make it all that much more difficult to discern the answers to the riddles her father recited to her before his parting of this existance.

The conundrum was far from the last of her problems. She had lived a sheltered life, a virtual princess in the corporate world, where her father reigned as a king respected by both allies and enemies. His power had little in equal, and seemed could not be challenged.

All that changed four years ago, when a vast enterprise seemed to rise from nowhere, to directly challenge her father's kingdom. A fierce battle that was met blow for blow, as the two quickly established themselves as rivals, and attempted to best one another in almost every business deal that the two conglomerates could piece together.

It was a vicious battle, Nicole knew, but eventually, her father would soon realize that he may have found his better.

Slowly, the battles turned against his favor, before within the previous year, where everything fell. His empire was quickly being dismantled by his opponent, and shockingly from within. Sabotage, his rival was cunning beyond his consideration. Things didn't fail to become worse, as an outraged former employee managed to make a play upon his life. The initial attempt did not kill him, but his life would not be for long.

Before his death, and the final fall of his corporation, Nicole's father told his daughter, his only child, a tale, or a legend so fantastic that she wouldn't be faulted for scoffing at it; the Legend of Hyrule, Zelda, and the chosen heros.

Her scepticism, however, was halted, as the faint glowing triangle suddenly appeared on the back of her hand, almost unnoticable to the point where it could very well have been her imagination. But, for some reason, she knew better.

But, the fact and the credibility of her father's tale were currently moot, as she was now fleeing from an unknown, virtually homelss and poverty-stricken; friendless because of her sheltered life exept for a few business associates that she dared not put in harms way.

Once again, she felt the urge to give into her despairing situation, but steadfastly refused to. She would see this to the end, that is why her father explained to her why she must run away until she discovered her fate. She must keept going until everything could be made better.

"Long face on one so young and beautiful!"

Nicole looked up, to find herself seated to a dark-skinned man with fiery red hair and a broad hooked nose garbed in a fine felt-black colored business suit with faint vertical pinstripes. "There is a lot on my mind."

"Oh?" The blond girl turned studied the man sitting next to her, as he flagged down the bartender, and asked for a shot of his highest shelf scotch. She turned away back to looking at her own beverage, when he brought his attention back to her, "Perhaps it may be best to talk about it, get it off your chest."

The blonde young woman scoffed at the man with the slight Scottish accent, "I think you may be a bit too old to be hitting on me."

The man chuckled, as he took his scotch, and paused before drinking it, "Just as you may be a bit too young to be sitting at this bar. But that wasn't my intention, I assure you." He downed the drink quickly, one large gulp, before gently placing the glass back on the bartop, "You looked troubled, and I was concerned. Simple cause and effect. So, why is it you're here in this bar, instead of being safe at home, tucked in your bed?"

Nicole sipped from her now luke warm glass of pineapple juice, "I'm looking for someone."

"Oh ho, a young man, perhaps?" the redheaded businessman prodded.

Nicole blushed at what was implied, "Not such as that. Someone I was... told... to find. I don't know, perhaps I'm being foolish."

"We all play the fools, and we all can suffer for it, time and again," the man said. He stood up, and dropped enough to cover his drink and leave a sizable tip on the bar, "We only do what we feel we need to do, follow our urges and wants until we finally see their fruitation. Have a nice evening, young one." With that, he turned away, and walked from the bar.

Nicole watched his back as he walked outside the door, feeling a strange foreboding.


As the redheaded man stepped from the bar, he didn't even turn to look at the man in his mid twentys standing by the door. His nose was adorned in the center with a ring piercing, with his hair slicked back in a greasy slope. He wore a leather jacket adorned with exessive zippers, and black racing gloves to compliment it. His jeans were tattered almost a lost cause; a stark contrast to the nearly maticulous black military surplus boots he wore.

As the businessman came to a stop before the punk, his expression grew into a smug, sinister smile, as he gave a slight nod. At the signal, Moblin snorted, almost blowing steam from his nostrils.