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:::Author Notes:::

This takes place during Season Four of Buffy. It's after the episode Restless (Where the First Slayer killed all of them in their dreams). For Harry Potter it takes place after the events of book five: Order of the Phoenix.

Stars Not in Heaven

Chapter One: Past Truths

By: Mage

January 20, 1981

Sixteen year old James Potter looked at his girlfriend with a look that carried all the love he had for her. The hospital room they were currently in was quiet and sterile. It was a muggle hospital, which made things easier for what they were about to do. Lily Evans lay on a hospital bed holding a small wrapped bundle in her arms. She gazed at her quiet newborn baby then looked up at James a tender smile on her face.

James held his child's hand a look of wonder in his eyes. "She has your eyes Lil."

"Her hair is just like your mothers," said Lily, grinning at James.

He kissed his daughter's forehead. "That it is. She will be very beautiful when she gets older. Just like her mother."

Lily lost her smile her face suddenly sad. "We won't even get to see her grow up James," she said, voice filled with grief. Tears fell freely down her eyes like twin rivers.

James ran a shaky hand threw his windswept hair. His eyes were wet with unshed tears. "Lily we have to do this. We're only sixteen. We can't take care of a child. We're still children ourselves. If we give her up to a nice muggle family she can have what we can't give her. With Voldemort growing stronger she can also grow up in peaceful muggle home."

"James I know that!" said Lily, slightly hysterical. "I've been placing concealment charms on myself for months, so know one would find out I was pregnant!" Her screaming stopped and her voice got softer as she looked at the child in her arms. "It just doesn't make it any easier."

James drew his girlfriend in his arms her sobs muffled by his shoulder. "I'm sorry Lily. I didn't mean to disregard your feelings."

She sniffled wiping her arms. "I know you didn't James."

A knock sounded from the open door of the room. They looked up to see the adoption agent step into the doorway. The woman wore a sympathetic expression. She had seen many similar scenes like the one she walked in on. These were not the first young parents she had aided and unfortunately they wouldn't be the last.

"Am I interrupting?"

James wiped his eyes quickly. "No please come in."

She nodded and entered the room. The woman sat down in a chair beside the bed. "Have you made your decision?" she asked them politely.

The young couple nodded together. "We have. We're going to go through with it," said James.

Linda O'Connel drew out some papers from the briefcase in her lap. "This is standard procedure. I have to read this aloud to you. You may read it when I'm done to check it over." Linda cleared her throat and read the writing on the paper in front of her. "Do you said guardians/parents waive all rights and privileges to baby Elizabeth Lily Potter. Your rights as parents will be hereby seen as null and void. Only with permission from adoptive parents will you be granted visitation set by them."

When she finished she handed the paper and a pen to James and Lily. They read over the legal document and looked at each other. Lily looked down at the baby memorizing her features and implementing them in her mind. More tears fell unchecked down her cheeks. Taking a breath Lily gathered her courage and signed the paper. James hesitantly signed his name beside hers.

Lily held her baby close to her. "I know you won't remember this, but we love you Elizabeth," she said softly, not bothering to wipe the tears from her face. James hovered over his daughter smiling sadly. His attempts at not crying failed miserably.

"You'll always be our baby girl. We will love you forever."

James gently pried Elizabeth from Lily's trembling arms. He looked Linda in the eye. "Make sure she has a good home."

Linda nodded under his serious gaze. "I will. A nice American couple is looking for a little girl of their own. Elizabeth will be perfect for them."

Lily and James hugged each other watching sadly as Linda holding their newborn daughter walked out of the room and out of their lives. Lily lost all of her strength and completely broke down. Her grief-stricken cries filled the room echoing off the pristine white walls. "Oh James!"

James soothingly rubbed her back in small circles. His cheek rested on top of her head. He gaze was trained on the window overlooking the city. He and Lily knew in their hearts that they had made the right decision. So why did he feel like he had just made the biggest mistake of his life.


Nineteen Years Later . . .

Buffy Summers opened the door to her mothers old bedroom. She looked around the room her heart filled with pain. She had to do this. It had been a month since her mother had died. Buffy couldn't believe it when it happened. All it took was one drunk driver to end her mother's life. Joyce Summers had a quiet funeral and was buried in Sunnydale's Cemetery. All of Buffy's friends were there and of course her father was missing in action. But that was nothing new. He was probably still in Spain having sex with his secretary.

Joyce's clothes were still in her drawers and hanging up in the closet. They were doing no good by just taking up space. That was why Buffy found herself taking out clothes and putting them in boxes for Goodwill. Her mom had always donated things to them when she was alive, so it made sense that her clothes go to them.

Buffy fingered the material of a particular dress. "God mom. I miss you so much."

A smile came to her face as she remembered the dress in her hands. Her mother had worn the dress when she and the other parents in town were hypnotized by a demon. The parents had tried to burn Amy, Willow, and Buffy at the stake.

Buffy laughed placing the dress in a box with the other clothes. "That was not a good memory."

"What's not a good memory?" asked Willow, appearing in the doorway a curious smile on her face.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "I was just thinking about the time our parents almost torched us."

Willow laughed remembering that event well. "That is definitely not the best memory. Our moms went psycho on us and then forgot about it the next day."

"Ah the wonders of selective amnesia."

The two shared more laughs as they packed away Joyce's old clothes. It was good to just laugh. Buffy was slowly getting over her mother's death. She would never just forget her mom, but she knew her mother wouldn't want her to walk around moppy forever. As long as she had her memories of good times that they had, she knew she could get through this.

Willow stopped and wiped some sweat from her brow. "It's so not fair that you're not even sweating. I bet it's the whole Slayer powers right."

"A magician, like a prostitute, never reveals her tricks," said Buffy, sticking out her tongue.

Willow laughed. "You need help." The red head pretended to think for a moment. "If I didn't know any better I would say that Faith would say something like that."

Buffy grimaced pretending to be horrified. "Don't say that name. The only thing she ever said was 'I'm Skanky Hoe the Vampire Slayer' and 'Five by Five'."

"I'm still not sure what five by five means," said Willow a thoughtful frown on her face.

Buffy shrugged. "That's just the thing. No one knows."

They continued their chore still chatting about the latest gossip. Buffy stopped talking as metal lock box caught her eye. It was sitting in the closet hidden in the back. She grabbed it off the top shelf examining it.

"What's that Buff?" asked Willow.

"I don't know."

Buffy sat the box on the dresser beside the window. Buffy jiggled the handle. "It's locked," she said glumly. She could have broken it open. But she didn't want to chance breaking what ever was inside.

"I can open it," said Willow, holding her hand above the box. "Open." There was a tiny click and Willow opened the lid. "Lockpick Willow is what they call me."

Buffy snorted and riffled through the papers in the box. There were divorce papers, birth certificates, insurance records, and all sort of important things. Buffy held up one of the papers. She let out a whistle and her face broke into a wide smile. "It seems Dad owes mom for back alimony payments and back child support payments."

"How much?" Willow asked, looking at the paper over Buffy's shoulder.

"I haven't seen a penny from him. So I would say a lot."

Buffy sat the paper down knowing she was going to need it later. When she forced her dad to pay up she was going to be living pretty comfortably. Her mother's life insurance was going towards the rest of her college tuition and other things like the mortgage. Buffy picked up a folded paper that was at the bottom of the box. Her eyes scanned the page not believing what she was seeing. In her hands were adoption records that was for a baby called Elizabeth Potter. She picked up another piece of paper and read the words on the page five times. It said that Elizabeth Lily Potter was adopted and name was changed to Buffy Anne Summers. Her parent's names were at signed at the bottom. That couldn't be right though. She wasn't adopted. It couldn't be right. There had to be some mistake.

Willow saw Buffy's face go pale as she read the papers in her hands. "Buffy you alright?"

Not getting a response she tried to take the papers from her friend, wondering what had caused such a reaction from the blonde. Buffy wouldn't let the papers go. She held them in a death grip. Willow had to settle for reading them from her hand. Her jaw dropped reading the legal documents thoroughly to make sure she was reading them right. Willow put her hand on Buffy's shoulder.


The Slayer gazed stupefied at the documents in her hand. Her mind couldn't even process what she holding. Slowly, her senses started to come back. She focused on the first thing that her brain could handle at the moment.

"My name's Elizabeth!?"


This idea came out of nowhere. I've wanted to do one of these types of crossovers for a while. Should I continue this?