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This takes place during Season Four of Buffy. It's after the episode Restless (Where the First Slayer killed all of them in their dreams). For Harry Potter it takes place after the events of book five: Order of the Phoenix.


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Stars Not in Heaven

Chapter Twenty: Judgment Day

By: Water Mage

Over the next few weeks Hogwarts had become a different place. Students didn't know what was going on, but they all could feel a sense of tension and worry radiate from their Professors. Students whose parents were Deatheaters slowly started to disenroll from the school. That meant that most of the Slytherin students were gone and for the most part they weren't really missed. The students had no idea as to what was happening around them, so of course there was many rumors flying wildly about the school speculating on what was going on.

Dumbledore didn't want to leak out any information about the upcoming battle, which was why the student body was being kept in the dark. Voldemort and his Dark Army didn't know that thanks to Harry's past vision the Order members already knew what the Dark Lord was up to. Voldemort thought that he was going to catch the whole castle by surprise during the Great Conjunction, the day the planets align and magic is in a perfect state of harmony. Even those students with relations to Order members didn't know what was happening, since the members were sworn to secrecy for security reasons that were obvious.

Under the students' noses plans had been going on every night in the Great Hall for the last few weeks in the dead of night. While under the cover of darkness, the Order members would sneak into the school in groups to setup their base in the Keep, the sub level of the school, where they slept and held their base of operations. Meetings were conducted late at night in the Great Hall while the student body was sleeping peacefully in their dorms, blissfully unaware as to the happenings going on as they slept.

Buffy and Harry sat amidst the gathered Order of the Phoenix members in the confines of the Great Hall, on the night two days before the battle. The door was magically sealed shut and the whole room had a silence spell put on it by the best spell mages of the Order. The room was lighted with torches and candles that floated along the walls of the room. The room itself was filled with many long tables; enough so that all people in the room had a seat. Professor Dumbledore and the Hogwarts staff along with the High Council of the Order sat at the Head Table.

Around Buffy and Harry, the Weasley's: Bill, Fred, George, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were gathered. Charlie was currently in Ireland trying to gather the Irish Redbacks together to help the light side in the upcoming final battle. Also, Remus and Sirius sat too at the table.

The room was loud with the whispering of voices and the low murmurs of hundreds of conversations. Dumbledore rose from his seat and spread his arms. Immediately the whole hall quieted at such a simple action. Since the action came from Dumbledore the instant quiet was not unusual.

"The Dark is Rising once again," began Dumbledore his voice was solemn as it reverberated through the hall. "And once again, the Light is gathered to meet it. The last Dark Rising was the Terror of Grindelwald and the Light was there to meet the dark wizard, defeating him and his army!"

Clapping and cheering filled the room from the Order members. Dumbledore smiled and nodded his head. Buffy knew from Harry's Wizard Card collection that he had shown her once, that it was by Dumbledore's own hand the evil wizard, Grindelwald, was struck down. Dumbledore waited till the applause died down then he spoke again.

"I will not fool any of you into believing that this will be an easy battle ahead. Word from spies have come back with news of Voldemort's (many in the room flinched) plans. Our sources say that his army is massive. Deatheaters old and new are swelling his ranks along with many Dark Creatures that many of you have only heard tales of. Creatures such as Vampires, Demons, Hydras, Pyrolisks, Cockatrices, Werewolves, Ogres, and Trolls… A very formidable army an almost unbeatable army… But we have strong allies too that the Dark Lord does not know of… Archmages…" A group of silver and blue robed people cheered. "Battlesorcerers…" Another cheer filled the room from a group of people in black leather. "Wizards…" most of the room including Buffy and Harry cheered. The cheers went on as Dumbledore named off each group of allies. Staff-Holders, Bladesingers, Unicorn Riders, DragonKin, Enchanters…

"Our army isn't just an army of wizards but an army of Light Magic users who won't stand for Voldemort's reign of terror again unlike the last time!" He paused as the room roared their approval. "To commemorate our new alliance, I proclaim that the Order of the Phoenix shall be renamed. No longer shall the Phoenix be our symbol; from now on we will look toward the light for hope. Hereafter we shall be known as the Order of Light! The Light shall guide us in the battle ahead against the darkness that tries to consume us. Our numbers shall be called Lifewarriors to be set against the Deatheaters that value death and power above all things. Let us go out in the battlefield, the day after tomorrow, and make Voldemort regret ever having trying to quench the world of light and smother it in darkness!"

At that moment Buffy was very grateful that the room was covered in silence spells, because the roar that accompanied Dumbledore's speech would have been heard all over Scotland. Everyone was on their feet applauding and yelling their approval. Buffy thanked the Powers for Professor Dumbledore making his speech today, leaving tomorrow for everyone to finish preparing and getting ready for battle. Not a minute passed before people rushed to the Head Table to shake the Headmaster's hand or to just say a few words to him. Harry whom had been nervously trying to flatten his long bangs to cover his scar had been recognized instantly. People flocked to him as if he was the next Messiah. Some not even wanting to speak to Harry only gazed at his face with hopeful and awed eyes.

Buffy leaned over to Harry, seeing how her brother kept glancing nervously to the doors of the Great Hall, and said, "Harry, I know what you're thinking, but please don't try and ditch these people. I know it may seem creepy and kind of annoying but to these people you are special. They don't know how you defeated Voldemort and they don't care. If you can survive then they know that there is some kind of hope. As long as you live, you are their hope that maybe they'll see another day." Buffy blinked surprised at her own words.

'Damn, reading all those counseling books is starting to sink in,' she thought.

Harry blinked at her surprise registering on his face. His surprise faded and resolve settled over his features. He might not like the attention he was getting, but it was better than being dead. And he was going to live… Live for the people who died to save his life. If he had to be a hope for those who had none then so be it. He would be it, if only to show those people that there was some left in the world. Harry put on a smile and began shaking people's hands.

"I don't know who you managed to get him to do that," whispered Remus.

Buffy shrugged sparing Remus and Sirius a glance. "He just needed a little motivation. These people really believe in him."

She turned to watch the Weasley's engage Kingsley Shacklebolt and Tonks into a conversation. Under Mrs. Weasley's direct orders, Fred and George were on their best behavior for the night. Other members of the Order of Light wandered about the room too. Breaking away from the respective groups to intermingle with the other members of the newly renamed alliance against the forces of darkness. The talks went on for almost an hour and a half till at last Dumbledore called from the Head Table that it was time to end the Gathering, as he liked to formally call it. Buffy and Harry started to walk out with the others, all were being sure to keep quiet as the doors opened and the silence spell was broken. The voice of Professor Dumbledore calling them stopped them in their tracks. They turned around and faced the Headmaster as the last of the people cleared the Great Hall.

Remus and Sirius lingered in the doorway, but Professor McGonagall shooed them off on her way out proclaiming that Dumbledore wanted to talk to them only. The Headmaster led them through a side door near the Head Table. The chamber they entered was familiar to Harry, since he had seen the room before during his time as one of the Four Champions picked by the Goblet of Fire in his fourth year. The Chamber was just a small room, lined with paintings of witches and wizards along with an empty fireplace. All of the faces in the portraits turned to stare as the three entered.

Dumbledore walked to a wooden table that sat in the middle of the room. On top was a wrapped bundle covering a long shape. Dumbledore turned to Harry and smiled.

"In the battle to come there is only one thing that I could give you… One thing that you deserve and is yours by right."

Harry gasped as Dumbledore unwrapped part of the bundle and withdrew a gleaming, long silver sword. The handle glittered with large, glittering rubies. Right above the hilt of the sword, inscribed in curvy writing was the name Godric Gryffindor. Harry took the offered sword and marveled at it for a moment, getting lost in the memories that went with the sword. Namely, the time Harry had used it in his second year when he had slain the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets to save Ginny.

Dumbledore smiled and said, "The sword of Godric Gryffindor. The perfect weapon for you, being Gryffindors descendent and reincarnation. Use it with courage against Voldemort."

Harry nodded and Dumbledore then turned to Buffy. From the clothed, bundle he pulled out another sword. This was one was inside a deep red scabbard. Buffy took it from him and unsheathed it. The sword was long and thin, styled like a Japanese katana. Above the handle was a crystal blue, hand-guard. Buffy marveled at the swords craftsmanship. Along the shining blade's surface was runes etched in, going from top to bottom one over the other.

"What does these say?" asked Buffy awed, touching a finger to the cool steel.

"There is a story behind this sword," began Dumbledore. "Many years ago, I was invited to the Faerie realm by King Oberon. Usually, the fairies are a private race and seldom like visitors, so it was a great honor to be invited to dine with King Oberon and his wife Queen Titania. They are the rulers of the Fairies. I spent many weeks there, teaching them while also learning from them. On my last day there Queen Titania gave me this sword, telling me that I would know what to do with the sword when the time is right. Queen Titania is very wise, as she is beautiful so I took the gift without question. Faerie swords are more durable and stronger than mortal created ones. Their weapons are also infused with enchantments, so they are something that should be treasured. The sword has remained with me until now. Now I truly know what to do with it. And that is give it to you."

Buffy looked to him, feeling both surprised and confused, "Why me? This sword is so beautiful! Why give it to me?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he gazed at her. "You want to know what the runes say? In the Faerie tongue it translates to Shadowslayer. Who better to wield it than the Slayer?"

"Thank you," was all Buffy could even say to him. Experimentally, Buffy gripped the handle and did a quick succession of combinations. The sword literally whistled as it sliced through the air. Buffy looked to Dumbledore and the wizard looked back to her, his expression saying, see told you so.

"You know these runes look like something from the Lord of the Rings," Buffy commented thoughtfully.

Dumbledore laughed. "I assure you that those runes are Faerie in nature. There are not any Hobbits or Orcs running around England in secret. The Lord of the Rings is just a book. Although… Gandalf sure does make a nice cup of tea…"

~ * * *~

Buffy knew she wasn't the only one feeling nervous and anxious simultaneously, the next day. Buffy could barely even eat her lunch before her, only picking at it or eating small bites. Remus was sitting next to and the Lycan was in pretty much the same state she was.

"Tomorrow is going to be hell," she said, leaning over to him.

Remus gave her a half smile. "You don't have to tell me. Sirius is sleeping in my rooms and he kept me up all night dealing out 'what if's'."

"Sirius is staying in your rooms?" Buffy asked with an innocent voice, but there was a mischievous light in her eye.

Remus glared at her. "Don't even start that. You know that Sirius is staying in my rooms."

Buffy giggled to herself watching as the glare darkened. This was the first real laugh she had had all day and it felt good. She enjoyed this moment since she knew that tomorrow there wouldn't be anymore laughter coming from this castle. A flash of red made her turn her attention to the Gryffindor table. Buffy goggled seeing Ron and Harry standing before each other. Both wore awkward expressions as they stared at each other. Ron said something quickly and then Harry said something that Buffy could read, as I'm sorry or I like taffy. Suddenly, the two embraced in a long hug. Instantly, the whole Great Hall who had been watching the exchange erupted in applause, joyous that the two friends had reconciled. Buffy rose from her seat leading the Head Table in applause. Hermione appeared from somewhere, beaming at the same time while wiping her slightly wet eyes as she joined the hug.

"Its about time!" someone cried from another table, and the entire hall erupted in laughter.

Ron and Harry broke their hug looking sheepish, while at the same time smiling, glad that they had gotten over their differences. Hermione was standing between the two of them with an arm wrapped around both boys. Colin Creevey popped up from the Gryffindor Table with a camera in hand and in one clumsy motion he rapidly started shooting photographs. The three Gryffindors left the Great Hall together presumably to talk.

"Its good they made up," remarked McGonagall from the other side of Buffy.

The staff nodded agreeing with her wholeheartedly. It was better to make up now since tomorrow it was up for grabs whether any of them would even survive the battle ahead. Buffy spent the rest of the day in the Keep with the Weasley's, Sirius, and Remus. The Keep was an amazing place. It was deep underneath the school and was basically a giant cavern fitted out with some of the most mind-boggling stuff Buffy had ever seen. Taking up a whole wall was a giant mirror that instead of reflecting images, it showed the grounds of Hogwarts above them. Hundreds of tents, training hall and a command center made up the rest of the Keep.

"Why do I feel like I'm on the set of Power Rangers?" asked Buffy, from her seat at a silver table.

"Dad, what's Power Wranglers?" asked Fred.

At least Buffy thought it was Fred. It could have been George. She never was sure with those two. They looked too identical. Her light laughter accompanied the end of Fred's question. Controlling herself she began to explain to the Weasley's what exactly the Power Rangers were. That discussion eventually lead into a discussion of television then into DVD's and by then Buffy was too tired to continue on. Buffy walked into her room late that night, her feet dragging under her. Tiredly, she walked to Harry's room and checked on him. The teenage boy was sleeping peacefully in his bed, clothes strewn everywhere around his room and his wand lied on his nightstand.

"Goodnight Harry," she whispered softly, closing the door and retreating to her own bed. Buffy collapsed on her bed and as soon as her eyes closed she was fast asleep.

~ * * * ~

Buffy awoke to sunlight streaming through the window hitting her face. All traces of sleep vanished from her face as she fully woke up realizing what today was. Today was the day… the day of the Great Conjunction… the day of the battle. Buffy went to her bathroom and took a long shower, exiting the bathroom an hour later. She dressed in a pair of tight black pants and a long sleeve, white shirt. She hooked her sheathed sword to her side and slipped a silver dagger into her dark boots. In her back pocket she tucked her stake, Mr. Pointy. In her side pockets went a vial of holy water and a cross. Throwing a robe over herself, she was done. Buffy looked herself over in the full-length mirror by her bed and took a deep breath.

"Today is not the day we are going to die," she whispered to herself with a hard, determined voice. "Above all, Harry has to live. He will make it, no matter what the prophecy says."

Buffy took a final calming breath before opening her door and walking out. Harry was waiting for her on the couch. In his hands he held the sword of Gryffindor, its ruby encrusted handle glittered as the sunlight hit it at different angles.

"Are you ready?" asked Buffy.

Harry shook his head. "I don't think so, but I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"Tell me about it," Buffy muttered, as they walked out of the door and down the corridor.

The Great Hall was its usual semi loud place. Professor Dumbledore and the rest of the staff wore somber faces as they stared at the students who went on unknowing of the events to come. Buffy joined her colleagues at the table. Snape looked even paler than usual and his right hand kept rubbing a spot on his upper left arm. Buffy knew that his Dark Mark must have been stinging now. Voldemort had to be calling his Deatheaters to him. Still Snape stayed with them. He was going to fight on their side today and show his true colors.

The staff ate in silence no one saying a word to each other. Even Hagrid, usually always trying to fill the silence by telling a tale was silent now. Suddenly, Harry stood up and quickly walked to the Head Table. He gave Dumbledore a small nod.

"He's coming sir," said Harry softly. "I can feel it."

Dumbledore quickly rose from his seat and said loudly to the students, "Excuse me, students. If you will please all touch your table— Please do it now, all will be explained to you in a few short minutes." He raised his wand and whispered a word. With a flash of bright blue light, the house tables along with the students seated at them vanished.

Buffy shed her robes and with the Professors marched from the room. Harry fell instep with her as they went outside the castle doors to the grounds. The entire Order of Light was outside all decked in red robes. On the right breast of their chest was the insignia of the Order, which was an eight point silver star. Buffy watched as the impressive army fell quickly into ranks. They went into battle formation, with Bladesingers in front, followed by Staff-holders and Wizards, Archmages and Battlesorcerers, then by Unicorn Riders, DragonKin, and Enchanters.

Buffy stared at the DragonKin and Unicorn Riders in awe. The DragonKin looked human but their skin shimmered in the light when they moved, their ears were pointed, and they had inky, black eyes that seemed to look through your very soul. The Unicorn Riders were mounted on silvery white unicorns. Their long, twisting silver horns shined in the light. The riders had no saddles or reigns, as the only way to ride a unicorn is only after having the animals' permission. Buffy stood in the front of the lines, Harry beside her along with Sirius, Remus, and Dumbledore.

"This is it," whispered Remus, pointing upwards.

"Show time," echoed Sirius, also looking up at the sky.

Buffy followed their gazes and watched fascinated as a strange light slowly filled the sky. If Buffy had a telescope she knew that she would have saw the planets align themselves, but from Earth it wasn't visible. Everyone looked up at the strange light that looked so odd in the daytime sky. It was almost like another sun but nowhere as bright. Buffy didn't know how long she stood there waiting for anything to happen. The minutes ticked by and the army stood still as statues weapons drawn ready for anything. Buffy and Harry both had one hand holding their respective sword and the other holding their wand.


The very ground rocked as part of the Forbidden Forest exploded showering the sky with falling leaves and debris. Buffy took a deep breath, leaned over to Harry and said, "If you die, you're grounded."

There they were Voldemort's dark army. They marched together in a giant mass with Deatheaters marching in front leading the army of evil. Slowly in the distance, they could see giant cave trolls stomping about, vampires and demons roaring and howling out their battle cries with countless of other magical creatures of evil. Hydras slithered around, their heads reared and ready to strike. Cockatrices and pyrolisks flew overhead, their deadly gazes avoided by everyone. The dark army stopped at the other end of the battlefield. The two sides glared at each other none striking yet. Buffy could feel her heartbeat speed up, as she looked the dark army over. They were outnumbered. By a lot.

"DIE!" screamed a random Deatheater charging forward.

His comrades followed his example and charged. Dumbledore gave a cry of attack and the Order sprinted forward and the two armies clashed together. Flashes of magic lit the sky as the two sides spell casters dueled off magically. Buffy kept to what she knew and that was executing the Dark Creatures. Buffy's dagger, which she substituted for her wand and the Shadowslayer were in her hands slashing, and slicing at whatever poor unfortunate monster that was in her path. The Shadowslayer literally sang as it sliced through the air. It sounded like a resounding low whistle as the blade sliced through the Demons and Vampires bodies like butter.

Trolls and werewolves surrounded Buffy like she was their prey. Buffy gripped her dagger and sword tighter in her hands as she assessed the situation. She narrowed her eyes and let her built in fighting instincts take over. The true nature of the Slayer that she always kept back was let out fully. Buffy let those primal instincts take control and without warning she let loose, spinning around catching the Troll behind her off guard. With a casual flick of her dagger she slit its neck. The remaining trolls and werewolves roared enraged and rushed her. Buffy kicked the werewolf nearest her and sent it sailing backwards through the air. She ducked a punch and uppercutted the troll in front of her. Buffy smiled satisfied hearing the sound of bones in its jaw breaking from her punch. She gripped her sword and spun it around in a sweeping arc. Heads fell and the Shadowslayer sung through air as the sword decapitated all trolls in range of her.

All across the battlefield the blood of wizards and dark creatures flowed freely. The Order wizards and the Deatheaters used some of the deadliest curses they knew. Professor Sprout ignored the stinging pain in her chest and kept up her vine spell that held a Hydra within its thorny clutches. Archmages surrounded the beast and finished it off with fire spells. Another thud could be felt in her chest, and another, and another. With a cry, Sprout couldn't hold out any longer. She suddenly let out a loud painful yell and fell to the ground. Her lifeless brown eyes stared up at the sky while her body lay still, numerous throwing stars embedded in her chest courtesy of a vampire.

The Order of Light was fighting valiantly but they were quickly losing numbers. With the Dementors sweeping across the battlefield, invoking fear and sucking away courage it was tough to continue fighting. Remus and Sirius fought back to back each firing spells in rapid succession. Their wand movements and incantations came with an ease that seemed easy but truly wasn't. Deatheaters fell one after another from spells the dueling duo fired from their position. Any who came close to them got the same fate. A cold wind filled their insides and they shivered as a group of dementors glided near them. Remus raised his wand the Patronus spell on his lips, but the dementors were quicker. They raised their arms and all of them emitted a low murmur from their hooded faces. Remus screamed, falling to the ground clutching his ears and shaking his head, mumbling to himself. Sirius raised his wand and a dementor near him grabbed his arm in a tight grip. Images bombarded his mind. Memories that he had kept buried and locked away came back to haunt him full force.

'Think of a happy memory. Think of a happy memory,' Sirius thought over and over again in his mind. 'Don't let them take your mind. Your soul. Think of a happy memory.'

A memory came to Sirius' mind and he focused on it. It was a memory of his time in heaven. One of his last memories of that time…

"You must go back to the mortal plane,' said the voice in Sirius' memory. With a gasp Sirius began to remember now. He finally started to remember his last few minutes in heaven. "You will be needed in future events. It was not your time die. Go back and live again. When back on Earth, don't forget your teachings, my child.'

"I won't," said Sirius aloud snapping his eyes open, jolted from the memory. The hand clutching his arm was suddenly snatched away with a hiss of pain. The dementor drew back to its group and together they advanced on him. Sirius stared at them calmly as the memories in his brain righted themselves and all those missing gaps in his memory filled themselves. He could remember now. All of it. A smile formed on Sirius' lips as a bright light began to build up within him and expand outwards. All near Sirius shielded their eyes from the light. Buffy stopped fighting, seeing the light from the corner of her eyes. Slowly the light rose in the air and then it receded and all viewed the person. Sirius was dressed in pure white robes, minus shoes. His hair was unbound floating freely in the wind. The amazing thing was how he was floating in the first place. Two angelic white wings sprouted from his back and flapped once and a while holding him in the air.

Sirius met Buffy's eyes for a moment and Buffy gasped recognizing this moment. Sirius had been the glowing person in her dream. Sirius was an Angel. Harry stared stupefied at his Godfather as he floated serenely above the carnage below.

Harry clenched the feather around his neck almost reverently. "I know it," he whispered quietly.

Sirius raised his arms and brought his hands together, while closing his eyes. He bowed his head looking as if he was praying. Softly at first then louder, Sirius began to sing. There were no words only a sound that was so beautiful it could only be described as heavenly poured from his lips. The armies on the ground came back to themselves and started fighting each other once again, while Sirius sang high above the battlefield. Sirius sang as loud as he could, his music soaring above the noise. He lent his magic to whoever needed it, and those within hearing range of his music found that the swords or spells of their enemies missed them by inches, or that their enemies would suddenly trip for no good reason. Sirius raised his voice to new heights, lending courage and morale to the Lifewarriors.

Remus who had recovered from the attack dealt by the Dementors turned on them, firing a strong Patronus Charm, sending them scattering away. Sirius' music filled the Lifewarriors bodies with renewed vigor and strength. Several Deatheaters grouped together and simultaneously shot the Cruciatus Curse directly at Sirius. Pain, like a thousand knives jabbing into his flesh from all over, engulfed Sirius suddenly. He grimaced at the pain and continued singing even more. The pain became even more intense as every second passed. Still Sirius continued singing, his voice never faltering. He gave his all as he sang, his melodic, clear voice ringing out and drowning the sounds of the roars and howls of the dark creatures. Sirius suddenly let out a loud finishing note, and a thunderclap sounded, stunning the soldiers of the dark army that were within hearing range. Sirius fell from the sky and collapsed on the cold grass, his voice still ringing over the battle though his body lay on the ground, unconscious from the pain overload to his system.

Harry saw out of his peripheral vision, medi wizards hurriedly take Sirius from the field under the protection of a group of Dragonkin. Harry gritted his teeth as he swung his sword at the demon he was facing off with. The sword of Gryffindor cut through the creature's flesh easily as if it were paper. The demon let out an agonized cry of pain before it collapsed to the ground dead. Harry didn't have time to gloat over his small victory before he was engaged in another fight. He could barely see straight as smoke clung to the battlefield like a lifelong making everything seem hazy in appearance. Multiple yells of pain suddenly were heard over the chaotic fighting. Harry looked up and smiled. Charlie had arrived and with reinforcements too, by way of a host of dragons all bearing a heavily armed rider. A cheer went up from the Order already fighting and they fought harder with the arrival of the new warriors.

Fred fought back to back with George, the two of them learning teamwork fighting from years of being a twin. The reinforcements arrived just in time for them, and the two of them took a break for a while, keeping an alert lookout in case any enemies managed to slip through the thick wall of fresh warriors. They watched proudly as their older brother, Charlie, led the dragons and their riders into battle. They looked up from their position on the ground as a dark shadow, suddenly fell over them. Lord Voldemort lazily lifted his wand and the two were blasted backwards from the curse he shot. Fred and George landed a foot away, unconscious, and badly burned.

A hush fell over the battlefield as Voldemort walked across the blood stained grass, over the dead bodies of wizards and other magical dark creatures.

"Now that wasn't nice," said a voice from behind him.

Voldemort turned around grinning feral like at his adversary. Harry stood before Voldemort wand drawn and sword ready. He glared coldly at the man whom took away his parents and the lives of hundreds if not thousands of other people, all for the sake of a psychotic goal.

"Very brave of you to be out here, boy," remarked the dark lord. His voice was somewhere between a low whisper and a hiss. It caused Harry to shiver at the very sound, but he tried hard to hide it from Voldemort. That and how much he was scared.

Harry leveled his wand at Voldemort. "Ready to die?" he asked more calmly than he felt. Inside he was shaking like the sixteen-year-old he was.

"The question is, are you?"

Harry smirked, which pissed Voldemort off quite a bit. "You wish."

"How foolish of you to think so," spat Voldemort; he raised his wand and sent the killing curse at Harry but missed, when Harry dodged quickly doing a barrel roll out of harms way.

Harry sprung up from his roll and flicked his own wind. The force of the spell that emanated from it was such that Voldemort raised his jet black eyebrows in surprise. Voldemort turned and in a whirling of his black cloak, he was gone and the next second he had reappeared behind Harry and sent another killing curse. Harry fell to the ground ducking, feeling the curse shoot over his head. The power behind the curse caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end as it passed.

"Enough games!" snarled Voldemort. "DIE!"

Harry didn't have time to dodge this curse. There was a loud boom and the dirt and grass at his feet flew into the air from the resounding explosion. The area around Harry was covered in smoke blocking everything from view. Voldemort smirked lowering his wand with a triumphant look upon his pale face. From across the field Buffy sucked in a breath feeling her heart skip a beat.

"No," she breathed in disbelief.

The smoke cleared and the people who happened to be witnessing the confrontation, started in surprise and shock. Harry stood exactly in the same spot with his head bowed, and entire body as still as a statue. The most surprising thing was his clothes. His plain Hogwarts robes had been replaced by a pair of scarlet robes with a matching golden cloak clasped at his neck. Harry raised his head and his eyes snapped open. His eyes glowed a vibrant green from edge to edge, no white appeared in either eye. Voldemort met Harry's eyes and he seemed to go into a trance as his own black robes were suddenly replaced by a pair of green ones with a shimmering silver cape. His already blood red eyes had turned into a smoldering, glowing red hue shocking those near him.

Harry stared at Voldemort coolly. "It hath been a long time, what say you cousin," he said in a voice that was not his own.

Buffy had all but stopped fighting instead watching the scene involving her brother and their parents' murderer. Their clothes had turned into the exact duplicates of those worn by their past selves in her vision. Buffy knew what was going on. The souls of the Gryffindor and Slytherin had taken full control over their reincarnations to have their last duel, just as they had dueled centuries ago.

"Indeed it hath," replied Voldemort/Salazar in a different voice also.

Harry/Godric shook his head sadly and said, "Only thy descendent would be as crazed as thou, Salazar. Taking over the entire magical world? Really -- Does thy heir really think he would get away with it? The Goddess who commands all things Seen and Unseen would wipe him from existence if he even touched her realm that so closely borders ours. Pure madness, it is."

"Thou still talks too much," said Voldemort/Salazar. He sent a spell without even using an incantation directly at Harry/Godric.

Harry/Godric batted the jet of light away with the flat side of his blade, as if it was a baseball and he was a batter. Harry/Godric drew back his wand and from the tip erupted a ray of yellow light. It missed Voldemort/Salazar by only a few inches as he jumped out of the way of the blast and countered with a spell of his own. Buffy and those of the armies watched the spectacular display of magic with awe. No words were used for the magic they used, and the force behind the spells were enough to even make Dumbledore, who was looking better than most, shiver at the intensity of power. Voldemort/Salazar and Harry/Godric brandished their wands and at the same time they let loose a dazzling ray of red and green light. The two jets of light met in mid air and collided together. An explosion rocked the earth and those near were thrown back by the aftershock of the two jets of light colliding together. The jets of red and green light on collision formed a connecting beam of bright, golden light.

Those gathered looked on as the two wizards were slowly lifted from the ground, raising into the air their wands still connected by that thread of shimmering golden light. The golden thread of light broke off into many beams, branching off into a thousand beams of light. They arched high all around the two, crisscrossing and connecting all around them, enclosing them inside a sphere like cage of golden light. Harry/Godric and Voldemort/Salazar glared at each other, red meeting green in an intense stare.

"Priori Incantatem," said Harry/Godric giving his foe a mocking smile. "The wands we use are brothers, cousin or hath thou forgotten?"

The golden thread of light that connected their wands held tiny round shapes in the middle, Harry/Godric focused hard on trying to push the large beads of light towards Voldemort/Salazar. The beads were where their two combined powers were intermingling and holding the thread together. To be hit by those beads would be like getting hit by an overload of magic, which was worse than being struck by lightning multiple times.

"Thou shall truly know death!" shouted Voldemort/Salazar.

An almost otherworldly and harmonious sound filled the air around them. It came from all around them at once, from the very threads of light that connected and surrounded them like a spherical cage. Harry/Godric remembered this song well; the song of the phoenix, which he had often heard from Fawkes, gave him the extra strength to focus harder on his goal. Slowly, but surely the beads of light in the middle of the thread started to move toward Voldemort/Salazar. Harry/Godric watched as Voldemort/Salazar appeared to grow angrier and the wand he held in his long pale hands started vibrating extra-hard now. Harry/Godric focused on the beads with all his will, sweat was pouring down his brow and dripping into his eyes clouding his vision, but still he continued on concentrating with all his might.

When Harry was fourteen, he had concentrated on moving the beads into Voldemort's wand when they had dueled outside the graveyard of the Riddle House. However, then he wasn't possessed by the soul of his ancestor who was trying to rid the world of his enemy. Now, Harry/Godric concentrated on hitting Voldemort/Salazar himself with the beads of light, knowing exactly what would happen to the dark wizard when hit with that amount of raw magic. Harry/Godric watched through narrowed eyes and clouded vision, as the beads of light… slowly… very slowly… moved along the golden thread of connecting light till it was an inch away from Voldemort/Salazar's wand… the wand shook with greater intensity… Harry/Godric let out a loud cry and pushed with all his will… the beads of light shot along the rest of the way and hit Voldemort/Salazar one after another.

Everyone covered their ears as a sound louder than anything they had ever heard filled the sky. Voldemort/Salazar pain filled scream of agony shook the very windows of Hogwarts. Harry/Godric merely stared on, unflinching as the dark wizard was covered in light blue electric currents. The sudden impact of raw magic overloaded his body, as the currents raced up and down his form. The song stopped and the cage of light vanished, as a flash of light blue light came from the Dark Lord and suddenly he fell from the sky like a falling meteor. He fell from the sky at a terrific speed hitting the ground so hard that those gathered didn't have the guts to even look at his impact, not wanting to see a being smeared into the ground.

Harry/Godric floated to the ground, his feet touching down lightly upon the grass. His wand and sword were still in hand as he looked around the battlefield at those gathered. The dark creatures still alive looked around unsure and suddenly fearful of the boy whom had just took down who they thought was one of the most of powerful beings on the planet. Buffy ran to Harry/Godric pushing past the stunned Order members.

"You did it--" she shouted happily stopping suddenly just short of him. She was suddenly unsure what to do. Before her was her brother yet at the same time it wasn't. It looked like Harry in appearance, but yet not. This boy looked regal and radiated power, looking frighteningly intimidating in his scarlet robes. His glowing emerald eyes bored into hers, as if she was some stranger he had never meant. "Harry, what—" began Buffy, suddenly getting cut off.

Voldemort/Salazar clutched Buffy from behind; his skin blackened, charred and smoking slightly as blood poured from multiple cuts and gashes. He held a dagger to the base of her neck. Harry/Godric glared at him, his eyes flaring a brighter green as his anger inside him roared to life.

"Is this girls life precious to thee?" hissed Voldemort/Salazar, smiling as Harry/Godric glared. "How much so, hmm?"

Harry/Godric stepped forward threateningly. "Do not bargain with her life!"

"Ready to die, girl?" asked Voldemort/Salazar in Buffy's ear. Buffy gritted her teeth as the Dark Lord extended his tongue and licked the side of face.

"Not girl," she replied back voice shaking with fury. "Slayer." Buffy quickly gripped the arm holding her and with all her strength the dark wizard flipped over and hit the ground hard.

Harry/Godric appeared before Voldemort/Salazar who lay on his back. He looked down upon the beaten man, quickly producing the sword of Gryffindor 'Bravestar', in his hands. He brandished the sword, raising it high and then in one fluid motion he brought it down into Voldemort/Salazar's chest. There was a sickening crunch as the sword cut through his breastbone and spinal column before ripping through his back. A ray of green light appeared from the wound, raising up into the sky in a column of bright green light that extended into the very clouds. Green light poured from the other openings in his body, such as his face, ears and nose. The sound of howling was heard accompanied by a bright light, and a force that knocked them off their feet. When they regained their bearings the spot where Voldemort lay was nothing more than a smoking, blackened crater.

The remnants of his powerful army witnessed his final defeat and fled as quickly as they could, but this time, the Order of Light did not give chase. The light army uttered a cheer of victory as the remnants of the dark army had fled. Buffy looked to Harry and noticed that his scarlet robes had vanished and his normal, plain black Hogwarts robes were back. His eyes were closed and when they opened his bright green looked at her with joyful wonder and hope. They ran to each other and embraced. The cheers in the crowd of soldiers rose with fervor. A chant started in the crowd and built up as everyone picked up and shouted it with happiness and enthusiasm:

'Hip! Hip! Hooray! Long live Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived! The savior of light the Man Who Conquered!"

Harry beamed widely, he and Buffy slinging an arm around the others shoulders as the crowd chanted and cheered. Harry knew somewhere that tomorrow would probably be hell with all the press and publicity that would stem from this… but he didn't care. This moment right now was perfect. He had his sister and she had him. The man whom had threatened his life multiple times and killed his only parents was now dead and would never return. This was one of the best moments of his life. Harry looked around the sea of faces recognizing those he knew and smiled wider at the look of pride he found in their eyes. Harry looked into Buffy's eyes and they hugged again, their exuberant happiness making them giddy. The prophecy had been fulfilled and Harry was finally free.

Now he could finally do what his parents had died wanting…Live.



Four months had passed since Harry Potter defeated one of the darkest wizards in history. The remaining months at school for him had been hectic. First, Peter Pettegrew had been captured during the battle before he could slink off and under Veritaserum he had confessed to his crimes. Sirius had received a full pardon from the Minister of Magic. Sirius himself had become quite an icon. He had become an almost living legend, people wondering whether or not he was really an angel. While he could hide his wings, people still flocked to him. People ranging from potential brides, scientists, or professors. He and Remus soon as the school year ended decided to travel and see the world, occasionally sending a post card to the Potter siblings.

Everyone, whom lived through the 'Battle of Fallen Tears' as it has been named, was doing better than they had then. St. Mungos had been filled for months with the wounded and those seriously injured. Fred and George had been out in a month and their small joke business was now doing moderately well, as everyone wanted something to laugh about in these times of peace.

Hogwarts was still standing…

The Deatheaters were all in Azkaban (guarded now by Ice Wraiths)…

The world was still spinning and the magical world was still free…

In Sunnydale, Calafornia everything was going as well as it should for it being located on a Hellmouth. On Revello Drive a house that was home to Harry Potter and Buffy Potter, things were going exactly normal. The summer sun shinned through the windows that were cracked open to let the afternoon air circulate throughout the house. Harry bounded up the stairs two at a time to the second floor of the house. He and Buffy returned to Sunnydale for summer vacation, since the Sunnydale dark denizens were starting to forget a Slayer even lived in the town. Harry pounded on the door of the bathroom, hearing the drying running.

"Buffy, let me use the bathroom already! It's been an hour!" yelled Harry irritably.

"Use the one in the storage room!" Buffy replied back over the dull hum of the hair dryer.

Harry rolled his eyes, muttering darkly under his breath about blondes and stupidity before walking across the hall to the storage room. It was really just a spare room that was empty, and since no one used it things unused went into the room. Harry walked into the bathroom taking care not to trip over the boxes as he walked through the storage room. He didn't like to use this bathroom since he had had a bad experience with it once, which involved lots of toilet paper and overflowing of water. Minutes later, Harry flushed the toilet and breathed deeply relieved that it didn't act up again. He whistled a soft tune as he washed his hands. Suddenly, a chill went up his spin. Unknowingly, everyone who had ever come in contact with the Potters or anyone who knew of them felt the same unusual feeling. It was gone as instantly as it appeared and none questioned it further.

Harry walked out of the bathroom and stopped looking around the room. The boxes and various other things that once littered the room a minute ago were no longer there. The entire room was in fact completely different but Harry didn't seem surprised by the changes. Replacing the dusty boxes and unused furniture was a wooden crib along a wall, a white dresser and nightstand, and also a large toy chest.

"Guh," a tiny voice gurgled.

Harry looked down and gasped. On the floor was a crawling baby with dull green eyes and brown hair. Harry expression was full of confusion as he looked down upon the crawling little girl.

"What are you doing in here?" he asked, picking up the baby and cradling it against his chest.

"Harry!" called Buffy with a voice that was a little too nice. The voice she only used when she wanted something from Harry. "Be a good uncle and take Dawn out with you!"

Harry's expression flew from confusion to outrage in less than a second, as he glared in the direction where Buffy's voice had floated from. "Why can't Willow or Xander do it?!"

"They're busy. Your friends all love my daughter, they won't mind her tagging along."

Harry rolled his eyes hefting Dawn up higher on his chest. He looked down at her and she blinked up at him with her green eyes inherited from her mother. Harry touched her head smoothing down her hair. "Let's go then," he sighed, walking from the room.

He closed the nursery door behind him. Not aware five minutes ago the room had been a storage room and not currently a nursery. Not aware that five minutes ago, he had none other relatives besides Buffy… Not aware five minutes ago, he wasn't an uncle to a one Dawn Joyce Summers daughter of his older sister, Elizabeth 'Buffy' Lily Potter. From this moment on things in Sunnydale would never be the same again. Especially, for those associated personally with the Slayer, Buffy, in some way. Because…

This was only the first battle…

Soon she will come…

Are they ready?

The End


The END! Go team me, well Go Team Us really. Before you guys start sputtering and flaming… *sheepish* I like to be different. You guys know this. Everyone was expecting Dawn to be made into Harry's twin sister or something along the lines. So… I found away around the cannon laws *artistic license* even though I hate to do it. Dawn will be Buffy's daughter… The question is who is the father??? That will be answered in the sequel, which I'll have up soon. Also the loose ends I left in this story will be answered then too. I know the battle was long but I hate to put a cliffhanger in the middle of a battle! Can anyone suggest a title for the sequel? I'm running on empty.

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