Just a short one, we never see this happen, but I'm sure it has before.................... --------------------

'Right thankyou John' Jeff told his middle son as he finished.

He turned his large frame towards the occupants of the lounge, 'Scott, Virgil....' he paused as he looked around the room, then he sighed, 'where are Alan and Gordon?'

Virgil shrugged, 'I'm not sure father, maybe they didn't hear the call.'

Jeff groaned, 'oh well you two will have to do this alone then, off you go, and step on it, we haven't got much time.'

Scott immediately rushed off to his portrait, 'here I go!'

He was soon heading down the shoot to the hanger.

Virgil sat on the sofa and found himself on the way to thunderbird two's hanger.

It was half way down that he heard screaming.

'Scott' he shouted into his communicator, 'did you hear that?'

'I sure did Virg!' Scott answered, worried, 'I 'd better go check it out, it sounded pretty close.'

Scott reached the hanger and looked up , his mouth dropped open in shock.

There hanging with their fingertips to the edge of where the pool had disappeared to were his youngest brothers.

'What the hell are you doing?' he shouted up.

Gordon glanced down at his brother and then squeezed his eyes shut at the drop to the floor, 'what are we doing? We were having a swim, minding our own business, when the pool slid away.'

Alan jumped in ,'WE WERE ALMOST CRUSHED!'

Scott tried not to laugh, 'well, you should of got out then shouldn't you! Didn't you hear the alarm?'


'Well if you're going to yell' Scott said walking away.

'NO SCOTT, WAIT!' Alan shouted,'HELP US!'

'Alright' Scott replied, 'since you asked so nicely.'

He soon found himself back in the lounge.

'Scott? What are you doing?' Jeff growled.

'It seems there's a problem at the pool.'

'A problem?'

'Doesn't matter Dad, I'll sort it out.'

He walked through the lounge and soon reached the deck, peering down, he saw his younger brothers hanging.

With a grin, he pulled first Alan and then Gordon up. Once they both sat panting heavily, from the strain of hanging above a fatal drop, they both scowled.

'You should have checked there was no-one in the pool before you went down to the hanger!' Thundered Alan.

Scott rolled his eyes, 'you know what I always say fellas.....'

Gordon frowned , still irritated, 'and what would that be big brother? Stop talking, stop messing about, stop having any kind of fun?'

'No, you missed one,' Scott said grinning, 'how many times have I told you fellas to stop, hanging around?'

His brothers groaned at the poorly disguised pun.

Scott laughed as he walked away, sometimes, being the eldest was fun!