The Distance

By the Lady of Light

Rated: PG

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The sky has lost its color,

The sun has turned to grey.

At least that's how it feels to me,

Whenever you're away.

Kari watched T.K. walk away. Her best friend was gone. And there was nothing she could do about it. She was only nine! Who really cared how a nine year old felt?

I crawl up in a corner

As I watch the minutes pass.

Each one brings me closer to

The time when you'll be back.

You're coming back!

Eighteen year old Kari was roused from her dreams by her brother's shaking.

"Phone for you…" he mumbled.

Kari turned to glance at the clock as she took the phone. 3:30 A.M. "Hello?"

"Kari, he's coming back!!"

Her eyes shot open "What! Matt, slow down!"


I can't take the distance.

I can't take the miles.

I can't take the time

Until the next time I see you smile.

T.K. ran into the airport. He could not miss this flight. It had been too long since he saw everyone. Especially Kari. He had stayed in touch with her over the years through letters and phone calls. Now he found himself falling in love with a girl he hadn't seen in nine years!

He shook his head. He couldn't drift down that path now! He had to pay attention for his flight call.

I can't take the distance

And I'm not ashamed

That I can't take a breath

Without saying your name.

"Who's T.K.?" Davis asked.

Yolei smiled. "You know, the guy Kari's always talking about." She turned to Kari. "I can hardly wait to meet him. You will introduce me, right?"

Kari paled a shade. "Of course!" To herself, she slapped herself. *That's right, Kari. Other people get to see T.K. too. You don't hold a monopoly over his time…*

"Kari? KARI?" Davis waved a hand over her face.

"I'm sorry, Davis. What were you saying?"

"You want to go with me to the game or what?"

"Sorry, Davis… I think I'm gonna be kinda busy." She continued in a whisper. "with T.K. and all…" She got up and walked away.

Yolei smiled. "I thought so."

Davis looked up, dejected. "What?"

"She's in love."

But I can brave a hurricane.

And still be standing tall

When all the dust has settled down.

I can't take the distance.

T.K. fidgeted.

This plane was circling the airport. The storm was still raging after two hours of circling.

"This is the pilot speaking. We will be diverting to the nearest airport."

T.K. sighed. This was taking way too long.

I still believe in feelings

But sometimes I feel two much.

I make believe you're close to me.

But it ain't close enough,

Not nearly close enough.

T.K. ran to the nearest rental place. "I need a scooter now!"

I can't take the distance…

The distance…

He drove up to the airport. Matt, Kari, and Tai were still waiting in the airport.


T.K. sneaked up behind them.

Kari turned to her brother. "I'm going to go get a drink."

T.K. followed her.


Kari turned.

And her jaw about dropped out of her head.

Standing behind her was one of the best looking guys she had ever seen. He was tall with golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes, broad shoulders…



He ran to hug her. "I've missed you so much…"

She tilted her back to look up at him.

He leaned down and whispered "I love you."

"I love you too."

The End

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