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The street lamps were just being lit as Wallace raced down the street trying desperately to make it before the lamp in front of the house was lit; he didn't fancy spending the night out here. His pockets were weighed down with the purses he had lifted, he had ventured back onto the cobblestone and in his personal opinion had a really good haul.

But now that really good haul was weighing him down, his already worn pants held up by a very worn pair of suspenders, now sagged; forcing him to run holding them up to prevent the suspenders from snapping. The jingling from the coins echoed through streets and that was the last sound Wallace wanted to be echoing.

His heart was pounding so loud he thought that it could be heard as well as the jingling and jangling coming from his pockets. He was almost there just a little more; Wallace felt his heart and his stomach drop when he saw the lamp in front of the boarding house and another sound a sound that terrified him, one that drowned out his heartbeat and the jingling, the sound of the door locking.

"Damn!" he said loudly reaching the door. "Please lemme in," he said loudly banging on the door. He didn't care if Miss Charlotte yelled at him; he just didn't want to spend the night out here. He heard the sound of footsteps coming down the street, two sets of footsteps.

For an instance the incident that he had witnessed the previous night flashed through his mind and he felt fear take over his body, what it was the murderer, he was going to get killed if he saw him. The footsteps were getting closer, much to close for comfort, quickly Wallace jumped off the steps and hid next to them, he barley breathed as his heart beat echoed in his ears.

Shadows crossed under the streetlamps, it was two men and though Wallace couldn't be positive he was sure that they were the same one's he had seen the previous night.

"I heard something come down this way."

"Maybe it was a loose dog you ejit."

"It was the sound of coins, lots of them,"

"Well there aint anythin' 'round here now, lessen you see something,"

"Ifen I'd seen somethin' I'd tell ya,"

"Come on let's get out of here t'aint nothing 'round here." Wallace continued to hold his breath until they had disappeared around the corner, in the light he could still see the red of blood from the couple that morning and if he stared at that spot long enough he could see them laying there with the other men hanging over them going through their pockets. It was just one more reason why Wallace didn't want to spend the night out here. He ran back up to the door and banged on it again.

"Please Miss Charlotte lemme in I cant spend the night out here." He heard the footsteps returning this time he felt frozen to the spot he couldn't move to hide. Wallace knew it he was done for, they'd recognize him and kill him, they'd leave him laying bleeding in the streets like the couple.

Suddenly the door opened and Wallace fell inside landing on the floor hard, he looked up and saw Sara's face peering down at him looking very angry.

"Didn't Miss Charlotte tell you that if your not in here by time the lamp is lit your out for the night?" she asked angrily. What is the matter with you?"

"Don' ask questions shut the door, quick!" he exclaimed getting to his feet and pushing the door shut. He walked over to the window next to the door and carefully peered around the frame, they were back running this time.

"Now, I know I heard it,"

"No I heard it too, someone's out here."

"Aye an' by the sounds of it lotsa money."

"What is-" Sara started to say coming up behind him trying to peer out the window with him, quickly Wallace put his hand to her mouth keeping it there until they had once again disappeared. "What was that all about?" Sara exclaimed pushing Wallace's hand away forcefully

"I didn' wan' them to 'ear you!" he replied just as loudly.

"What did you do? Are they looking for you?" she asked accusingly "I told you running with a gang was a bad idea!"

"I seen them murder two people las' nigh'," he said loudly "an' I aint with no gang fer the las' time! I work 'lone" Sara looked at him for a moment as if she was studying him, probably trying to determine if he was being entirely sincere. "Back 'ome pick-pocketing was jus' somethin' I did fer fun, jus' to prove I could, me father didn' like it, not 'tall me grandfather though' it twas funny as long as no one got 'urt and I always returned what I 'ad stolen, but now it aint a game or fer fun 'more, now it's the only way I can survive, I don' wan' to die 'ere, I wan' to go 'ome. Frankie keeps tellin' me that bein' in a gang's me bes' chance fer survival bes' way to make money and tis the best way to avoid getting either killed or sen' to…to…" he paused trying desperately to remember the name, but he was drawing a blank.

"Hell Gate," Sara said softly Wallace looked at her in surprise

"Aye," he said slowly, nodding a little "you know of it?"

"Every street orphan, pickpocket, little forty thieves, every child who lives in the points knows about Hell Gate, whether they have a home with parents or not, my uncle told me about it."

"They'd send girls there? I thought only boys got sent to 'ell Gate?"

"I suppose they do, my uncle just told me to be careful 'specially with the law. They must have a type for girls maybe they do maybe they don't I don't want to be the one to find out, do you?" Wallace took a deep breath and looked out the window just to be cautious.

"No 'pose I don' either." He turned and looked at her "Sara, can I ask you a question?" she nodded "why don' you like Frankie?" now Sara frowned as if she was thinking about the question and wasn't liking the answers she was coming up with. "Fergive me, I shouldn' pry tis yer own business. I should 'ead to bed, I've to see the Butcher tomorrow," he bowed his head respectively "good nigh Sar…I mean Miss Williams," he said and began to climb the stairs.

"Wallace?" Sara said behind him, he turned to look at her


"It's not that I don't like Frankie, my uncle likes him, it's his gang I do not like I do not trust the Little Forty Thieves, and as I said before it's easy to get involved with them, but it is hard to get out."

"An' as I said Miss Williams, I don' wan' to run with a gang, I'm perfectly 'app taking care of meself I don' need a gang to look out fer me." He turned away from her and headed up the steps towards his room. Inside he slipped off his shoes and walked over to the window staring out into the night, it was quiet; no cats howling, no people screaming, there weren't even any footsteps it was the stillest night Wallace could ever remember even nights in the highlands were never THIS quiet.

Staring out the window not hearing any sounds, just feeling the stillness of the night got Wallace to thinking and suddenly for the first time at least the first time Wallace was going to allow himself to admit it, he was homesick extremely homesick, he suddenly missed everything, he missed his parents, his grandparents, he even missed Seamus a boy about his age who lived in the small village were his grandparents lived, they didn't get along in fact to be blunt they hated each other, he wasn't quite sure why and he didn't think Seamus even knew, but he even missed him and his teasing and his picking fights then blaming it all on Wallace.

Reaching into his bag he pulled out his father's timepiece, he swung it by the chain in front of his eyes watching the hands tick, most of all he missed his father, he had always been extremely tough on Wallace, especially after his mother's death, but he was still his father and they were very close and the toughness Wallace know knew had only been protectiveness he hadn't thought it before, he had always seen his father boring and would rather be with his grandfather then with his own father. But looking back, Wallace know how much alike he and his father really were and how much he cared about him. Though his father would never admit it, it was he who had taught Wallace the same slide of hand trick that he now used to pick pockets. A game which now was the best way for Wallace to survive.

Reaching back into the bag he pulled out his mothers locket and held it next to the watch, two items of his parents, two items that they both treasured above all else, he ran his pointer finger over the bumps on the locket that took on the shape of a flower a beautiful rose, like her name. Slipping the locket on and hiding it under his shirt, Wallace blew out the candle and crawled under the thick comforter, as he lay in bed still feeling homesick and missing his family, Wallace hummed a lullaby his mother had often sung to him before he went to sleep, and slowly as he did start to drift off to sleep, he heard the words of the song echoing in his memory; feeling as if his mother was once again singing him off to sleep, he listened carefully taking in each note and each word though it had been years since he had last heard the song, last head his mother sing it to him, he still remembered every line:

'Sleep my child and peace attend thee,
All through the night
Guardian angels God will send thee,
All through the night
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping,
I my loving vigil keeping
All through the night.

While the moon her watch is keeping
All through the night
While the weary world is sleeping
All through the night
O'er they spirit gently stealing…'

And even though the stillness had vanished, replaced quickly by the sounds of shouting and bells as a fire erupted somewhere in the points, and the fire departments all rushed to be the first ones on the scene. None of this stirred Wallace, as he lay dreaming of Scotland, dreaming of his father, and hearing his mother's voice once again singing as he slept, his homeland replacing New York's dirty streets and cruel people, with images of the rolling highland hills, the fog rolling off the Loch's in the early morning, and the friendly people who would greet you with a good day and a smile even if they did now know you.

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