Concluding comments

Wow, I'm so touched (in a good way, I'm not a nutter). I'm so glad everyone liked reading my story. I had to end it at some point though.

Domo arigatoo gozaimasu, minna-san.

Yes, I write short chapters. I have a short attention span, I guess. Must work on that.

This was only my 3rd fanfiction ever, although I've been writing stories for my own personal entertainment for years. Having people read something I'd written was really a new experience. My other two stories RK are here at ff, too. Read them, they're not too bad. They're mostly about Kenshin and Sano. A sprinkling of Aoshi and Saitou.

I loved writing Saitou. He's so sexy-bad. Those white gloves he peels off with his fangs(yes, he has fangs), that wolfish stare. The witty sarcasm. The evil laugh. Ah, he's married. Me too. Too bad.

But, there will be a sequel to Apprentice, I promise, minna-san.

I just thought that Kenji's childhood had to end at some point. The last chapter is about him becoming a man, which is where the sequel will start.

What a hard but necessary lesson for our arrogant Kenji-chan to learn! I felt bad doing that to him, but life isn't all sweetness and light, is it?

RK, the next generation, coming up. I was wanting to write about something totally different and at least I succeeded at that.

I've gotten so into Kenji's life, I can't just let him go now, can I? This is my first shot at inventing my own RK characters too, and I enjoyed that. There'll be more.

I have a lot of romance planned, sword fights, adventure, angst, a little of everything. Humor too. I see humor as an important element of RK. It breaks up the other more intense elements.

I'm writing a an "Inuyasha" Miroku/Sango romance right now. Posted here at ff. It's called Miroku's Bedtime Stories. I needed a break from RK for a bit. Any of you who like Inu-chan, read and tell me what you think.

I'll be back, though.