Title: Demons from the past


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Summary: My first real sequel, all others have been fakes, kind of an AU of S7 so a bit more original than most.


Five months.

It had been almost five months since she left Sunnydale. It seemed like years. Course coming from the hellmouth made the outside world look like it was in slow motion.

Things happened so fast there, a different evil to fight every week, different relationships every once in awhile. She guessed it was because there was always a possibility that that week, month or day could be your last, so life got supercharged.

It was no different once their latest crisis was averted. The week after had been exhausting, everyone sat down a few moments when they got home and did nothing. Silence had filled the room and no one dared break it.

Giles was the first to ask what had happened. Xander had interrupted her five times during the explanation. Questioning, disbelieving or outright accusing, he just couldn't see the gray. It always saddened her when she thought about it. He could never accept the in-between, the fact that a demon could love or that a friend could kill.

He was their strongest member but yet he could not step out of the denial that surrounded him. His friend who killed someone and almost killed them all is good. His ex who is a demon who saved their lives and helped out is bad.

After a very trying hour of explanations she sat their drained of any voice. That was when they heard the scream. At first they automatically looked at Dawn, cause she had the record for screams in the group. But she had already bolted for the upstairs bedroom.

They hadn't noticed that Buffy had gone. After the fight the slayer had held onto Dawn as if she would disappear if she let go. But Willow could tell there was something else on Buffy's mind other than her sister's near death experience. After much pounding they finally opened the door to find a weeping slayer on the bed. Clutching a letter in one hand and what looked to be a marble in the other.

Willow immediately felt the magic surrounding the sobbing form on the bed. But it was different from everything she had felt. It felt immense and bright. After Giles gently and cautiously pried the marble out of her hand, they went back down stairs leaving Dawn with the whimpering Buffy.

It wasn't until the next morning when the frazzled, puffy eyed slayer came downstairs with Dawn in tow. It looked as though she was barely keeping it together and all it took was a sarcastic comment from Xander to send her off sobbing back into her room. He promptly kept his opinions to himself for the rest of the week after the tag team scolding he got from Dawn and Giles.

Dawn explained what had happened, the letter, the marble, everything. She told them about the messages left to them, though she didn't specify what he had said, but they could tell that something in the letter had made her cry to. It was later on that day when Buffy came down that they finally understood why.

The reactions from the letter ranged from absolutely beaming to silent tears, Anya and Willow being on opposite ends of the spectrum. Things had settled a bit after that. Well as much as it could, being on the hellmouth and all.

It was at the end of the week when Giles and Willow announced their departure for England within the week. Him to report back to the watchers council and her to study with the coven in Bath.

No matter how much she tried, the witch couldn't stop feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, always afraid that she would lose control again. So after asking Giles if she could come along she told the rest of the group. Xander had been the first to voice his opinion, for the first time in a week.

God how they so loved the silence sometimes. After some fighting, some tears and some hugs, they parted ways a couple days later. The next few months were almost agonizing.

She had to start off from square one. Doing things she could easily do. Floating a pencil, lighting candles with her mind. It became tedious incredibly fast. But one thing she found was the focus she lacked at the beginning. When she first started out everything was chance, do this and see what happens. But there she researched the spell, thought through the process, looked at the dangers versus the pay off, and finally how it affected things around them.

All these things brought focus to her, she could do a spell knowing exactly what was going to happen.

It slowed the spell making and dishing, but it made her feel in control of herself, made her comfortable with her own skin.

The coven she lived with was wonderful. There were a total of twelve men and women working there. Her teacher was named Gwen Mathraila, the highest ranking witch there, she was the one Willow worked directly with, though they all participated in the group meditation.

When she wasn't in study or meditating she helped out with the garden in the courtyard or went into town to get supplies. It was a simple lifestyle and she enjoyed it immensely.

She called her friends once a week and had visits from Giles. Everything was looking up. It shocked her when she realized that for the first time in a long time she looked forward to each day. It had seemed impossible at certain points.

She still sometimes had nightmares.

Mostly of losing Tara, or killing Warren. But sometimes, just sometimes, she would dream of the deep and the dark. Slowly eating away at her until she was hollow.

Lately though it had changed, at the end she felt like there was more, something else, like the story hadn't ended. Those nights she woke up screaming and would usually have to be calmed down by one of the coven working late or on what she called "Willow watch".

Recently though things shifted, changed, something was different, something she couldn't put her finger on. It felt like something was moving, stirring underneath the surface. She voiced her concerns to her teacher and it troubled Gwen greatly, but they couldn't offer any answer.

Willow realized she had stood in the same spot for over five minutes going over what had happened in the past. She walked awkwardly, stiff and her foot asleep, towards the meditation room for the evening, you guessed it, meditation.

When she got in the room the rest of the coven were already in place. It was a strict rule that silence must be maintained to keep the energy around them smooth, and calm. Everyone in place they joined hands and focused on the candles in the circle they had formed. All any of them could see was each others faces.

Willow closed her eyes and concentrated on the energy in the room. She could feel it slowly start to move smoothly like silk over the skin. As it became more and more fluid she could feel something off. Suddenly someone screamed and everything crashed.

Willow opened her eyes to find two of the coven members kneeling next to a third who was sobbing curled into a fetal position on the floor. She could faintly hear what the crying witch was whimpering.

"It's coming, it's coming, they will unleash it and it will devoir us all,"

"It's coming"


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