Shadow's Rebirth.

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This is something that inspired me from reading Ranma the Hedgehog

Mainly in Ranma's view

Not Ranma/ Akane romance, 

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Prologue: Waking up, Running away

            I'm falling, I can feel the heat increase and my body is beginning to burn.  I glance up and see that my goal has been achieved.  Earth is saved. I can finally let go and die. "Maria, here I come," I say as I enter the atmosphere and can speak.  The heat is intense now and the pain is unknown, but it doesn't matter, I did it, I helped stop the ultimate creation, before it doomed Earth.  That is when I see it.  In front of me, falling at the same pace I am, it is a black emerald.  It is glowing a strange black aura; it isn't evil but rather…chaotic.  As if in a trance I grab it.  Power floods through my system!  I never felt so alive!  Then I hit the ground.

            "AAHHHH!!" I woke up screaming, again.  Luckily it is so silent, so I don't embarrass myself.  This isn't the first time I had this dream, I have had it all my life. It is something very important, I know it but before I can think deeper, the damn panda rolls over and throws a sign at me, {Go to sleep boy!} It rolls back over and goes to sleep "I hate you," I murmur, but he's already sleeping. I sigh and get dressed, black pants and red shirt.  For some reason I love these colors.  With a quick flip out the window, I'm out the Tendo home and roof hoping towards my destination.

            I arrive at Furiken high on track field.  Without a thought, I'm on the track running. I can see and feel the scenery blur by me and before I know it I'm at the end of the field. I just ran the 400-meter run in five seconds. I know, it's amazing, but for some reason I feel that I should be able to go faster, so I go again, this time I'm straining to go faster. I finish and this time, it's three seconds, "Damn it! Still no good" It begins to rain and I'm a redheaded girl. If you want to know the truth, it doesn't bother me like I say it does.  Hell! The main reason I like it so much is because I can go faster.

            I catch my breath and run again at full speed around the track. It's still raining, but the water doesn't slow me down.  This time, the time is 2.4 seconds. I know, that speed can shatter numerous records, but I still feel so damn slow!   I again catch my breath and stop breathing hard, the sweat, washed away by the rain.  I walk towards a huge tree in the corner of the field and sit under it's branches and silently watched the rain.

            I just sat there, watching the rain fall, I don't know how much time passed, I think it was hours, just lost in thought.  That was when I noticed I was male again, and there was a slight pressure on my shoulder.  I look down and noticed that there was a person leaning on me.  By the Kami, she is beautiful!!  She had long bright pink hair and a very angelic face.  She was wearing a Furiken high uniform that the rain, made cling to her curvy figure. I blush when I realized that she is leaning on my shoulder sleeping. I can feel my expression soften, because for some reason…I feel that I know her.  She's special

            Then I felt her aura, and almost gasped.  She's more powerful then all the other fighters, she's at my level.  I mean my level after the Saffron fight, where I stopped holding back; hell I bet she can whip him like a dog.  I nudge her gentle, trying to not take notice of her soft skin.  Her eyes open and I find myself staring into two red eyes.  My heart catches and I get very intense feelings, I want to hold her, protect her, I think I'm in love.  I gain my nerve, "Who are you?" I asked.  She smiles an in my opinion a very cute smile and pokes my nose with her finger and ask in a slightly husky voice, "Who am I?"  I get shivers down my back as a name enters my mind so I say it, "Amy"

            I don't know where it came from, but I'm glad because her smile widens showing perfect teeth, "So you are starting to remember" she says.  Before I can ask, she blurs and in a movement she's straddling my lap.  I try heard not to notice that her skirt ridden up to show smooth silky thighs. My fingertips brush over them and we both shudder.  I move my face from the sight to her face to find that she is staring at my eyes, not my blushing cheeks, "Here's a better question," she pauses, "Who are you?"  And that stumps me, "Ranma" but I know I got the answer wrong before I said it.  She sighs and gets up, taking away the warm feeling, "You don't remember, she says sadly and starts to walk away. I scramble to my feet, "Remember what??"  I yell.  She stops but doesn't turn around,

"Don't you ever feel that no matter how fast you go, it's not fast enough? Don't you feel that something is missing, a piece of you is gone and you desperately need it back. That you are only millimeters from touching that piece, but you can't quite reach it?"  I say without hesitation, "Yes every day of my life. Tell me. Who am I?"  She giggles,  "Until you remember, your true name, I can't help you, Goodbye 'Ranma' " and then she was gone.  The sun came up and the ran stopped, but it was to late, she was gone, I walked back to the Tendo home, depressed, but excited.

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