Shadow's Rebirth

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Chapter 29: Whenever

Naraku walked on the ground where his base previously was, Sesshomaru had destroyed it as soon as he came across it, but this Naraku was different. He was still wearing the baboon cloak but his figure was more menacing, more evil. Onigumo had separated from him, turning him into full youkai, although weaker, but due to his theft, Naraku was more powerful than ever. He finally got to the spot were the center of his base was and placed his hand on the ground. A massive black aura surround him as Naraku chuckled darkly. The aura pulsed and the ground rumbled

The ground shook so more before an tower shot out the ground underneath Naraku, it didn't even make him stumble as Naraku rose high into the sky with his tower. The tower itself was pure black stone and resembled a needle. There were no windows, and nothing that resembled an entrance. His tower stopped at about a hundred stories. Naraku chuckled again before he gasped and collasped to his knees. The black aura surrounding his body raged and swarmed around him as his back bulged before tentacles began exploding out his back in sprays of blood. Naraku screamed in pain as he once again lost control of his new power. Blood was pouring from his mouth, ears and eyes as he struggled to contain the power of the black materia.

Naraku scream in fury as something grew out the tower. It was unnatural and had a body made of orangish-red organic armor that looked somewhat like stone. The creater hovered in the air and opened for what pasted as its maw to less loose a roar of freedom. Energy blasted out of its mouth into the nighttime sky, the beam being so bright it was daytime briefly. The creature quieted down and looked at Naraku who was gapping at it as he struggled not to let anymore control go. The creature made a sound that sounded suspiciously like a laugh before flying to the north. Naraku passed out from the pain. On the previously unblemished tower, the words "Ruby Weapon Activated" were craved into it.


"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Sonic asked, the others in the room shook their heads, they had felt it too though a ripple of chaos energy that was 'off' somewhat. As if it was tainted. Shadow, Sesshomaru and the other two lords were in their meeting right now. Amy clutched her chest as an overwhelming fear began to grow in her heart. Lara and Usagi saw this and took her in a deep hug. Knuckles eyes were pure red and he was growling. Fur began to grow on his knuckles as his teeth began to elongate. Rouge saw this and panicked slightly. "Everyone back away!!!"

Everyone did so and they gasped when Rouge's teet grew into fangs and she bit deeply into Knuckle's neck. The glow immediately faded from Knuckle's eyes as the fur on his hand shrunk back underneath his skin. Rouge pulled away from Knuckles and licked the bite marks and they faded away. Rouge wiped some of the blood trailing from her chin. Knuckles relaxed and hugged Rouge "Thank you, I needed that" Tails curiously walked up. "What was that all about?"

Rouge looked at Knuckle's and he nodded. "As you all know, Knuckles is a werewolf. He was born one this time, but when he first tapped into chaos energy it changed his lycanthropy. He can shift into a werewolf, but from that state he can change into an evolved version of it. Whatever that wave of tainted chaos energy was it messed with his defenses and almost caused him to go berserk so I had to drain some of the blood to relax him." It was at that point a very paranoid Setsuna pulled her staff out. "You are Vamprye??" She looked very pale despite her dark tan skin.

Rouge rolled her red eyes while Knuckles chuckled. "There are things in this world that you do understand oh Senshi of Time, but for every little thing you do understand there are a thousand things you will never comprehend." Setsuna would had said more but Shadow came out, he was pale as while and before his fist was crackling with black lightning. His TaiYoukai markings were pulsing brightly. All in all he looked very pissed off. Lara got up, leaving Usagi to take care of the cowering Amy and put her hand on his shoulder, not even flinching when a spark zapped her hand. "What's wrong? Why is everyone freaking out"


Naraku screamed in pain as control was lost again and something else was released. The initial wave of tainted chaos energy was like a dam breaking. This time what emerged from the tower was a creature similar to the Ruby Weapon only it was more curved and different shades of green. The difference was that this creature slightly resembled a dragon in shape only. It was going slower than the Ruby Weapon so its destination would take longer to get to.

Kouga was watching all this and again had doubts about joining up with Naraku. The bastard had killed his people, but he was the only one that gave him enough power to fight the half breed and his friends. Kouga's hair and fur was now white and his skin was bleached ivory. Over his arms and legs, were bracers that concealed the copies of black materia that was implanted into his skin. Each one only had a thousandth of the black materia's total power, but it was more than enough

The creature moved again and it rippled like it was underwater and headed towards the closest river before disappearing under the waters and heading towards the ocean. It was headed towards the east. On the tower, underneath Ruby Weapon's name the words 'Emerald Weapon Activated' had appeared


Shadow relaxed under her touch. "You may not feel it, but someone just released a massive amount of 'tainted' chaos energy. Anyone sensitive to it would feel it. Its taking all my control not to give in to the fury I feel." He turned to Sonic who Aurora was holding his hand with one and stroking it with her other so he could relax his grip. Like Shadow electricity was crackling around Sonic. "Its coming in an hour" He said. Shadow nodded. "I don't want a fight to happen here so we're going to face it." Sonic nodded. "Anyone that feels that they can fight come on" He stood, clasping a hand over Aurora's. She nodded and sat down. "Something is heading towards the Eastern Lands too. It was just released and it is just as massive as the other one. Whoever goes is going to have to split up into two groups now"Sonic groaned. "This just got harder"

Knuckles stood along with Rouge. Amy tried to stand but her knees kept on shaking. Shadow walked over to Amy and lifted her, bridal style. "You can hardly move. I'm taking you to bed." Amy wanted to struggle, wanted to yell at him but he was right. "Don't hate yourself for being scared, you didn't put any defenses up against the tainted chaos energy so it overwhelmed you."

She leaned up and put her face to his neck and whispered something that no one else could hear and giggled, flushing slightly.

"Usagi, I want you and the other Senshi to stay behind and guard the Northern Lands." Usagi nodded and Hotaru wanted to protest but Shadow continued. "Maria, no. You need to perform a Silence Wall all around the Northern Lands." Haraka stood in and instant. "NO. IT'LL KILL HER TO MAKE A SHIELD THAT BIG!!!"


In the bushes, hid Kagura. She has been trailing Naraku ever since Shadow freed her from his control. All she wanted to do was wait until the right time and cut his freaking head off for all he done to her. That bastard is going to pay, but that was until he started growing that tower and those monsters emerged from it. From the looks of it another one was emerging. This time it was pure white and absolutely beautiful. It was made of diamond and had a shape like that of a bird, but offered no details. Despite its beauty, it gave off this profound sense of wrongness that affected her deeply.

This thing was so horrible and she wanted to get away, but her legs wouldn't move and her heart wouldn't stop pounding. On some levels, she got a kick out of Naraku's screams as he was being consumed by his new power. He couldn't handle it and had lost control the moment he took it inside of himself. The thing opened its maw and inside its mouth was an enlarged version of a eye. The eye was bloodshot and covered in gross veins as it rotated in every direction.

The creature made a sound that was so beautiful, but at the same time so evil that she collapsed to her knees and passed out with her eyes remaining open but unseeing and her face was trapped in a gaze of eternal horror. Kagura will survive this but will have nightmares for many months. The last things she saw before consciousness fled her was the creature flying to the south and the words 'Diamond Weapon Activated' appear on the pillar.


"Okay Uncle" Hotaru said, "But next time I'm going with you"

Haraku gaped. "Hotaru-chan, it'll put you in danger to use that much power" Hotaru shook her head. "No it won't. My chaos energy was sealed so it was harder to use my powers. Now I can easily manage a Silence Wall that big without trying" Haruka shut up. Shadow turned to Chaos, she like Amy was affected because she couldn't adapt in time. The wave of tainted chaos energy had knocked her out. Ryouga was carrying her back to the room. "I'll go wherever Chaos goes, Ranma."

Shadow and the others shuddered as they felt another creature of tainted chaos energy was released. This time it was heading south. "They are headed for each of the empires. We are going to have to split into four groups, because I feel all four empires are going to be attacked" The others nodded. Sonic stood with Aurora. "I'm going to the Southern Lands to help protect Aurora's empire." Aurora flushed slightly. "Thank you Sonic. I request that Chaos joins us once she wakes up along with Ryouga"

Mousse nodded. "I shall go as well." Tails stood and before Sonic could say anything. "I know you don't want me out there fighting as I'm younger, so just this once I'll going to say that you can't do anything about it. I'm not young anymore and I know how to fight." Sonic was about to say something when he found himself staring at the barrel of a very big gun. Very impressive considering that not even a second ago Tails was all the way across the massive room. Tails's gun was humming with power. "I am going" Sonic frowned. "Fine, you want to go, you have to defeat me, Chaos Control"


Onigumo wasn't inside the room with the others no he was outside on the roof staring in horror at the horizon, but the thing is, he wasn't looking at the horizon. Not many realize that he still has a connection with Naraku and at times of extreme stress he can't actually see through Naraku's own eyes. What he saw was the pillar shaking as the ground below it opened up and a massive creature made of different shades of black and gray, but unlike Diamond Weapon that was beautiful but give off a sense of defilement, this thing was just plain wrong. Something that nature could have never created. This thing is beyond the simple terms of good and evil or notions of that, this wasn't a thing that involved shades of gray it was just 'wrong'

Onigumo and Naraku, despite their different locations were in the same exact pose, on their knees staring up into the sky at the emerging creature with their arms just hanging loosely on their sides like a puppet with cut strings. The only difference was in the eyes. Onigumo was crying tears of pure unadulterated horror while Naraku was insane glee. Naraku's eyes had glazed over as the tainted chaos proved to be to much for him.

Onigumo scream as the spider burn mark on his back pulsed and Naraku began laughing lost out of his mind. The creature shift and began moving towards the west. On the pillar, the words 'Onyx Weapon Activated' had appeared and cracks began to ran throughout the whole pillar as the last and worst of all the weapons was about to be released. Naraku let lost one more insane laugh and he began to sink into the pillar as if it was liquid and just like that he was gone. On the pillar more and more cracks appeared as the phrase. 'Ultimate Weapon Activation Pending....Activation Pending....Activation Pend...'


Sonic sighed as he activated Chaos Control. The whole room froze except for Shadow who was looking at him. He was holding Amy, and wasn't going to interfere. Sonic frowned as he looked at Tail's angry face. He turned back towards Shadow. "Don't interfere" Shadow suddenly smirked. "I don't think I have too" Sonic blinked. "What does that mean?" He turned only to find Tails moving towards him, even though he was moving in slow motion he was still overcoming Sonic's Chaos Control. Tails spoke in slow tones. "Yyyooouuu wwwooonnn'ttt ssstttoooppp mmmeee"

Sonic frowned. "I have to end this, sorry Tails" With that he rushed forward in blinding speed ready to painlessly knock out Tails only to freeze as Tails suddenly sped up and had his gun pointed at Sonic's head. "CChheecckk" Tails said a little bit faster than before. His movements were getting faster and Tails had faked Sonic out in order to get his blaster pointed at the right spot. Sonic bent backwards almost at a ninty degree angle to avoid the slow yet powerful blast.

Shadow was fighting a headache off, as he was watching the fight two different ways. One was in the method of Chaos Control and the other was in regular time. In regular time Sonic was nothing, just gone because he was moving so fast. Tails on the other hand was a blur rushing towards what is seemed to be a random spot. He was speaking so fast he couldn't be understood. Then his blast was faster than any he has seen before. He was amazed with Tails's genius. He is learning to integrate his ki abilities and chaos channeling into his machinery. He and Gerald are going to up the ante in what they are teaching him.

Things were different in Chaos Control. Sonic was visible, but still a blur and Tails looked like he was stuck in slow motion though he was getting faster and the blast was still moving...Shadow grinned. If Sonic wasn't careful Tails was going to beat him easily. Shadow switched his vision back to watching only Chaos Control and watched as more and more of Tails's slow but powerful blast flew through the air. Sonic tried once again to painlessly knock Tails out but Tails anticipated his movements and had repositioned his weapon to fire right before Sonic could get there.

Sonic jumped back to dodge and hit one of Tails's previous blast, flinging him across the room like and pinball and into more of Tails shots. All those seemingly random shots from Tails was really a deceptive trap for Sonic. Sonic hit the ground stunned and before he could recover, the barrel of Tails's gun was pressing against his head. "You Lose" Tails said regularly, having overcame the effects of Chaos Control. Sonic got back on to his feet. "Just because you think you won doesn't mean you have." And with that was gone. Tails looked baffled for a moment before gasping in pain, bent over where Sonic's fist had planted itself into his stomach. His other hand though was clutching a golden ring that was fading away fast. Shadow nodded in approval at Sonics plan of using a single ring to give him a boost of speed.

Tails groaned and coughed up some blood showing the damage he took from taking the damage. "You need to learn how to be prepared for all angles in a battle." Sonic said as he jumped back. Tails fell to his knees from the lack of support from Sonic's arm and then fell face first to the ground, moaning in pain. "You need to be better than this." Sonic said before Tails suddenly chuckled from his place on the ground. "No I think you need to learn all the angles."

A loud beep drew Shadow's and Sonic's attention to his side where a grenade was attached to his leg and Tails sprung to his feet as his weapon blew up launching Sonic into the air. He took the blow on purpose to get close enough to plant said explosive on Sonic's body. Tails held his hand out and Ten Rings surround both hands and with that Tails disappeared. Sonic had reached the apex of his jump before jerking in mid air as Tails was using brief burst of speed to hit Sonic in the same spot. Sonic fell to the ground and bounced before Tails landed on his chest with the barrel of his gun shoved in Sonic's mouth. "You lose." Tails said, just before Sonic faded away. "No I think you lose" Sonic said. He was behind Tails with his fist just touching Tails head. Shadow knew the position and so did Tails. From that position Sonic had about a hundred different ways of attacking and Tails can't do anything to stop it.

"How about a stalemate?" Tails said, showing not one once of nervousness. Sonic looked down and chuckled in amazement. Tails had grew back his two fox tails and had them wrapped around his arms in a way that Sonic can't move his hands without shattering his shoulders. Shadow whistled. Growing back those tails so fast must have been unbelievably painful for Tails. Sonic smirked. "I guess you can come along." Tails nodded and released Sonic, his tails wrapping around his waist like a belt. Sonic clapped his hands and turned off Chaos Control. "Fine you go with Dracon to the Eastern Lands. I want Big and Onigumo to go with you." Tails nodded and followed Dracon out.

Inuyasha stood but as soon as he did Kagome grabbed his arm causing him to flinch in pain. He hadn't fully recovered from his fight with his brother. "Inuyasha, please" She begged. It was those two words in that tone that almost caused Inuyasha to sit. "Shit, Kagome I have to go...They're my people and I have to use whatever I can to help protect them." In response Tetsusaiga pulsed and most of Inuyasha's wounds started healing rapidly. Kagome nodded tearfully. "Promise me...that you come back" Inuyasha nodded, but Kagome grabbed his hand. "Say it Inuyasha, I want to hear you say it. Promise me that you will come back to me. I...don't know what I'll do without you."

Inuyasha's gaze softened. He leaned down close to her ear. "Kagome I will come back...I promise you" Sesshomaru came in and nodded happly. His wounds have also healed with the use of Tenseiga. "I'm proud of you brother." Rin came up and hugged Sesshomaru. "Sesshomaru-sama?" She said meekly. Sesshomaru nodded and ruffled her hair tenderly. "After I come back you can no longer call me Sesshomaru-sama" Rin started to tear up but his next words stunned her and everyone else. "You'll have to call me father" She nodded happily and hugged him when he bent down. "Now be a good girl Rin-chan" She smiled widely and ran off to tell the news to her new friends.

Sesshomaru was about to leave when a slender hand grabbed his arm. He turned to see Kikyo biting her lip nervously in a way he found adorable. She leaned forwards and whispered loud enough so that only he could hear her. "Sesshomaru-kun, please come back safely." With that she slipped a ward onto Tenseiga. It's spiritual energies flared in increased energy from contact with her own. She blushed slightly ran off following Rin. Sesshomaru turned to Inuyasha. "Brother. I ask that your monk comes with us." Inuyasha nodded and Sesshomaru left with Inuyasha following him. Miroku turned to Sango and before she could say anything he kissed her passionately. When he let her go. She was deeply flushed. "Just this once, I'll forgive your pervert ways, Houshi. Just come back." He nodded and followed Inuyasha out the door.

"Kanna, I want you to practice your cast while Daddy goes and fight" Big said to the white haired little girl. She nodded and hugged his leg. Big smiled and ruffled her hair before walking out the door that Dracon and Tails took. Shadow turned to Gerald. "Professor, are you going to fight?" Gerald nodded. "I shall, don't think this old man can't teach you a couple of things. I shall stay behind and guard the women and children." Shadow smirked and turned to Vash and Alucard. "I don't even need to say anything do I?" Vash just reloaded his gun and put on his yellow shades while Alucard's blood red eyes glowed. "I always wanted to taste Tainted Chaos."

Alucard and Vash walked out another door, while Shadow, being mindful of Amy in his arms, turned to Lara and Usagi.

"Could you?" Lara nodded and took Amy into her arms to carry her back to her room, before doing so Shadow kissed her and Amy on the cheeks, causing Lara to flush slightly. Shadow turned to Usagi. "Usagi, please be careful, you must strain yourself because you are new in tapping Chaos Energy. If you don't be careful, you'll take in the Tainted Chaos energy and that can kill you." Usagi nodded and before Shadow could depart jumped into his arms and kissed him on the lips hard before running away. Shadow could see she was beat red.

He grinned and turned to the last two. "Knuckles, Rouge, where are you two going?" Knuckles grinned. "Right at the center were all the Tainted Chaos came from. We won't attack just yet to see what the hell is going on" Shadow nodded. "After we take care of all those other things we'll meet at that point." They nodded and Shadow rushed outside. To meet up with his group and prepare for the fight of their life


A/N: Just so you can remember here are the groups.

1: Northern Lands-Ruby Weapon: Shadow, Vash, Alucard

2: Eastern Lands-Emerald Weapon: Sonic, Aurora, Chaos, Ryouga, Mouse

3: Southern Lands-Diamond Weapon: Tails, Dracon, Big

4: Western Lands-Onyx Weapon: Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Miroku

5: Naraku's Base-Ultimate Weapon: Knuckles, Rouge

6: Norhern Palace: Amy, Lara, Gerald, Senshi, Nodoka, Kagome, Kikyo



Shadow, Vash and Alucard all sat on the back of Shade in his tiger form as Shade ran. Right now Shade was the size of a small football field. Shadow had his sights set forth purely on the direction of the Tainted Chaos. Vash was reloading both of his casters with his strongest ammo while Alucard, still with a smile showing on his shadowed face licked his lips. Ahead of them in the horizon, was a red shape floating in the air. As they got closer it was getting bigger, but the thing is that it was just standing there, waiting. Shadow turned his head around when they were within two miles of it. "Okay I'm getting off here. Vash, wait until Shade brings you to its back and jump off while Alucard takes it from another side. We are going to take it from three sides." They nodded and he jumped off Shade.

Shadow didn't even hit the ground, but rather rebounded off a tree and started bouncing from tree to tree in the dense forest. He eventually got to a clearing where the creature was floating above. Shadow raised both of his hands in position of one of his favorite and potentially most powerful move. "CHAOTIC DESTROYER!" The sphere of energy was at its weaker levels so it was the size of Shadow himself. Shadow threw the attack at Ruby Weapon but it just dispersed on contact, not even but a scoff mark on Ruby's gem like skin.

One thing that happened though, was Shadow drew Ruby's attention. The massive creature looked down and let lose a blast of orangish red energy that would have caused major damage had Shadow not use the light speed dash to dodge. The forest behind him though had no such luck and in a flare of energies, a line of the forest was just gone. Not even ashes remained from the intense heat of the blast. Shadow's eyes widened in amazement. "Okay no more master nice guy" He raised his hands again. This time the Chaotic Destroyer was the size of his fist. Any smaller and he'll risk making it perfect, which he promised himself never to do to another living being ever again. This time the attack forced the floating enemy back about ten meters with a large dent in its side, but Shadow could see that it was slowly repairing itself. With a few muttered curses, he almost did not notice the blast of energy coming from behind him. The key phrase was almost. "Chaos Control!"

Time froze and to Shadow's horror, Ruby Weapon wasn't frozen, but like Tails earlier was moving in slow motion. Shadow canceled it because Vash and Alucard wouldn't be able to keep up with that creature if it was moving that fast to keep up with Chaos Control. The thing that bothered Shadow as he used a Light Speed Dash to avoid the energy beam was how was Ruby Weapon moving even though it appeared to be frozen in the air. Shadow saw Vash emerge from under the creature and pointed both of his casters up in the air. "Shot number 1!" Shadow's eyes widen, that was one of Vash's strongest attacks. Almost the level of his angel arms. A massive golden blast fired out both guns in the shape of two massive pillars of energy before they slammed into Ruby's underside. Shadow's eyes widen as one golden pillar of pure destructive energy hit it and the other just past right through it.

That was it. Ruby weapon was moving every part of itself at the same moment leaving an slight afterimage that could be taken for its body. Shadow tested this theory by throwing a rapid barrage of Chaotic Destroyers and watched as only every other one hit it while the others just past through it. It was the rate of his own heartbeat that Ruby dodged and counter attacked to. It made sense, Ruby had no eyes how could it sense it except by hearing. "Vash! Alucard! Time your attacks to your heartbeat. Ruby Weapon is smaller than we thought! If I'm right its sensing our heartbeats and dodging according to the between beats." Vash nodded and dashed to the left barely missing another massive blast.

Alucard on the other hand just chuckled darkly as he appeared right next to Ruby and wasn't attacked. Shadow and Vash both realized at the same time. Alucard is dead, he has no heartbeat. Ruby can't sense him. Both Shadow and Vash watched as Alucard melted into a pile of black goo before thousands of eyes sprouted in it and reformed into a three headed dog nearly the size that Shade took. All three heads were drooling something that scorched the ground below. Right then, all three heads grew massive fangs and buried them into the side of the unsuspecting Ruby Weapon. Said weapon began to jerk as it got smaller. Shadow recognized that it was in fact slowing down so the afterimages were fading away leaving the real Ruby Weapon. What Shadow was worried about was Alucard taking in all that tainted chaos energy. "Shade, I need a way to purify all that chaos energy." Shadow said over his contact with Shade

Shade appeared next to him. "Your sword has a curse function doesn't it, just set it to purify the chaos energy, but Alucard from being in contact with all that tainted chaos energy than pure chaos energy will forever be changed. It was true, the blackness of Alucards skin was getting darker like a black hole and the red of his eyes had began to glow rather than the red coloring. Shadow took out Shade's Wrath in his fang mode, the long thin blade reflecting the energy off of its black surface. Shadow's eyes began to glow fiercely as he swung down with all of his energy. Like the windscar technique a massive wave of energy came out only nothing was being destroyed. Ruby let out a scream of pure pain as its source of power was changed and then drained by Alucard. "Shot Number 1!" Vash yelled when he rearmed himself. The two massive pillars of golden light slammed into Ruby Weapon, engulfing it as Alucard fell to the ground in his regular form only his hat was off.

He was fully exposed to the sun and yet nothing was happening. Alucard's eyes widened as he stared up into the sun. "It's been so long" He whispered as he felt the warmth of the sun touch his skin. He reached up weakly and real tears have escaped his eyes. " this possible?" Shadow sat down next to him, tired as well. His revision of the wind scar took a lot out of him. Vash sat as well next to Alucard as the three stared into the sky. Tiny red ruby particles floated in the air is all that was left of Ruby Weapon. The light cut the particles causing many rainbows of different red shades to form "All that tainted chaos and pure chaos must have evolved your vampiric powers. I dare say that you are now the world's strongest vampire to be able to survive in the sun like this without any protection."

Alucard let the tears fall as he looked into the blue sky. "What happen to our foe?" He was answered by a bark. He sat up and looked amaze for sitting at his feet was a puppy. It was a solid black with blood red eyes, six of them to be accurate. It resemble his Cerberus form that he is so fond of. Also Alucard could feel a bound between him and the small animal. He checked his senses and grinned as he picked up the puppy with the wagging tail. "I found him" Shadow blinked in amazement and grinned "Of course!! I purified the tainted chaos, turning it into pure chaos energy, causing it to take a weakened form of pure chaos and because of your bite, it took a form that of yours. I say Alucard that you have a familiar now."

Alucard looked at his new companion and for the first time, Shadow and Vash so him give a soft smile. Alucard stood up with the dog trailing behind him. He bent down and picked up his hat which fell off when Shadow did his attack. He turned and grinned. "Come on, we got more enemies to beat. Lets head towards the origin of this creatures. Shadow and Vash grinned and several minutes later all four were on Shade's back as he dashed towards Naraku's base.



Tails looked up in amazement at Dracon. The moment they had gotten outside Shadow's palace, Dracon began to transform into a dragon and this dragon was damn impressive; it even made Shade's dragon form look like a lizard. The first thing was Dracon was giant. He was even bigger than all of the Northern Lands. With four sets of powerful multicolored feathered wings, black scales that looked like steel plates, very large horns matching the ones when he is a human form only much bigger and sharper. Add to that two mouths filled with razor sharp teeth, one slightly smaller than the other and every time one of the mouths open, one could see small streams of energy escape every once in a while as if there was a dam holding back the storm, but that wasn't Dracons most impressive feature. That belonged to the glowing golden seal floating over his back; in actuality it wasn't just one large seal but thousands upon thousands of smaller seals all interlinking to make the grand one.

Both Tails and Big got on to Dracons back and took hold of his scales before in a blur and a miniature tornado Dracon was simply gone and both riders found the world to simply change to white as Dracon was going so fast that all the colors just blurred together back into white. It was a very beautiful experience as it felt as if they were staring at the heavens themselves. Soon it stopped and they found themselves underwater, but the thing is they could breath it. Dracon turned his head so one eye could look at them.

"You are my guest to my empire so I grant you the ability to survive my depths. With that the dragon plunged deeper into the water. Tails and Big both gasped in amazement for at the bottom of the sea was a massive city just as big as the Northern Lands only the Southern Lands were like gems as the buildings were made out of it. "I control the sea as the North controls the sky, as the East controls the land and as the West controls the spirit.

They didn't get a chance to comment as Diamond Weapon suddenly appeared. Tails and Big were both shivering as they felt the waves of tainted chaos roll off of the creature. They did not let its beauty make them underestimate it. Even more so when it opened its maw and reveal the gross looking eye in it. It turned and the eye saw them and Diamond Weapon did something that sent shockwaves blasting through the water heading towards them. Dracon roared and the seal shifted in front of them to block the sound attack that Diamond sent at them. "I'm giving you two lesser seals designed to block attacks, try to avoid them as they can't take to many hits."

At once two smaller golden seals appeared in front of Big and Tails. Big pulled out his ax and grinned. "Time to catch the big fish." With that Big bent his knees and used his superhuman strength to propel him through the water. He made a slight distortion from the point he sprung off, it being powerful enough to make a temporary air bubble and even move Dracon's massive form back several feet. Big moved through the water like that of a torpedo. "Fisherman's Cast!" Big yelled as he did a front flip. When he reached the apex of his flip he threw his ax in an over head swing. The Ax moved like a blur right towards Diamond. Diamond responded by making another sonic attack at the ax, but the force Big used to through it with was enough for the attack to slow it down only slightly before it slammed into the beast..

The ax bounced off the surface, but launched Diamond into a nearby underwater cliffside, completely destroying it. The ax rebounded back into Big's hand like a boomerang. Tails wasted no time either, but rather than lunching off of Dracon he lifted his gun and with it set in bazooka mode fired all the shots he could before his gun would overheat. Kit, his partner swam by, having the same underwater protection as Tails. His partner's nine tails glowed red and Kit rolled into a ball before rushing at Diamond Weapon, going so fast that it cut through the water making a air bubble around the Kitsune.

Diamond moved to dodge but Tails planned for that. "Chaos Control" Like a shockwave everything froze and the ocean flared up in light. Tails and Dracon who Tails protected from the effects of Chaos Control gasped in amazement. Everywhere was pure light, some of colors that Tails could not ever describe even if he spent his life trying to do so. Tears would have came to his eyes if Tails wasn't underwater. He was just surrounded by life, all of it. He felt one with the earth, from every bug to every human. He was in pure chaos as he saw trillions upon trillions of ways he could now grow and live. He was past, he was present, he was future. He saw a trillion deaths and a trillion births, each one unique as a soul sang its song. Tails watched and grew

He gasped as he saw an echo of Shadow, him having been here before when he tapped the energy of a Chaos Emerald, but this Shadow was different, he was older, stronger looking and a thousand times wiser. Tails knew somehow that this was Shadow before he met any of them, his past life. Tails watched and grew

Tails saw his own past lives and learned from them and grew. He was a monk, a solider, a wizard, a summoner, a priest, a thief, a teacher, a lover, a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a engineer, a pilot, a musician, a poet, a writer, a king, a queen, a assassin, a baker, so many lives he had lived and he learned, taking in all the skills he learned from his lives. Tails watched and grew

It was so much it was almost orgasmic to be in. It threatened to consume him, it has already rewritten him on so many levels. Tails felt like he was in his mother's womb again and was born again. With a glance it looks like his partner was having the same experience as he was and Tails reached out in their bond and became one. Everything Tails was, Kit became and everything Kit was Tails grew. Kit became pure white while a hundred tails grew out its back each one a different color, many some of the indescribable ones both have experience, but no where as many colors as there are surrounding them. Also nine floating diamonds appeared and floated gently around Kit. Tails himself changed two, his hair and eyes turned a reflective silver as star markings appeared on his head and at the corners of his eyes before fading away. Over his left eye the kanji for soul appeared in silver, not looking as if it was tattooed but rather a natural birthmark. What he had gone through was beyond a religious experience, but something that affected his very soul. Tails watched and grew

In his hands, his Guardian Emerald was flaring up, responding to every single color as it also grew. Not to the level of a Chaos Emerald but something in-between, something new. Tails watched and grew. Tails...was he even Tails anymore? A quick flash of a girl with dark purple hair and a shy smiled appeared in his mind and answered that for him. Tails gasped and almost passed from the pure beauty and Dracon from something much more important. "My word...the Lifestream." He was simply stunned. He had been through this before, but he never expected to ever find it again. Chaos Control had another effect, this one on Diamond, it revealed its true form.

Before what was a thing of beauty was now sick and evil. Diamond was now made of the same material as its horrible eye and was just floating there in the water pulsing in different places like a disfigured heart, but that wasn't all. Diamond appeared to be nailed onto a metal cross of a metal Tails has never seen before and the last change to Diamond Weapon was that there was thousands of eyes open all over it, looking in every direction, while the biggest one was in the exact center. There was one more affect. The Lifestream was of pure chaos energy while Diamond was a creation of tainted chaos, it smoked and gurgled in pain as the pure chaos overwhelmed it and it was simply gone, leaving behind the cross it was mounted on, the metal of the cross was purified as while and turned from gray to silver.

Tails saw the potential of the cross and in an instant used the Lifestream to change it. On his hands and feet metal gloves appeared as well as bracers appeared on his arms and legs. Since Tails hated to use the katana, he used the ultimate potential of the Lifestream to make a kunai pouch that will produce an infinite number of kunai made of the metal and all bounded to his soul so he could return them back to his pouch after he was done no matter where they were. He added in several options and as an afterthought, used the metal to form one hell of an Upgrade Ring that only he could use in an emergency. He strapped the pouch to his leg and sadly let go of Chaos Control to see Big gaping at them.

Tails and Kit no longer looked how they did in the Lifestream. Kit was blood red and only had nine tails, but they gave off a massive source of power. While Tails's hair turned from silver to blond, no longer the orange it was before. the soul kanji on his left eye was now black and looked like a tattoo. Tails grinned and chuckled. "I figured out how to beat Diamond Weapon in a easy way." Before Big could question, Tails turned to Dracon. "Hey, we have to get to the source of the tainted chaos and stop it." Dracon nodded and before Big could say anything both him, Tails and Kit were holding on to Dracon as he sped away from the Southern Lands, Tails and Kit having a much easier time.

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