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Title: A Change of Course 9/?

Author: ElizabethGreenleaf

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: JS/WT, WT/ES (friendship, post-failed relationship)

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Summary: Post PotC, Jack/Will. Life for Will, and even Elizabeth will never be the same as, for the first time, they each take their lives into their own hands and Will comes to terms with who he is and who he loves.

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Genre: Drama/Romance/and a touch of Adventure

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Warnings: Spoilers, Lemony goodness, SLASH, if two pretty boys going at it in the bedroom isn't your cup o' tea, get out now me hearties, YE HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Oh, I should probably add an angst warning here too...

Author's notes: Thank you Cat for making me write this, oh, and of course, thank you for the challenge, which I'll mention in AN at the very end of the fic; after the last chapter that is

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Chapter 9: Of Costumes and Adventure

A few minutes before eleven, William Turner found himself standing in front of a high-class tavern with a placard above the door proudly displaying a half-naked mermaid.

"'The Mermaid's Treasure' indeed!" Will said quietly as he entered.

The 'Mermaid' was unlike any tavern Will had ever imagined Jack frequenting. The place was clean, practically well lit (one could just about see out the windows) and it almost smelled decent. The few occupants were well-dressed and obviously quite rich. The barmaids and high-priced whores were dressed in clean, recently pressed gowns that would have almost been respectable had they not been quite so short at the ankle or had a less reveling décolletage (1).

Will looked about for the wayward pirate yet he saw no one of Jack's unique... personage anywhere about. Will took a seat at a table in the back with a good, yet discrete, view of the front door and waited.

Impatience set in less than five minutes after sitting down. He was a blacksmith-turned-pirate and here he was in a tavern that did not even deserve that title, while the patrons gave him looks of mild disgust because his clothes were not quite as fine as theirs nor were they the epitome of current fashion.

Anxiously Will ordered a flagon of ale and sipped it, waiting for the elusive Jack Sparrow's eminent arrival.

A man approached Will from a nearby table and Will paid the well dressed man little mind, save to note his presence, and kept his impatient eyes glued to the door. "Now what would a fine looking young lad be doing sitting here alone wi' his cup?" The man asked as he slid into a chair across from the ex-blacksmith.

"That is none of your concern." Will said sharply as he turned to look scrutinizingly at the man who was now seated across from him.

Will choked on his watered-down ale (some things, regardless of location, never changed). "Jack!" He cried as he continued to cough and sputter.

The pirate sitting across from Will merely smiled a gentile smile and patted him on the back rather hard. "Now 's that any way to greet an old friend? Coughing ale upon him? William, I thought you had better manners than that." Jack's voice was more cultured than Will had ever heard it before and that was just the beginning of the differences between his lovely pirate captain and the, for lack of a better word, gentleman seated with him.

Jack was dressed in a burgundy brocade Justacorps (2) trimmed in black with gold plaited buttons. What could be seen of his waistcoat revealed that it was of a trim fit and covered with extravagant patterns of gray. At his neck was a nondescript cravat. His breeches were also trim fitting, cut from a good quality fabric in a simple, serviceable black. Will was sure that if he could see the shoes they would be just as extravagant as the rest of him. Jack's hands were lightly powdered in lead to take away their tanned and weathered appearance. Magnificent rings Will had never seen before adorned several fingers. If the clothes were not enough to make Will speechless, Jack's face and hair were. Jack's tanned face was powdered white to a more fashionable shade. His beard was slightly more kempt and the beads were missing from his goatee. The kohl beneath his eyes was nowhere to be seen and he wore a dark wig on his head. To top the whole thing off was a very large brimmed hat with a feather even more lavish than Will's.

Jack was a fine figure of a respectable man, but Will could not help but miss the rogue in whose arms he had fallen asleep in.

"You," Will stammered. "You, you look..."

"Handsome? Dashing? Ravishing?" Jack asked with a bit more of his usual flair and more than a little heat in his gaze at the last remark.

"You look like a gentleman," Will finally managed to get out, shock, excitement, and dismay coloring his voice.

"You don't like?" Jack asked a little apprehensively.

"No, it's just that..." Will blushed.

"That you liked the danger and adventure of the rogue pirate?" Jack asked understandingly.

"Yes, that's true, but-"

"Are you saying you wouldn't want to grace my bed if I were a gentleman?" It was at about this time the Will realized Jack was sober, or as close as he ever got to that particular place. His speech was less slurred and his eyes lacked any sign of drunkenness.

"Jack!" Will hissed. His eyes had gone wide and a blush crept over his features.

"Would you feel ill-used to have graced my bed if I were a gentleman? Would ye have felt like a brothel girl?" There was a teasing note in Jack's voice, it was the tone he always used to get under Will's skin and make him flustered and annoyed (Will always made the cutest expressions when he was outraged).

Will opened and closed his mouth several times, but no words came out.

Jack smirked at Will's outraged expression. "Ye need to relax a bit. I'd tell you to get yourself a girl, but you're already acting like one."

"Why you insufferable, arrogant-"

"Pirate," Jack reminded him with a flirtatious grin that was far more of the pirate than will had seen so far that day.

"You're impossible!" Will stood up and made ready to leave, with or without Jack and regardless of why the pirate was dressed as he was.

"I aim to please, love," Jack said quietly as he grabbed the retreating Will's arm in an iron grip. "And I please to aim, lad." He murmured in a husky voice. Will sighed in defeat as his anger deflated. Taking this as acquiescence, Jack released his lover's arm.

"Why, Jack?" Will asked as he turned to look the pirate in the eyes.

Jack grinned. "I'll tell ye as we walk, but we have an appointment at noon that must be kept." He dropped a few coins on the table and he seemed to glide, rather than swagger as usual, out of the tavern as Will trailed behind.

"We are on the way to see a man by the name of Count Jaques Le Franques. He was once a good friend to my master, Sir John Founder, the best cartographer in all of England and Her colonies." Jack's voice was light but his eyes were hard and distant.

"'Was?' What happened?" Will queried.

"When I was still apprenticed to Master Founder, Count Jaques was his closest friend, though none understood their friendship. The Count, you see, was notorious for befriending, bedding, swindling, and leaving rich women after taking everything of value that he could. He was a devilishly handsome man once, before one too many of the husbands, brothers, and fathers of the women he ill-used got hold of him. By my account he had his nose broken at least four times in as many years.

"The last time I saw him I was nearly eighteen an' finished with my apprenticeship. He came to my master yet again for assistance, though this time it was financial assistance he was seeking. My master was not a rich man, but he gave him all he had, including a certain map he'd required in... trade. Legend said it lead to a fabled treasure, but he had not finished deciphering the characters on it to be certain. The count took the money and the map and sailed for his family's holdings in the Americas. My master was put in the stocks for helpin' his friend and I was put out of the map-making business 'cause no respectable man would hire me to work in his shop."

"So you turned pirate?"

"Aye, 'twas not long after that I turned to piracy." There was more to the story, Will was certain, but Jack did not seem to be any more forthcoming with information.

"So it is this Count that we are meeting?"


"And we are meeting with him to do what exactly?"

"To get that map back."

"And we are doing this why?"

"We need a bit of – adventure - in our lives." Jack made a flourishing hand gesture. "An' I made a promise to a dying man. I keep my promises young William – you should know this by now.

"And I suppose he doesn't know who you are, correct?"

"Aye, he thinks I am a wealthy merchant by the name of 'Jack Turner' who wishes to do business with the respectable Count."

"'Turner?'" Will asked, rather stunned.

"Aye, love. You don't mind do you?"

"No, it's not that!" Will blushed.

Looking about for a moment, Jack pulled Will into a nearby ally and kissed him swiftly and thoroughly before pulling away with a cheeky grin. Jack strolled out of the ally leaving a smirking Will pleasantly stunned behind.

Gathering his wits about him, Will straightened his clothes and casually walked out of the ally, barely missing the puddle of mud. Jack was a few paces ahead and Will hurried to catch up.

"Jack, what name did you give for me?" Will straightened his hat in a shop window as they passed it, all the more self-conscious because he wanted to impress the pirate in disguise.

"I didn't – yet. Though I imagine 'William Smithy' would do well for an incredibly skilled tradesman, who's skills were unappreciated in the small port where I found him working." Jack's eyes sparkled with laughter and the mischief that came with spinning a tale to perfection. "In exchange for transportin' an' settin' this youngling up in a new shop in a larger port town, I'll be receiving a certain compensation for me efforts – a percentage of the profits from the shop."

Will thought it over, frowning slightly. "Aye, that will work."

"Besides, I have a certain sentiment for Smith, or Smithy as it were."

"Is that right?" Will asked rather dryly.

"Aye, love. That day in Port Royal, I bribed the man minding the docks with a few shillings and he tied up me boat under the name of 'Smith'. And just before rescuing dear Elizabeth from Davy Jones', I gave the name Smithy. And as fate would have it, no more than a quarter hour later I was sparing with a lovely, if edgy an' more 'n a bit hostile towards meself, blacksmith." Jack winked.

Will smirked. "I don't believe I know what you are talking about Mr. Turner." Will said in a voice that was as cultured as he could make it.

"Right then. Here we are." A gated wall was before them and Will cocked an eyebrow up as he looked over at Jack. Jack took no notice, and strode through the gate towards the door of the house.

"Please tell the count that Misters Turner and Smithy are here to call on a matter of some urgency, and some profit." The last was said in very hushed tone to the man who answered the door and asked them inside to wait in the foyer.

The stocky, balding serving man returned a few minutes later. "His Grace wishes for the two of you to meet him in the library." The man bowed his head and lead them through a maze of doors whose facades matched almost seamlessly with the walls they were part of.

The library was paneled in dark wood and despite the fact that the drapes on the windows were open, little light filtered into the book-filled room. At the far end of the room a man scrutinized accounting books. He wore overly expensive clothing and his aging face may once have been handsome but he had not aged well. His skin was sagging and his nose was badly crooked. He had an aura of superiority and cool composure, and a sort of dark attractiveness. Without looking up he gestured for his two guests to sit and the servant left, closing the door behind him.

Patiently, Jack and Will waited while the Count finished what ever it was he was doing. "Now Misters turner and Smithy was it? What can I do for-" He stopped short and paled.

Jack's roguish grin returned. "Hello Jaques. I don't believe you were expecting to see me again."

"You! You were Founder's boy!" The man looked as though he had seen a ghost.

"Aye, the name is Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow. Perhaps you've heard of me." If it were possible the man grew more ghostly. "And this is-"

"Bill Turner!" The count stumbled to his feet, knocking his chair over in the process.

"Not quite, but close," Jack informed him. "This is Bootstrap's son – William." Jack stood, walked over to where the Count stood, righted his chair and pushed the Count back down. "Now your Grace, we two need to have a bit of a chat."

"I – I don't know what you're talking about." The man's eyes darted to Will as he attempted to gain some measure of composure.

"You'll find no aid from young Will. Now," Jack removed his beautiful new sword from its sheath. "We can do this the hard way or the easy way, I assure you one is far more pleasurable than the other – for me at least." Jack studied the sword calmly and then suddenly it was pointed right at the count's throat. "Where is the map?"

"I don't know what-" Jack pressed forward and a bead of blood appeared on the tip of his sword.

"Where is Master Founder's map?" Jack leaned over so his eyes were level with the count's. "Don't lie to me old man. I would as soon see you dead. If you tell me what I want, I'll might let you live."

"Gone! That's the truth! I swear!" The man was on the brink of tears he was so frightened.

"Where is it 'gone' to?"

"B-back to England! My niece has it in her possession." Jack removed his sword from the mans' throat.

"And what is this niece of yours named?"

"Juliana. She sailed this Monday past on the Ocean's Heart."

"Now there's a good lad." Jack stepped away from the count. Jaques wiped the bead of blood from his neck, but not before it stained the lace of his jabot. "Now I'm sure that you are going to have us followed out of here and rather than having to fight, lets avoid that all together." In a flash Jack had rapped the count on the temple with the pommel of his sword.

"Was that entirely necessary?" Will asked, slightly worried that the man was dead.

"He's still breathing. Nothing to worry 'bout." Jack riffled through the desk drawers, removed a wooden box, broke the lock, and emptied it of its golden contents. "Back pay." Jack explained.

The two calmly exited the library. "The count said he's not t' be disturbed." Jack whispered to the servant waiting outside. "An' we'll let ourselves out." The man opened and closed his mouth several times as he watched Will and Jack exit the same way they had come in.

"Jack, that ship has a three days head start." Will said when they were a bit away from the house.

"Aye, but we've got the Pearl." Jack had the glazed, almost lustful look in his eyes.

Will sighed, defeated before he even started – it would be futile to even attempt to disagree with Jack so he might as well jump headlong into it. "So what is this a map to anyway?"

Jack leaned over and whispered into Will's ear, "The fountain of youth."

Will stopped short and looked at the pirate as if he were more than a little touched in the head. Jack just grinned and continued down the road back towards the docks and the Pearl.

(1) the neckline/opening of a woman's gown. (2) an over jacket of sorts...it's the sort of thing you see Will wearing when the movie opens (that's a very simple one) or the fancy one that Governor Swan is wearing is a fancier and more stylish version)