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Chappie 1: Welcome Freshmen!

Sakura entered the high school building. She had no idea what she was doing. She was finally at the high school. Thats all she knew. She survived middle school and now she has to survive high school.

She looked at all the people in the building that was much more older than her and much more knowlegable of the building. She came up to one of the older kids.

"Excuse me?" She asked shyly. The older boy was blonde and very attractive. He looked down at the pink-haired Freshmen.

"Yeah? What do you want Freshmen?"

"Umm...I was wondering if you can lead to Mr. Iruka's classroom...He's suppose to be teaching on the second floor this year I hear."

The blonde smiled looking at Sakura up and down. "Your real cute. Sure I'll show ya. I know old man Iruka." Sakura smiled. 'He seems very nice!'Sakura thought. "I used to have him when I was your age. Listen, go upsatairs and take a left, go to the classroom with a blue door. Thats his room this year."

"Oh thank you!" Sakura beamed.

"Hey, whats your name cutie pie?" The blonde asked.

"Sakura, I have to go before I'm late so thank you!" She took off but the blonde grabbed her arm.

"Whats the rush sweetie?"

Sakura pulled her arm away. He was alot stronger, she couldn't get away from his grasp. "Hey! Let go! I need to be going!"

"C'mon! I'll take you for a ride!"

Sakura pulled as hard as she could. "Let go of me!"

Suddenly a someone hit the blonde boy from the back and he fell to the floor. Her hero had a blue short sleeve turtle neck. He had black hair and a mean onyx eyes.

Sakura stared at her hero fascinated. She gripped the books in her arm.

The blonde boy didn't move. He seemed paralyzed. The black-haired boy must've struck him in his neck at a vunerable spot.

"Sakura, lets go." The boys said making his way up the stairs.

Sakura nodded. "Yes Sasuke." She glanced at the blonde boy who was still knocked out. Then followed Sasuke up the stairs.


"Welcome to high school! About time you get here!" Iruka said to his classroom. "I will be teaching you your Math and English! You all have different teachers for other subjects!" He said merrily writing his name on the board. "No more playgrounds for you!"

Naruto jumped up. "They got rid of recess in middle school!"

Iruka scratched his head. "Those idiots! Why are they trying to deprive you all of fun?"

The whole class shrugged.

Iruka continued. "Well, anyway... Any time now, the annoucements will come on. Its homeroom so, I'll let you do anything. As long as you don't get out of control, but before that, any questions about high school?"

Ino raised her hand. Iruka motioned for her to ask her question. "Well, I was just wondering... Is P.E co.ed?"Ino grinned hoping it was a yes.

Iruka looked blankly. "Since Kakashi is teaching P.E I think so." He looked through his teacher helper book thing. "Yeah, it is. But boys and girls have different locker rooms!" He laughed. Well he was the only on laughing. The rest of the class stared at him. "*ahem* At any rate, Kakashi will be your gym teacher. He's very nice. I'm sure you'll enjoy him. Any other questions before we get to homeroom?"

All was silent.

"Okay then. Do whatever it is you do..."

Naruto and the gang were in a circle talking.

"Thanks for saving me this morning Sasuke." Sakura cooed.

Naruto looked at them. "What happened to you Sakura?" Naruto said sick with worry.

"Well, this older kid, I don't know if he was a Junior or a Senior, he was bothering me. I just asked him for directions. I swear..." Sakura said casually.

"Who is he!? Point him out to me! I'll kick his butt!"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Naruto calm down. He's probably in the nurses office." Sakura turned to Sasuke. "How do you like high school so far Sasuke?"

He grunted. I think that was a 'I don't care much for it' grunt. Thats when Ino came over.

"Sasuke dear!" She sat cuddled beside him. "Isn't the morning beautiful?" She crossed her legs showing them off. She was wearing a short leather black skirt and a purple sleevless top.

Sakura got mad and decided it was insult time. "So umm...Your mother let you out of the house with that on?"

Ino looked at Sakura who had a pink dress with cherry blossoms decorated on it. She snorted. "Your mother must have dressed you. Coming to the first day of high school with that baby dress on. Please grow up." She clung to Sasuke arm.

Naruto looked at Ino. "Stop making fun of Sakura's dress! I think its pretty!"

Sakura blushed. "Thanks Naruto..." Naruto smiled childishly.

"So are you two finally a couple?" Ino asked.

"No!" Sakura yelled making the whole class look at her strangely.

Naruto blushed and whispered a "Not yet..." Ino smiled slyly.

"I see." Sasuke shook Ino off his arm. "Well I got to go kiddies! I have matters to attend to! I want to be class president! And I have to get working now if I want to be Freshmen Queen!"(Made it up) She turned away from the group with a little attitude.

Sakura growled. "I'm going to be Freshmen Queen and Class President."

Naruto purked his ears. "You can do it Sakura! I know you can! By the end of the year you'll be both!"

"Sasuke will you be the Freshmen King if I try?"

He glared and looked into Sauka's bright green pleading eyes.

He grunted. That was a grunt that said 'I don't know.'

Sakura smiled. "I don't know who could be my second choice."

Naruto pointed to himself. Sakura tried to ignore him by thinking.

"LISTEN!" Iruka yelled over the chattering crowd of Freshmen.

The crowd stopped and looked.

"The bells getting ready to ring...." Iruka said simply.


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