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Chappie 20: The End

Sakura stepped out of the Hyuga household onto the Hyuga driveway. (Its named?) The sky had turn from grey to blue-ish black. The stars were almost visibe except for the dark cloud covering them. It was cool and Sakura wrapped her arms around herself to hold in warmth. 'So...' Sakura thought. 'Neji is going to wait for me?' She sighed in relief and looked to the sky. 'I don't want him to wait long though.... Talk about waiting... I wonder where Itachi is?' A gust of wind violently by Sakura causing leaves to brush by. "Ack! Its so cold..." She shivered. She closed her eyes. The wind was stinging them. After the wind slowed, she opened them back up. And she was facing... A black BMW.

"Hey! Sakura!" A man waved out the window.

Sakura clutched her jacket. "I-I-Itachi!?"

The boy smirked, but it wasn't visable to her. He flicked ashes out the window. "What do you think?"

Sakura smiled. "Itachi! What are you doing here!?" She ran over to the black vehicle. Itachi unlocked the door and she opened it. She took a seat in the leather seat. The fimilar aroma of his cigarette filled her nose. Itachi reached over to kiss her. Sakura gave into him. His kiss filled her heart with passion and happiness. It had been awhile since she had got one from him. Sakura had realized that she missed it.

Itachi moved back and put the car in reverse and backed out the driveway.

Sakura took off her jacket since it was a little warm in the car. Then buckled up. "Umm...." Sakura really didn't have anything to talk about.

But Itachi found a subject. Since he did sense that she was waiting. "Hey, I'm gonna swing you by the place where our gang hangs out. I want you to meet the boys. Don't worry, its safe. Just don't take anything they offer you and put on the attitude that you had when you met me."

Sakura looked at him. "What attitude?"

"The one that makes you look tough. I don't want them seeing that your easy. Let your guard down, and they'll take advantage of you."

"They sound... mean." Sakura protested.

"Hey, don't hate. Thats all they know. Growing up in the streets is hard."

"Yeah... I guess. I don't think I'll fit in though."

Itachi smiled. "You don't have to. I've been thinking about quitting drug dealing and gang relations. I want to get a really good job. Buy a house... You know, live a normal life. But most of all, I want you by my side."

Sakura blushed. You couldn't see it really well because of the her cheeks being pink in the first place from the cold. "You... You want me to? Why?" Sakura stuttered. 'I don't deserve such a good looking guy'. (Shes right! He is good looking ain't he ladies!? XD)

Itachi glanced at her then back at the road. "Of course. Tonight, I'm going to hand the leadership of the Sharingan gang to a member of mine whos been dieing to be in my spot."

"Really!?" Sakura blurted. "And you'll stop smoking!?"

"No lets not go that far. One step at a time."

Sakura giggled, couldn't help but be content with herself the whole ride.


Hinata brushed Naruto's hair gently. "Now Naruto..." She started. "I want you to make sure your a good boy. And remember to behave." (Is he a dog!?)

Naruto did one of his famous foxy smiles. "Naahhh Hinata! Don't worry! I got this!"

Ino knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Hinata said putting the brush down on the dresser.

Ino came in with a black dress. It had long see through sleeves. The black velvet dress came down to her knees. Her hair was pinned up and a choker wrapped gracefully around her neck. Her high heeled shoes clacked on the floor as she came to her date. "What do you think!?" She twirled. (ANIME BUBBLES IN DA BACKROUND! LOL!!!) As she twirled, you could hear the nice ring of her bracelets coming together.

"Wow!" Hinata and Naruto gawked.

"Is that a yes!?" Ino bragged. "She looked in the mirror where Naruto was monitoring Hinata's brushing. "Ooo.. I do look great!"

"Ino, your beautiful! There something missing though!" Hinata gasped.

Ino looked at her curiously. 'I thought I was perfect!'

She opened a drawer in the dresser. "Here." She handed her and ankle bracelet. Hinata happily tied it to her ankle.

Ino looked, it was a gold color like her hair. And it went really well with her black outfit. "Thank you!" She glared at Naruto who was drooling. "NARUTO!"


"Don't drool over me. And get ready! You don't even have your tuxedo on!"

Hinata pointed to the closet. "Can you get it? Its in a bag."

Ino clacked her way over. "Hinata, did you call Shikamaru?"

"Yes. And like your plan, he's bringing Tenten."

Ino 'humped'. "Typical! He brings his girlfriend along!"

Hinata winced. "I don't think they are boyfriend girlfriend."

Naruto finally put a word in. "Ino... Do you know why he's doing this? Maybe you pushed him away."

Ino looked at him while laying the bag on Hinata's bed. "Well I..." She wasn't shocked at the question, she was shocked at the way he said something intelligent! Well, maybe the question also. "I dunno."

Hinata sprayed Naruto's hair to make it lay down and stay. "Your done Naruto." She turned him around to face her. "Your handsome." Hinata felt her heart flutter. It was true, he was a fine something. His hair layed down, he was actually clean! (Just a joke!!!!) And most of all, he'll looked pimped out with that suit! (WHOO BABY!)

"Hinata, you've transformed a monster into a human." Ino laughed. "You should go into cosmestology!"

Hinata blushed at the comment. But Naruto fussed. "HEY! You shouldn't be so... so mean! Be glad that she agreed to help!" He said she cause... well... he had no say what so ever.

"Okay... Ready!?" Ino asked excited.

"YES!" Naruto replied with the same level of excitement.

"ALright! Lets go!" Ino headed for the door. "Wait.. Hinata, where did you set the date up at?"

"I didn't set up the place. I thought you did Ino..." Hinata admitted. "Naruto?"

Naruto looked confused.

Ino sighed. "Lets call them...."


Tenten and Shikamaru waited for Ino to come. He really didn't know if Naruto was coming or not. But still, he chatted with Tenten in the quiet expensive looking restaraunt. "Aw.." Tenten swooned. "Your so crazy Shikamaru..." She was laughing and giggling and having a ball until-

BAM! Ino banged on the table, scaring the crap out of both of them. She took a seat in the booth with them. Naruto then came and sat beside her.

"Whats he doing here?" Shikamaru asked. Ino said nothing but had a sour look on her face. Its says.... 'I'm pissed so shut your mouth or I'll shut it up for you!' Shikamaru not taking the clue, (Yet another dense man) asked again.

"Whats a look like! I'm on a date with him!" Ino yelled. Shikamaru and Tenten jumped.

Tenten looked at them both worried. (She ain't worried, she's pretending!) "You both... You both broke up?"

Shikamaru sulked. "I guess SO."

Ino's sour face turned sad. 'Oh no... He's breaking up with me! The plan backfired! I have to do something to make this plan go back on track!'

Naruto smiled. "Actually, I just accompained her just like Tenten accompained you Shikamaru!"

"Its different though!" Shikamaru said.

Ino saw her cue. "HOW!?" Ino got a little loud. "How is it different!? Why isn't she any different from Naruto? Hm? Is she so special that you can't say hi!? Or even a glance? Its she that perfect!?"

Shikamaru's mouth dropped. Tenten cried. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know I meddling! Shikamaru, please... forgive me!" She dramatically (and practicly unbelievebly) cried into his shoulder.

Ino's vein popped in her temple. "OOOO!!!! TENTEN IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY MAN... I will KILL you!"

The resteraunt got quiet. Everyone looked at that one booth. One of the waiters came over to the scene.

"If you would please, take this outside?" he said timidly.

"Oh, you are so right! Meet me outside Tenten!"

Tenten continued her fake drama. "No, I don't want to fight you! We're friends! Your wrong!"

Ino growled. "C'mon hussie! Quit being stupid! Your the one that WANTS Shikamaru! So be a woman and stand up for him." Ino hissed. She walked with attitude make all the males look as she went out the door.

Tenten, then, got mad. She followed her. Naruto and Shika looked at each other.

Outside, it was freezing cold. Shikamaru ran outside. "Stop! Don't fight!" But he was kinda happy. Two pretty girls fighting over him. What was better? But it was too troublesome. (^^) "Ino! Why are you so steamed!?" Shikamaru asked.

"Because!" Ino cried. "Your always with her! Its like, when shes there, I'm not! Why are you avoiding me!? Its like..." Ino walked over to him and put her head on his shoulder. "Its like, you don't love me anymore."

Shikamaru hugged her. "But I do, its just, I thought you needed some time to yourself. You seemed so uptight when were eating with me that day. I just wanted you to be happy."

"Replacing would make me happy?" She whispered.

"Ino... I'm really sorry." Shikamaru finally said.

"You better be," They leaned against each other holding hands. Shikamaru kissed her on her forehead.

Meanwhile, Tenten had a mental fit! 'HEY! That little! HE'S MINE! I hate you Ino! I actually like someone, and you have him! I can't stand this frickin scene!' Tenten then took off running.

"AH! Tenten!" Shikamaru yelled after her.

Ino held him. "Either her or me, choose now... " Shikamaru looked at her, then off into the distance where Tenten was heading. Ino held his arm as if she was daring to go after Tenten. He stayed put. Ino let out a sigh of relief.

Naruto stood there looking stupid. (As usual. So cute!) "Hey... what am I? Chopped liver?"

"Naruto..." Ino mumbled softly leaning against Shikamarus chest, "you can go back to Hinata... I can take it from here."

Naruto nodded and went his direction to Hinata.

"Look!" Shikamaru said.

Ino looked up and saw snow come down. "Snow? This early?"

"Its a sign.... maybe.." Shikamaru happily said. Then his stomach growled. "Lets go get something to eat... This is getting troublesome."


"*sniff* *hic*" Tenten sobbed walking. "Its not fa-fair." She said with her face throbbing from the heat of her tears and the cold air. "Stupid... Stupid girl..." She turned the corner to bumped into an foreign object. "Huh?" Tenten looked up. All she saw was a boy with red hair.

His milky green eyes darted down to her. "What do you want?" He asked.

"I'm sorry..." She shivered. "I just bumped into you thats all. I'm really sorry."

He then handed her his umbrella. "Here. So you won't get wet from the snow." He said coldly.

She looked at him. "O-okay... Thank you." She took the umbrella. "Aren't you the new student? Umm.... Gaara?"

He said nothing but a nod.

Tenten smiled. "Walk me home. I've got to return this to you when we get here. Maybe... you can stay, for tea? Please? I don't want ot be alone."

Gaara was taken aback by this request. He's never really had a girl invite him over. "Umm.... Sure." He finally said.

Tenten smiled.


Sakura peered out the tinted window as they rolled in a drive way to the warehouse. 'Oh... This is where Itachi and I met... That time I fell through the roof and he caught me.' Sakura sighed dreamily. 'Wow... he was great...'

Itachi noticed her swooning against the window. "Are you okay? Feeling nervous?"

Sakura jumped. "Ah! No! Noway! I'm just.... remembering when I first came here. When I first met you... It was, special. I knew I was in love with you when I first saw you."

Itachi felt a blush on his cheeks. "Umm... Same here." (KYAAAH! ITACHI BLUSHING! IMPOSSIBLE BUT OH SO SWEET!!)

"Your so... lovey dovey right now." Sakura teased. "What happened to your cool exterior?"

"Nothin." Itachi said turning off the car. "C'mon lets go."

Sakura hopped out the car with him. She followed Itachi to the warehouse's door. He knocked on it and a person inside shuffled. A little compartment at the top of the door opened. Sakura looked up and saw an eye move in there. "Ye!" Sakura hid behind Itachi.

The door completely opened. Itachi entered with Sakura close behind him.

"Whoa Itachi! She's quite a cutie pie!" A man said. Soon a whole gang of boys came from the dark.

Itachi turned on the light. "Why do you have the lights out? Your trying to scare her?"

"You know us boss!"

"Well," Itachi began. "Shes a fire cracker once you know her. You can't really scare this girl." Sakura was still gripped tightly to Itachi's back. "You can let go. I promise, these guy aren't anything but puppies."

Sakura let go of him. She stood in front of the group. "Hello." She bowed. "My name is Haruno Sakura. Nice to meet you all."

The gang looked at him. "Where'd you get this girl Itachi?"

"She followed me..."

Sakura blushed. Everyone was staring at her. "Umm..."

"Look! Any of you scumbags touch her, its gonna be your ass. Shes your new boss. Anything she says, you do it. Anything she needs, you get it. Alright?"

"Yes sir!" The gang said. Then, in unison, they bowed to her.

"Ah um..." Sakura blushed.

"You'll get used to it." Itachi whispered. "Now! Lets party!"

One man came up to Itachi. "Sir.. Are you sure she doesn't belong to another gang? I mean, you know what happened last time..."

"Yes Tamagachi... I know what happened. And she doesn't belong with anyone or any gang. This is it. Shes the one."

"Yes sir..."

Sakura smiled as the other gang members talked about themselves. They each introduced theirselves and announce their loyalty to her. The gang enjoyed telling her about what kind of power she had. If Itachi died, it was her job to take care of the gang. And to control the drug routes and carry on the peace and rivalries between territories. She smiled uneasily at this. She wasn't sure she was ready to be a leader if Itachi died.

After the introduction, one of the members took a wine bottle out. Sakura was handed a wine glass. "Lets make a toast!" Said Tamagachi, Itachi's right hand man.

Itachi stood up first, "Before you make a toast, I want to tell you all something." They all beamed at him and waited. Itachi then frowned. "I will be, leaving the streets."

The whole gang gasped. "But why!?" One of he members exclaimed.

"This wonderful woman, has shone me another way." He pointed the wine glass to her. "I want to, be with her. I don't want to, be in the streets anymore. I want to get off with a good start.... for her... for me... for us! Tamagachi! You have fought by my side since I was 12. The only surviving child aside from me from the Sand and Sharingan gang war. I appoint you, the leader." The gang cheered. Tamagachi was speechless. They all held their wine glasses up.

"FOR US!" They all yelled. All the wine glasses 'clanked' with one another and they sat back down.

"Boss, we sure are gonna miss you." Tamagachi sighed. "I wouldn't blame you for leaving us. You have a cute girl."

Itachi looked over to Sakura. She was talking to one of the members. "Yes I do. A wonderful woman..."

"Hold it right there!" A voice yelled.

Everyone stood up to see who the intruder was. One of the members hid Sakura behind a crate. "Stay here." He whispered.

Itachi came over to what he could see as, "Temari!?"

Temari stood there. And she looked angry. "SO! You dropped me for... for... WHERE IS SHE! I know its her!"

"Temari! You can't be here! You have to leave now!" Itachi yelled.

Sakura ran out of her hiding spot. "I'm here! What do you want!?"


Temari smiled evily. "So... We meet."

Itachi looked at Temari. "Just go! NOW! We'll all be killed it you don't leave!"

"Sakura Haruno. Guess who I am?"

"Temari, you that new girl from the Sand high school." Sakura then remembered. 'The Sand and Sharingan Gang war...'.

"Ah... by the look of your face you found out what I am."

"A Sand gang member." Sakura replied.

"Correct, but not just any leader. A drug lords daughter. I've come back for what is mine." Sakura said nothing. She waited for her to continue. "Itachi. He and I were.... Lovers."

Sakura felt her heart leap. "Wha... what?"

Itachi sighed. "I broke up with her years ago... She is, my ex."

"And so your here to take him back?" Sakura asked. "Over my dead body!"

She giggled. "You see, if I don't get what I want in a certain amount of time, people are going to die. Especially you."

"Why do you want him back?" Sakura asked. "He broke up with you!"

"We are still in love, and I can tell. We had to break up. You see, my father doesn't like Sharingan scum. But I fell in love with Itachi during the start of the Sand and Sharingan war. But as time grew on, and our little secret came closer and closer to being revealed we broke up."

"And if you stay here, you'll only start another war!" Itachi screamed.

"LISTEN! I came back for you! I'm still in love with you! We can do this! I believe in us..." Temari grew to a softer tone. "After I was seperated from you... I felt empty. I felt like the whole world was taken from me. And when you told me you had someone else, when we broke up, it was like ripping my heart to peices." She started to cry. "I only want to be with you."

Sakura looked at her. "Oh Temari..."

Itachi was silent.

"Itachi... She loves you. I-I can't just... take you away from her. I just,"

"Temari listen to me..." She looked up to him hoping for him to open his arms to her. But her hopes here never going to come true. "Its not, meant to be. We are different. You belong with your gang. I belong with mine. And to put my gang in danger for you, will not happen. If things were different, I'd..."

Suddenly the warehouse was being shot at. Temari and Sakura screamed while Itachi grabbed them both. The other members opened the crates they had and took out guns.

"DADDY!" Temari screamed. "I know that gun fire from anywhere. He's here! He knows I'm in here!"

Itachi went up the warehouse stairs. But before he got to the door, he let Temari down. "You've got to go to your father... Stop this madness!"

"No! I want to be with you!"

"If you care about me, you wouldn't have done this! If you loved me, you wouldn've put my friends and I in danger! For any kind of reason!" Temari's tears rolled down her cheeks. "Do you still love me?"


Itachi kissed her on the cheek and left out the door with Sakura with him. And then shut it.

"Itachi!" Sakura said on the roof of the warehouse. "You were hit...."

Itachi had been hit in the side, arm and back. "No time for that now... I have to get you somewhere safe." He looked down at the Sand gangs cars lined up around the warehouse. "He brung the whole army.... We'll never survive this."

Sakura looked down. "Tell me the gang will be alright?"

"No... To us, they are all dead." He grabbed her hand. "Lets go.." He ran on top of the roof and down some steps which led to the ground. They were behind the building. The tight space prevented any vehicles to be around. Soon, the police sirens were heard. "Listen to me,"

"Yes...?" Sakura asked timidly.

"I want you to run in the forest over there. I'll follow you soon-" The gun shots stopped and most of the Sand gang members were fleeing from the cops. He glanced around the corner of the building. All he saw was a few members of the Sand and Sharingan gand being arrested. "So... some of us survived."

Sakura sobbed. "This is so... terrible."

Itachi hugged her. "Shh.... This is what we have to go through everyday in the streets. Thats why I wanted to clean my act for you. I didn't want you to see this... Forgive me, I have spilled your innocence." He gasped as her clutched his side wound.


"I'm going to turn myself in. I deserve life behind bars. Come with me?"

Sakura was overflowing with her tears. "Yes..." They both walked towards the police. Itachi leaned against her. The pain was getting tough on him, it was hard to stand.

"Who are you!?" The policeman asked.

"Please help him. He's been shot."

"Sit him down in the car. Who are you?"

"My name is Haruno Sakura, I'm a witness."

Itachi finally spoke. "Shes not a gang member. I am." He wheezed.

"Alright then." The cop said.

Sakura sobbed in the back seat of the car with Itachi's head in her lap. After a few minutes he had fainted. His blood had covered Sakura's clothes, but she didn't really care. She justed wanted to hold him until the ambulance came.

Her mother knocked on the car door. "Momma!" She opened it up and her mother smothered her with kisses.

"Are you alright!? Are you hurt!? What happened!?" She asked.

Sakura sniffed and wiped her tears. "I'm fine."

"Who is this?" She asked

"This is Itachi... He is, my friend." Sakura still didn't want to tell her mother the real truth. But she knew she would have to in the end.

The ambulance finally came and picked up Itachi. The people that drove the ambulance said that the bullets hit no vital spots. Sakura was relieved. Itachi had woken up when they put him on the stretcher. He looked at her adoringly. She walked up to him. "You'll visit me?" He asked weakly.

"Of course...."

Itachi smiled. The people closed the ambulance door.

"Sakura!" She turned around to see Neji. "I heard the news..." He handed her his jacket.

She took off her bloody one and put on his. "Thank you."

"Is that him?" He asked pointing to the leaving ambulance.


Neji looked at her. "You will, wait for him also?"

"Of course."

Neji smiled.

"I will wait for both of you." She hugged him tightly.


Itachi is serving 20 years in prison. (DON'T DROP THE SOAP ITACHI!!!!)

Sakura is now studying with Neji everyday. They have made a studying club for people like them that need help.

Ino and Shikamaru has finally made up with each other.

Naruto and Hinata made freshmen king and queen. Sakura and Ino were furious but they threw a party for Hinata anyhow.

Temari is finally with her father. She made a peace treaty with the surviving Sharingan and Sand gangs. But she swore not to see Itachi again, just to protect him.

Tenten and Gaara are now official couples.

Kakashi is well.... Kakashi. And he still loves to pick at Ino.

The Sharingan gang members served community work and often visited Sakura to hear her letters from Itachi.


Sakura waited outside of the prison paitiently. Ino and Hinata also waited beside her. They were both scared of what might come out of there.

They opened the gate for, this hanesome man to come out. "Sakura..." He whispered. Ino and Hinata's eyes got big. He was still fine.

"Itachi..." She addressed back. "Welcome back...."


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