"Things That Never Die"

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, but I really wish I could have the chance to. The title is the title of a song arranged for choir with words by Charles Dickens.

Chapter 1

Padme' lie in bed, twirling her wedding band around and around on her finger. She knew she shouldn't be wearing it, but the strain of missing her husband was too great. She had only been able to spend a few nights with him before he was called back to Courscant. He was now on a new mission with is master, protecting the galaxy from the rising threat of a devistating war. She was jealous. Not of any woman, but of the entire galaxy. Padme' slapped herself mentally. She was being selfish. Anakin had a duty; the duty to protect and serve He loved his duty, and who was she to deny him that? She only hoped that he was well, and wondered if he was thinking of her as she was him.

* * * *

Anakin sat in the cockpit of the Jedi transport. Obi-Wan was asleep in his cabin, but Anakin found sleep elusive. His thoughts were drifting to Naboo, and to his wife. Hardly a second went by when he woudl have to shield his thoughts from his master, for they always contained her. He never thought it possible to love only one person as much as he loved her. How he longed to hold her in his arms again, to hear how she loved him, to tell her how much he loved and missed her.

But it would not happen soon. He was going to fight in the newly developing Clone War. However, his training was never put on hold. He was always being watched, always being tested. He knew he couldn't allow his selfish thoughts to get in the way. He must always concentrate. That's what Obi-Wan was always telling him. That, and that his thoughts betrayed him. Not only was Anakin secretly married to Senator Amidala, but he was even hiding it from his master. At this thought, Anakin was proud of himself. He only wished that he could be with his wife more.

Soft footsteps entering the cockpit caused Anakin to snap out of his revery and glance over his shoulder. Obi-Wan entered the cockpit and sat down in the co-pilot's chair. "What are you still doing up, Anakin?" he asked. Then he turned worridly towards the pilot's seat. "Your arm's not still bothering you, is it?"

"No, not at all," Anakin said, shaking his head. He turned back to the stars rushing past as they flew through hyperspace. He sometimes found the effect dizzying, but for now, his thoughts and his situation alone left him spinning. He was loosing control. He blinked and looked over to find his master staring at him intently. "I'm just thinking, Master."

Obi-Wan let loose a heavy sigh. "Your thoughts are not your own, young Padawan," he said definately. Anakin sighed and nodded. "Thinking about Senator Amidala?" Obi-Wan asked. Anakin nodded again.

"I just hope that she's alright, Master. Her life, after all. is still in danger," Anakin said.

"You cannot worry about everything, Anakin." He nodded. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two as Anakin thought about Padme' again, and Obi-Wan closed his eyes slowly and leaned his head against the back of the seat. Suddenly, Anakin's voice shattered the silence.

"Master?" Obi-Wan opened his eyes and glanced at his Padawan. He saw a sense of urgency in Anakin's eyes as the blue pools stared intently at him. "How close am I to being a Knight?"

Obi-Wan sat up slowly and leaned slightly forward in his chair and he let a sigh escape. "I can't say for sure, Anakin. That all depends on how well you train and if you can let go of your impulsivness and try being a little more predictable when you're working." Anakin nodded. Recently, because of his incident with Count Dooku and with loosing his arm, Anakin was definately more humble then he was before, but no less determined and headstrong. He wanted to defeat Count Dooku, and would train as long as it took to be able to win, even if it meant training a few more years.

"Are knights allowed to marry, Master?" Obi-Wan flinched. How did he know that one was coming? It was only too predictable. As he answered, Obi-Wan looked Anakin in the eye.

"No, they're not."

Anakin bent his head in defeat. He knew that was the answer. He was simply hoping that enough time had passed that it might have changed. Obi-Wan looked at Anakin with a cock in his neck and head. "Why?" he asked. Anakin glanced at his master. "Who would you wish to marry?"

"Padme'," Anakin answered too quickly. He blinked and struggled to correct himself under his master's stare. "Uh, I mean Senator Amidala."

"I'm not really surprised," Obi-Wan said. Anakin nodded, knowing that his master knew how he felt about the young senator. Anakin clasped his fingers together and then laced them between each other.

"Master, I love her," Anakin pleaded. Obi-Wan put his hand on his apprentice's shoulder.

"I know," he said quietly. "But it doesn't matter." Anakin sighed. "We are Jedi, Anakin. We can't afford to love."

"Yes, Master," Anakin whispered, but both he and Obi-Wan knew that he didn't mean it. Anakin was impulsive and rash. He acted on his emotions when they were strong enough for him. Obi-Wan knew that Anakin had loved Senator Amidala since he was a young boy. His emotions for her were strong then as well as now. Obi-Wan would have to watch him carefully. He patted Anakin on the back.

"Try to get some sleep, Anakin," he said as he got up to leave. "In only a few days we go into battle." He walked out of the cockpit and Anakin sighed as he heard the familiar snap-hiss of the door closing.

"I know," he whispered to himself. He made a quick decision then to contact his wife right then. Anakin leaned forward in his seat and opened the com channel...

* * * *

Padme' was in heaven. She and Anakin were lying in an open field on Naboo: the meadow where they had spoken of politics. Anakin had his head on her belly, which was beginning to swell with child. Padme' smiled as his hand stroked her stomach softly, and she knew that he was touching the mind of his young child.

Anakin then was suddenly leaning over her, supporting his weight on his elbow and stroking his wife's cheek with the other hand: his real one. Padme' smiled at his warm touch and he leaned down to kiss her...

The ringing of the com roused Padme' from her dream. She moaned and buried her head in the pillow before getting up. Her mood immediately brightened when she answered her call and the face of her husband greated her. She smiled. "Hey!" she squealed excitedly. Anakin grinned.

"Hey yourself. How are you, sweetie?" he asked, happy that he had called. Then a thought dawned on him. "I didn't wake you up, did it?" Padme' paused.

"Well..." she began.

"Oh gods, I'm so sorry!" Anakin exclaimed. "I'll let you go back to sleep, baby." Padme' reacted quickly.

"No! Please don't go," she said, and Anakin relaxed. "I don't mind as long as it's you." They both smiled bashfully.

"Well, I was really just calling to see how you were and to tell you something."

"What's that, Anakin?"

There was a short silence as Anakin collected himself.

"We're going into battle in a few days. I actually have to be in the field fighting the droids." Anakin took a deep breath before continuing. "I just wanted to let you know that I miss you, and that I love you. Always remember that, no matter what happens to me."

Padme' sighed and blew her lover a kiss over the connection. "I love you, too Ani," she said quietly, her eyes stinging with tears. "And thank you for telling me. I don't think I would have been able to stand it if I didn't know where you were. I miss you so much, my love. Come back to me safely." Suddenly, Anakin looked quickly behind him and then turned back to the screen.

"I'm sorry, Padme', I have to go or Obi-Wan's gunna catch me." His wife nodded.

"I understand," she said. "I'll see you when you get back. And be carefull, please."

"I will, Padme'. I love you."

"Love you, too Ani."

The connection ended.