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Padme grit her teeth as she felt a pang from another contraction. It had been bad like this for the past hour. She knew her children were close.

"Padme, it's time," the doctor said as he moved to the end of the medical bed to receive the twins. "On the next contraction I need you to push." Padme nodded.

Only her handmaiden Dorme was with her and the doctor. Obi-Wan had wanted to be with her, but she had objected. No one could take the place of Anakin. If only Anakin were here she thought. He would have been so worried and nervous. He would have been a good father, Padme knew.

She suddenly felt more pain than before and knew that one of her children wanted to come into the world. She didn't even need to hear the doctor tell her to push; she knew what she needed to do. She pushed as hard as she could and was rewarded with a gentle squeeze of her hand by Dorme.

"Good job, Padme," she said.

Padme nodded and continued to bring her child to her.

* * * *

"Very good, Padme, you're almost there," the doctor said. Padme could feel her first child was close. "Just a few more," the doctor urged her.

"Padme pushed again as the contraction ended. She collapsed back against the pillows and allowed her head to loll to the left. As she opened her eyes her breath hitched. Next to the darkened window stood the blue glowing form of her husband. When she looked at him he smiled happily. She smiled weakly back, but the smile turned into a grimace as another contraction hit her. As she screamed in pain, Anakin's smile faded and he walked to her bedside. Neither Dorme not the doctor looked up, both completely oblivious to the other presence in the room.

Anakin came up to Padme's bedside when the doctor said a few more. Padme watched as her husband put his hand on her stomach and she pushed hard. She felt their first child leave her body and scream. As the doctor took the child into his arms and pronounced that it was a girl, Anakin smiled and placed an invisible kiss on his wife's forehead.

"I love you, Padme," his heavenly voice echoed in her mind. She looked up and he smiled sweetly.

"I love you too, Ani," Padme whispered, only audible to Anakin.

Moments later, their second child was born: a boy. They were both healthy and soon they were cleaned and in Padme's arms. The new mother was left alone with her children and, unbeknownst to the others, the father as well.

"They're so beautiful, Padme," Anakin said as he kissed her cheek and Padme bit her lip, wishing she could feel the kiss.

"Yes, they are," she agreed.

"So, mother, what are their names?" she asked. "I know you've picked some out already." Padme giggled. He had always been watching her.

"Well, father," she answered. "This is your daughter Leia, and this is your son Luke." Anakin's smile widened.

"I'm proud of you, Padme," he said. "I know you're gunna raise them well." Padme sighed and her smile faded slightly.

"I only wish you were here, Ani," she whispered. She looked up as Anakin sat down on the bed beside her, and she saw his blue eyes for the first time in nine months. "I only wish you could be here to raise them and to watch them grow."

"Padme," he interrupted. "I am here. I always have been, whether you can see me or not. I love you." Padme's smiled returned, and this time it was not sad and followed by tears.

"I love you too, Ani," she said and Anakin leaned over and kissed her forehead again. He looked up suddenly as the door opened and Dorme stuck her head in the room.

"M'lady, Obi-Wan Kenobi is here to see you." Anakin smiled. Obi-Wan was doing exactly like he had asked of him.

"Send him in, Dorme," Padme said. Dorme nodded and left the room.

Anakin got up from the bed. "I will always be with you, Padme, giving you silent guidance, and we will raise our children together." Padme nodded and Anakin seeped back into the shadows where he disappeared. Padme had a smile on her face as she heard Obi-Wan walk into the room.

"Hello, M'lady," he said as he walked up to her bedside. "How are you doing?" Padme's smile broadened.

"I'm wonderful, Obi-Wan," she said happily. She then looked down at her new children. "Look at them, Obi-Wan. They're perfect." Obi-Wan smiled as well.

"What are their names?" "This is Leia," Padme said and handed the new girl to Obi-Wan. "And this is Luke." The senator smiled down at her new son, the new man in her life. "He's going to look exactly like Anakin," she said proudly. She heard Obi- Wan sigh.

"I only wish he could have been here for the birth of his children," the Jedi stated sadly. Padme's smile broadened with a secret and she looked to the spot in the corner where Anakin had disappeared and saw him standing silently watching.

"He was, Obi-Wan," she affirmed. Obi-Wan looked at her confused. "He was here."

Obi-Wan followed her gaze and understood. He turned back to his apprentice's daughter lying in his arms, and he knew that Anakin was smiling.


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