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Chapter 17

Scott woke to see Remy climbing into bed. A quick glance at the clock indicated that it was 4AM. Their first class for today didn't start until 9 so there was definitely more time to sleep.


"Yeah," Remy responded, his words muffled under his blankets. Reaching out, he flipped the baby monitor on his nightstand back on.

The idea of using a baby monitor had come to Scott one night over dinner. The three of them, Scott, Remy and Rogue, had been discussing Rogue's night terror situation and how it would be best to handle. At the time she'd only had one episode since arriving in New York but Remy figured that wouldn't be the case once they all moved back to the dorms. He was quite concerned about having to rely on Rogue's roommate in those situations, especially since he would likely be unable to hear when it was happening. That is when Scott had suggested the monitor. Remy was a light enough sleeper that he should be able to hear and be roused from slumber. The dilemma this now presented was how to get to Rogue once he heard what was happening. They all agreed it was not a good idea for Rogue to leave her door unlocked. This meant that either Remy needed to have a key to Rogue's room or they'd have to rely on her roommate to take care of things. That decision would have to be made once the new roommate had been informed of Rogue's issue.

When they had first met Kitty, they didn't have a chance to tell her right away since she was out with her parents. For those few days, Rogue decided she would give Remy her key every night just in case. Fortunately, he had only needed it for one night. Once Kitty returned and was told, she told them that she, too, was a relatively light sleeper and could probably let Remy in when necessary. The first test run was Kitty's fourth night at the school. True to her assessment, she was able to get up in time to let Remy in. She had silently observed the situation, taking mental notes of how Rogue was reacting and how Remy handled it. Over the next few weeks she noticed the varied intensities of the terrors and figured she could give the comfort thing a try on some of the less serious ones.

It wasn't difficult for Scott to deduce that last night's episode, or this morning's depending on how you look at it, had required his roommate's assistance. At least the number of episodes had decreased, probably because they had been in school for a while now.

Kitty felt for her roommate and Remy. She was sure it couldn't be easy to watch someone you care about have such awful nightmares and not be able to do anything about it. And it would certainly freak her out to wake up every so often with puffy eyes and tearstained cheeks without a clue as to how it happened. It was apparent that Remy could provide a comfort that she could not. Rogue always seemed to calm down faster when he was there.

That always brought Kitty to another point: how was it possible that these two were not together? For the life of her, she could not figure it out. Sure there was Belle. Kitty had met the girl and she was nice but there was something about her that just rubbed her the wrong way. And, honestly, a person would have to surely be blind to not see the chemistry they had. The way they fed off each other was like the stuff out of the movies, like that movie Serendipity or even The Notebook. Granted, she hadn't witnessed any fights between them but she was sure they both had enough passion to be the next Noah and Allie. Of course, it could be the romantic in her that kept thinking Remy and Rogue should be together. Whatever the reason, she was sure that the three of them didn't know what they were thinking and would probably need a little help in opening all of their eyes.

"So what's with them?"

Scott looked up from his notes. "Who?"


His eyes followed the pointing pencil. Rogue and Remy sat a few tables away, looking to be engrossed in a staring contest. Seeing them like that was nothing new. He went back to his notes. "What about them?"

Kitty rolled her eyes. "What got them stuck in the 'just friends' boat?"

As luck would have it, he and Kitty shared a management information systems class. They were sitting in one of the dorm's common rooms, studying. She was obviously a whiz at the material as Scott used her notes to make sense of his. "Denial," he answered, not looking up.

"A blind man could see they're into each other." Kitty watched as Remy started to contort his face in an effort to make Rogue laugh and break her concentration. "If you know this, why don't you, like, do something about it?"

Scott snorted. "What do you want me to do? Play 'Kiss the Girl' every time they enter a room together?"

Twirling a strand of hair around her finger absently, she saw Rogue dissolve into silent giggles. "Sure, why not?"

"Yeah, because that would go over well."

"Won't know unless you try it."

He put his pencil down. "For your information, I have been trying to, like, help them," he said, using her words.

"Really? What are you doing? Trying to will them together with the power of your mind?" she asked, almost emphasizing the sarcasm in her voice.

"Yeah right. If I had mind powers, I wouldn't waste it on something like that," he retorted. "Besides, they need to figure it out for themselves. I could spell it out for Remy until I was blue in the face and he still wouldn't get it."

"So what exactly are you doing? Whatever it is, I'm not seeing it."

Scott leaned over in a conspiratorial manner. "I'm trying to make Remy jealous."

Kitty looked at him, a blank look on her face.

Rolling his eyes, Scott tried to elaborate. "You notice how Remy gets all bent out of shape any time the idea of Rogue and some other guy is brought up?"

She nodded slightly, the blank look still on her face.

"Well, I figure, the more he gets jealous, the sooner he'll realize why he's jealous and that he's really in love with Rogue."

Kitty laughed, effectively removing the triumphant look from Scott's face. "That's your master plan? No wonder they haven't figured it out yet. Have you forgotten that they both blame Remy's behavior on the whole 'brother/sister' thing?" She patted his arm sympathetically. "You are a very smart guy but you are simply a Padawan Learner in the matchmaker department."

Scott raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Oh really? And what does that make you?"

"Like, duh. Jedi Master, of course." Leaning back in her chair, she continued to play with her hair but her features transformed into a look of deep thought. "The jealously thing is a good start but we need to do more. Why don't you take her out on a date or set her up or something? You know, so he gets all freaked out and stuff even more. I'll work on Rogue. Remy is getting all these feelings worked up in him but Rogue is completely clueless. Then we need to get them together as much as possible . . ."

"They already spend time together," Scott interrupted. "How's that going to do anything?"

"Like, in a romantic way. Sure, they hang out and stuff but they need to do more boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Maybe we could go on double dates or something. What do you think? You game?"

"I guess. What about Belle, though?"

"Is there anything you know about her? Like bad stuff? Or not so good stuff? We have to, like, point out her flaws without looking like we're insulting her. Oh! And if there's anything that you think Remy would want to take Belle to, you have to make it so he takes Rogue instead."

Scott stroked his chin in thought. "I think I could work with that." He glanced over at his friends and hesitated. "You don't think this is weird or immature? I mean, we're in college for Pete's sake."

"Oh, get over it. You can't tell me you actually like the idea of Remy and Belle together."

"Point." Belle was nice enough but she had not given him a reason to like her. It was annoying that she seemed to blow Remy off all the time.

"Besides, you said so yourself, you've been trying to get them together. Don't worry. I don't think it makes you less manly. I think it's sweet." Kitty smiled encouragingly.

"Alright," Scott conceded. "But if anyone asks, you put a gun to my head and made me do it."

"So, who's the hottest guy you know in real life?"

Kitty and Rogue were hanging out in their room, unwinding from a long day of classes. Kitty was leaning against the pillows on her bed, perusing the latest issue of Cosmo while Rogue was laying on her stomach on her own bed, nose buried in her latest purchase from a nearby bookstore.

Rogue looked up from her book and scrunched her face in thought. "Hottest guy Ah know in real life? Hmmmm."

"It's got to be Remy, right?" Kitty asked, not looking up from her magazine.

Rogue blinked. "Remy?" she murmured out loud. Her eyes took on a faraway look as she thought about her best guy friend. She had to admit, he was a very attractive man. His eyes, his smile, his body. Thinking back to their road trip over the summer, she didn't notice the faint blush coloring her cheeks. There had been several instances where Rogue had been exposed to the glory of Remy's body. Her memory focused on the image of Remy getting out of the hot tub.

Kitty smiled gleefully at her roommate. "It is him isn't it!" she practically squealed. "I knew it! Can't say I blame you. I think he and Scott are the hottest guys I know in real life."

"Really? I thought you would have said that foreign exchange student."

"Who? Kurt? Nah. We're just buds. I'm actually trying to set him up with my friend Amanda."

Rogue had met Amanda on a couple of occasions and liked the girl. "Ah like her. She's nice."

"Totally," Kitty agreed. "I think she might have a small crush on Kurt already." Not wanting to lose track of her original question, she continued to prod. "So back to my question, who do you think? Was I right? Is it Remy?"

Rogue sighed inwardly. She knew the girl would not relent until she gave her a decent answer. "Ah guess Ah'd share your answer. Ah think Ah'm a little biased, though, because I can't not factor in their personalities. "

"Who cares? It's a simple question that requires only a simple answer." She closed the magazine to engage more fully into their conversation. "How are him and Belle doing anyway? I haven't seen her around much."

"She's been busy, Ah suppose. Ah haven't heard from her since she got here. Apparently, she got put on some traveling troupe so she hasn't been in town."

Aw, too bad, so sad. "So she's not going to be around for Halloween?" Kitty asked, masking her hope.

Rogue shook her head. "Nope. Ah think she's not slated to return until right around Thanksgiving."

Perfect! "Well, that's too bad. Scott was telling me that one of the frats here throws an awesome Halloween party and said we should all go. Have you decided what you dress up as yet?" She saw her roommate make a face.

"No. Ah haven't given it much thought, with school and all. Any suggestions? And please don't say French maid."

Kitty gave her a weird look. "Why would I say that? I do think you should wear something sexy, though. You totally have a hot bod. Oh! Check out this costume I saw online. I bookmarked it because I thought it'd be good for you." She opened her laptop and navigated to the page while Rogue came to sit by her on the bed.

"Kit! That looks like underwear!" Rogue exclaimed. The costume was named Carnival Mardi Gras Queen. It was essentially a purple bra and panty combo with green trim and gold coin-shaped accents. The bottom had a piece of material hanging down the back, covering the backside area.

"So what? You could soooo pull that off. Probably better than the model in the picture. It would be unique, too. You know there's going to be bunch of naughty nurses, naughty school girls and the like." Kitty scrolled through the website, trying to find alternatives.

Rogue scanned through the images over Kitty's shoulder. "What are you going to be?"

"I was thinking of being a Greek goddess type. I saw this costume that I really liked." She pulled up an image of a short, pleated goddess costume. Rogue liked the costume instantly.

"That would look great on you! Are you going to wear your hair all curly? Ah can help you with that. And I have some gold jewelry that would look really good with it."

"Yeah! That would be totally awesome." She brought up another image on the screen. "How about this one?"

Rogue shook her head. "That looks like the one you showed me before but in black and with fairy wings."

"So, we going to the Halloween party this year?" Scott inquired as he bit into his sandwich. They were at one of the campus eateries, grabbing lunch between classes. Kitty had let him know that she'd gotten Rogue to go, and had given him a run down of Rogue's costume options. "You can invite Belle," he offered, knowing full well that she was not going to be around.

"Belle ain' goin' to be here for Halloween. Won' be home 'til Thanksgivin'." Remy took a sip of his drink. "I don' know if I'm gonna go this year."

Scott rolled his eyes to himself. He knew Remy had been feeling put off since Belle had been out of touch and any mention of her put him in a sort of funk. "Come on, man! You know how many cute girls will be there?"

Remy smirked. "Y'r jus' hopin' that Emma will be dere."

"Actually, I'm taking Kitty and Rogue."

Remy nearly choked on his meal. "Excuse me?"

"Well, Kitty says she and Rogue are going. She asked if we were going. She said it would make her more comfortable if we were there so I said I'd go."

Remy stopped mid-bite. "More comfortable?"

"You know, because it's a frat party and all." He looked down and was suddenly very interested in his meal. "And, she's, ahem, she's worried a little about the attention Rogue's costume may get." He ventured a look at Remy's face and almost laughed at the warring emotions he saw across his face.

"An' why is dat?"

"I don't know. She wouldn't tell me what they were dressing up as."

Remy shook his head, trying to get the images of drunk, grabby college guys all over someone he didn't want them to be all over.

"Just come. You can be Rogue's date or bodyguard or whatever." Scott watched his friend try to feign nonchalance.

"Sure, sounds like fun. Party was a blast last year."

Mission accomplished. "So you dressing up like a bodyguard or just going to force Rogue to wear a chastity belt?"