Buffy and Spike snuggled on the couch. Their eyes were locked on the display three little kids were making on the floor. Blocks were scattered everywhere and the beginnings of a tower was in progress.

All of a sudden the building went crash. Five-year-old Alexis stood up. "Daddy, Nicki made it fall!"

Spike leaned forward. "Sunshine, I don't think he meant to."

"I'm Godzilla," Nick declared.

Sirena started to cry.

"Oh dear," Buffy muttered.

There was a knock at the door. Buffy got up to answer it. Xander and Anya stood outside. She quickly let them in.

"How was Nick?" Xander asked.

Buffy smiled. "He was fine. Although, he just knocked down a tower Alexi and Sirena were building. He says he's Godzilla."

A laugh escaped Xander. "Yeah, that's his new favorite monster now."

Anya went over to get her son. She took hold of his hand. The little boy looked up at his mother.

"I didn't mean to make them cry," he told her.

"I know, honey. Ask before you do it again, all right?"

Nick LeVelle (Anya insisted that Xander's middle name was beautiful) Harris was born a few weeks after Alexis. Anya was in labor longer than Buffy, by about three hours. She screamed throughout the whole thing, declaring she would kill her husband when it was all over. Afterward, she apologized to Buffy and told her that she very brave.

The Harris family thanked Buffy and Spike for babysitting. Then they left with their son, who was begging for ice-cream.

It wasn't long before Tara and Willow arrived to get Sirena. They had to pry the girl away from her playmate. Alexis and Sirena were practically inseparable.

Spike and Buffy settled back on the couch. The parents watched as their daughter made a castle.

"You don't mind watching the other kids, do you?" Buffy asked.

"Nah, they aren't much trouble," Spike replied.

She shifted in his arms, gazing up at him. "So, you don't mind being surrounded by children?"

"Well. . ." He leaned down and captured her lips. "I do like occasional breaks. Convenient because your friends have agreed to reciprocate the offer to babysit. And there is always Dawn."

"So. . . You wouldn't mind another one then?"

Spike's eyes bugged out. "What?"

"Alexis kind of forgot to tell us something." Her voice was soft. "She has a baby brother or sister."

There was a span of silence. Buffy looked at Spike. He wasn't moving.

"Spike?" She shook him. "Spike!?"

He snapped out of it. "Sorry, luv. M' fine, really."

"Geez, scare me half to death."

"So, you're . . .?"

She gave him a tiny smile. "Yeah. Are you okay with it?"

He grinned. "I always wanted seven before I was turned."

"Seven?" his wife squeaked. "We are 'so' not having seven."


"Let's start with two."

"Fine with me, pet. Two to begin with."


Okay, this wasn't exactly the way I wanted it, but it'll do. So, that's it, folks. It is done. The End. Now I can start on my post-chosen/post-Destiny fic. Yay! It is going to be called Harmony.