Phonebooth: The last lie I told

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Agent 182: saw the movie Phonebooth and I loved it. Colin Farrell is HOT!! So, I decided to write a continuation. While I was watching the movie, I picked up a few weird vibes coming from the voice (Kiefer Sutherland). He seemed to want Stu, sexually. It might have just been me who caught this but he watches him. That Guy is way creepy but I like it that way. Here it is and hopefully it won't be too erm creepy. It's one sided so don't expect Stu to fall in love with the guy on the phone. Obviously, this is a slash if you wanted to know. And it also has spoilers for he movie.

Chapter 1: You know how I know

"Kelly or Pam? Or do I have to choose for you?" His voice still echoed in my mind. His words stilled replayed every damn thing he said haunts me. I saw him as I laid on the gurney in the ambulance. My thoughts blurred by the drugs in my system. I groaned for help but my words were lost. I could barely recall what he had said.

"Nice shoes . . . Italian." I recalled him removing his glasses and cleaning them. "You hung up Stu." Each of his words repeated in my mind, an echo. "I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I feel bad," he put his glasses back on "about the pizza guy but I couldn't miss seeing you and Kelly reunited . . . you don't have to thank me . . . no one ever does. I just hope your newfound honesty lasts. Because if it doesn't you'll be hearing from me . . ." when the last word that fell from his lips he turned and vanished from my already blurred sight. I still cried out for help but the only sounds that came out were low and muted by the bedlam out side. My head fell back onto the gurney, my thoughts not clear anymore as I succumbed to the darkness, his voice followed.

My eyes burst open as I heard a familiar voice. "Stu, sweetie. Thank god, you're alright. The doctors hadn't expected you to be out that long." I was pulled close by frail arms, my wife's sweet scent reaching my nose. Roses. I could have lost her. I could have lost everything I held dear. Her. Would I miss her if she were dead? Hell yes I would. Even though I might not have always shown it, she was my world. She is my World. She kissed her lips onto my forehead. "Stu? Are you okay? Talk to me?" She said; worry drenched every word.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm kinda tired." I mumbled as I raked my fingers through her silky blonde hair. "I love you so much Kelly." I felt tears prick the corner of my eyes.

"I know. I love you too." I pressed my lips to hers for a moment then pulled away. Her warm breath hit my face as I sat up, my elbows rested on the hospital bed. I heard another voice.

"How you feeling Stu?" Kelly released me from her hug and stood next to the bed as I saw the smiling face of Ed Ramey. I shrugged.

"I feel like shit." His smile broadened.

"And you look like shit too but who's complaining." I chuckled at his words, pain flared in my side. I groaned and let my elbows give away. That rubber bullet did more damage than I had thought. "There has been tons of news reporters looking for you."

"Tell them to fuck-" I stopped my words. "Tell them to come back tomorrow. I'll feel a lot better by then."

"Is this the new Stu?" Kelly's blue eyes shined with hope.

I nodded, "Yeah, and he's here to stay." I now fully sat up in the bed, "When can I leave?" Ed glanced over at Kelly for a moment.

"Tomorrow. The doctors said they wanted to run a few more tests and make sure your ear is properly taken care of." I sighed heavily. I want to fucking leave now! I winched as the low throb from the bruise on my stomach returned. 'I thought if any one is gonna shot you, might as well be us.' My eyes darted over to Ed.

"You- you didn't see him-he's alive. I saw him." My voice rose, oh shit. He's still alive. He's still alive. He'll kill Kelly.

"Calm down. He's dead. You saw the body-" Ed began but I cut him off.

"No. I saw him when I was in the ambulance. He talked to me. I-I don't quite remember what he said but I fucking saw him. It was him."

They both stared at me; Kelly was the first to break the long silence. "Stu, you were probably hallucinating, they gave you something to help you sleep-"

"It was him. I wasn't hallucinating. I swear."

They looked skeptical for a moment, "Lets say he is alive. Do you think he'd come back to kill you?"

" I-I donno. Maybe. I did get away." I shifted my eyes over to Ed as he continued to speak.

" Do you remember what he looked like? We could look for someone with his description, but keep it so he doesn't know that you're involved with his."

I thought back to when it happened. I vaguely remembered. "Yeah, he had um . . . black rimmed glasses. The corners went out. Uh . . . brown hair. Dark brown hair. A tan jacket and a white shirt under that. He has some stubble on his face. Looked 36. I don't remember his eye color. That's all . . ."

Ed nodded, "I'll go tell Sergeant Cole this. Take it easy for a while. Bye." He smiled at both of us before he exited the room.

"He's still alive . . . I can't believe it." Kelly whispered as she sat down on a chair she had pulled up next to the bed.

A nurse in all white came into the room, a vase in her hands; different kinds of flowers were in it. "Mr. Shepard these just came in." She set it down on the small able next to the bed. "Are you feeling better?" I smiled at her briefly.

"Yeah, I feel a lot better." I actually did. The pain on my side was diminishing and I would be able to move around a little more. "Who are the flowers from?" I asked.

She shrugged, "A man came in and said they were for you" my heart sped up. I reached for the vase and pulled off the small card that was attached to a piece of pink ribbon.

I opened the card to see typed black words I read them over:

'Dear Stu,

I miss you already. Not a second goes by that I don't think of you. You weren't supposed to outsmart me. I have to sat I was surprised that you had me fooled the whole time. You lied. You kept the truth from me. You and Captain Ramey were up to something the whole time. I could feel it, but I choose to let it go unnoticed. You said I could trust you and you lied. Stuart. I'm going to get you. I'm going to kill your wife. I'm going to kill Pam. Your pal Adam. The cops. Every last one of them. Then I'm going to kill you. I'm going to make you want death. You'll beg me to kill you. You will obey me. I will control you. You will be mine.



My throat went dry and my heart felt like it would burst any second. Oh, shit . . .

"What does it say?" Kelly eyed the piece of folded paper. I handed it to her as I tried to hold back my anger. My fists tightened as Kelly's eyes widened. Damn him, I'll fucking kill him.

She handed me back the paper, her eyes meeting mine. "I'm scared." She said softly, I nodded. I was scared shitless.




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