Phone booth: The last lie I told

Chapter 2: Again I got unnoticed _____________________________________________________________________

I sat in darkness.

Utter darkness.

It wasn't lonely.

Not at all, I still had my thoughts.

My pictures.

My mind.

I took a drink of my steaming coffee, it didn't leave a bitter taste in my mouth, yet a sweet one, the sugar and milky vanilla creamer causing my tongue to dart out and across my lips to get more of the flavor when I could have just taken another sip, then I did so. Savoring the heavenly taste, leaving a dark stain on my once pink tongue. I set the hot mug down on the wooden table that sat next to me. The dance of the white steam the only sight in my vision.

The only one seen to others.

But the one I saw. Oh, what a sight he was. One equal to me. Chocolate hair, honeyed skin, caramel eyes. He looked so tasty I could eat him. Italian clothing, raspberry. Another flavor his lips may taste of.

A chuckle escaped my throat, low and soft.

I thought I had changed him . . . but the whole time he had been deceiving me. I had gasped as I realized what he had been doing. But I got away. They never saw me walk right past them. Confusion soaked my features as I moved by them. They had no idea. That I, the man that seemed so kind, was a serial killer.

The man who had lived in that apartment was very unlucky indeed. I happen to have an incredible resemblance to him. I still don't think they know that he's dead. They're most likely looking for Eric Mallows; they'll find him alright . . .well, what's left of him; the animals have most likely gotten to him.

By then, I'll be long gone and I won't look as I did in the description. If Stuart even vaguely remembers the way I looked, he won't recognize me the next time he sees me.

I hope he liked the flower and the little note I gave him. I felt a smile draw across my lips. Heh, I'm sure he's surprised.

I slumped back into the seat, letting my body relax. Soon I will see him again. Very soon.

I let my hand reach forward and my fingers took a hold of the cold cell phone. I pressed in a very familiar number and brought the phone to my ear.


I heard his soft, oh so beautiful voice. But I said nothing.

"Hello? Kelly? Is that you? Sorry, I had to work late . . . Kelly? . . . You there? Kelly??" Then the phone went dead. I frowned. If only he would say my name with such care. He doesn't even know my name. The phone turned off as I pressed in the button, sat in on the table.

Kelly . . .

She should be the first to go. Yes, she'll be the easiest target and her death will be the most painful. I grinned. Tomorrow she shall DIE!!

I stood up, my knees making a low popping sound, and I began to plan out what I was going to do . . .



Continued . . .

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