Bad Faith Island
A Harry Potter Pirate Story
by VG Jekyll

This Story is based on the movie 'Cutthroat Island'. 'Cutthroat Island' is in the Guinness Book of records as the film with the most loss ever made. It was made for about 100 million dollar and it turned up only 11 million. Personally: I think it is a wonderful movie.

1. Prologue

Let me take you to another Universe. A world, that you maybe already know a bit of, but is actually totally different than you've ever imagined. A place where only the strong survive. A reality where the sword does the magic, where a girl has to be careful for her virginity and a man very careful for his throat. I have to warn you, times are dangerous, dark, harsh, bloody and perchance your stomach (or mind) won't be able handle it.
You have been warned.

During the Year of Our Lord, Sixteen Hundred Nineteen, the cargo ship 'Santa Narcissa' was overtaken by the pirate vessel 'Sea Patronus'. In the hold, the pirates found the richest cargo ever to leave England, the treasury of England's wealthiest family.

The 'Sea Patronus' tried to set course for Tortuga to split the haul, but a raging storm hit her and she wrecked on an uncharted island, Acromantula. There, in a secret location, the pirates hid the treasure.

Wild and treacherous, the island took the 200 souls of the 'Sea Patronus', one by one. A single crewman, Chauncey Oldridge, survived to build a raft and make his escape.

Years later Oldridge encountered the deadly Dragon Pox while trying to retrieve the treasure. On his deathbed he made a map, tore it into three pieces and sent one to each of his three sons: Severus Snape, Bartemius Crouch and James Potter. All born of different mothers; they've hated and mistrusted each other from birth and it was his hope to bring them together this way.

Now, Harry Potter, James's only son must seize the map from his uncles and claim the treasure for his own.

Fate would have it that a fourth brother, perhaps the greatest pirate of them all, is after the treasure as well, Voldemort, harvester of souls and everything gold will stop at nothing to challenge Harry's claim to the riches of Bad Faith Island.

To Be Continued