Bad Faith Island
A Harry Potter Pirate Story
by VG Jekyll

51. The Philosophers Stone

The rag tag group is heading back to the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry walks up front with the ghost floating in between him and Draco. Regulus is blabbering on about himself and hardly gives anyone the time to reply, which is just as well since Draco still refuses to talk to Harry.

It bothers the captain, but he still does not understand why the blond is angry with him. They had been fine before they found the stone. They had shared kisses. Draco didn't appear to despise him back then. Was it really the thought of having the ghost posses a lackey so horrible? Harry had just figured he could choose one of the mutineers. Should he tell Draco that? Or would it not give a damn?

Behind them walked Remus with Sirius' arm around his shoulders and his own around the man's waist. Remus bore nearly all of Sirius' weight as the man hung slumped against his side. Any ordinary man would have trouble with carrying hsi weight, no matter how gaunt he looked, but then again Remus could hardly be called ordinary.

And last in line were Ron and Hermione. Ron had gotten hold of himself and reclaimed the cutlass from Harry. He now keeps an eye out for unexpected attacks from behind. Just in case.

They meet up with the phoenix at the spot where the bird had left them after taking them out of the cave. Harry wastes no time in asking the bird to heal Sirius.

"If you please," adds Remus a lot more humble to the request. It is probably because of him that the bird does so without arguing. It explains to Remus that it can not bring back the missing limb, but his tears will heal the wound and take away the fever.

"That's good enough for me!" Remus exclaims. He almost pushes Sirius into the bird with his eagerness to have his lover healed.

The bird is able to squeeze a tear or two out of its eyes. Draco finds this interesting as in his studies, back when he was still part of the aristocracy, he had learned that ordinary birds actually can't cry.

They watch fascinated how the wound starts to heal really fast. Only left behind is healthy looking skin on the stump with barely visible scars. Sirius loses his sickly pale skintone and bleary eyes. He blinks a few times, then glances at the stump. He reaches out to fondle it, expecting a certain degree of pain, but not finding it.

"Well I'll be damned," he mutters and the sends the others a broad grin. "Can I apply for a nickname? The one-armed bandit maybe?"

"You were damned the day you were born, Sirius Black!" Remus scolds, then pulls him in a tight hug. "And no bloody nicknames!"

"Why did you never do me such a favour?" asks Regulus. "I could've used a little pick me up while I was dying down there." He stares annoyed at Fawkes. The bird in reply ruffles his feathers and almost looks snotty. In as far as a bird could look snotty.

"You and your cronies had bound me to this place against my will. I was in no way eager to help any of you."

"Oh well." Regulus floats to Sirius and studies the stump. Sirius quirks up a questioning brow as Regulus starts to poke through it with his whispy fingers.

"I can make you a new arm, ya know. I was a carpenter before I became pirate. I made a few wooden arms and legs. With metal and leather for the ones who could pay more." Regulus grins his crooked teeth bare. "I'll make you a really good one for free... once I have a body."

"Why would you do that for me?" Sirius asks rather suspicious.

"Because... I like you guys?" Regulus says, very clearly lying.

At the same time, Remus answers: "Because he is your family."

There is a short silence, as this statement has caught nearly everyone by surprise.

"Aw ya figured that out?" mutters Regulus with dissapointment.

The werewolf shrugs. "The resemblance is quite obvious, isn't it?"

Harry glances from his godfather to teh ghost. "No, it's not." the pirate captain answers. "But I suppose if anyone would see it, it's you. "

Remus blushes and Sirius draws him close for a tentative kiss.

Regulus glances from one to the other and is now the one to quirk up a brow. "I thought the two of you were rather close. So... you guys are bunkmates?"

Sirius draws Remus protectively closer. He points his chin upward and stares haughtily at the ghost. "Do you have a problem with that?" he demands to know. "He is my lover and soulmate. And I don't give a damn what you or anyone else thinks and you can stick that wooden arm up your ass for all I care!"

Regulus is silent for a moment, then starts to laugh. It sounds high and weezing.

"You're hot tempered like all of us Blacks! Stubborn as well." The ghost grins his teeth bare again, or at least tries to show off the few he had left before his unfortunate demise.

"Aw hell if I care, I'm sure a lot of time passed and things are more acceptable these days. In my time men only laid together for a quick release. Guess you're planning to stick together, aye?"

"Well, things aren't that different, sorry to say. But less people start to care about what others think and more about what they desire." Harry tells him with a shrug. 'Its only been 50 years after all."

"Fifty years? It seems so much more longer." Regulus says wistfully.

"Not that I don't enjoy this familyreunion, but do you still need me in any way?" Fawkes interrupts. He ruffles agitated with his feathers.

"Do you need to be somewhere?" Draco asks him sarcastic.

"Guys," Harry stops them from starting a verbal fight. "No arguing with the fantastic and beautiful creature that is going to take us back to the Chamber of Secrets... and it's treasure," he is silent for a moment, before he adds.

" we can set it free, of course."

To Be Continued