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Sesshomaru's ears pricked up. He could hear the faint cries of infant behind the corridor, just barely enough to irritate him. "Gods, will it shut up already?" Sighing slightly, he pulled himself up from the silk mat. It had already been two weeks since that runt-excuse-for-a-brother, came into his life. His father's new human wife just bore him a son, and Sesshomaru was completely disgusted.

Soon after Sesshomaru got up, his father, the Great Demon Of The West, Lord Nishi, came to him. Dressed in long robes of scarlet material, he approached Sesshomaru. " Sesshomaru, my son, come see your brother."

Sesshomaru scowled to himself, and walked past his father. He entered a large and long room, his father's private chamber. At the end of a room, there was a large, silk covered bed. On it, there was a woman with long, charcoal hair, with sky blue eyes that sparkled like newly fallen dew. Tarnished in robes of pale pink, she cradled a small, white-haired baby in her arms. Sesshomaru could barely see the tips of little white ears poking up out of its head. " Oh, hello, Lord Sesshomaru," she said with a relaxed smile. The baby rolled over in the crook of her arms as she said this. "Have you come to see your new baby brother?" Sesshomaru narrowed his young eyes, and snorted in reply.

The lady's smile faded, and turned her head back to the infant. Sesshomaru gave an exhausted sigh, and said, "What is his name?" She was silent for a few minutes, and then said, "Inuyasha." Oh, brother, Inuyasha? What kind of name was that? thought Sesshomaru. Even if this was my father's wife, not my mother, there was no excuse that this Inuyasha was my brother. Hmph, what brother?

At this moment, Lord Nishi walked over to the bed, and picked up his new son with adorning eyes, looking into his little face. "Oh, he's beautiful," breathed Lord Kosho, staring at Inuyasha.

"Come, my son, Sesshomaru. Come up here with the rest of us."

At first Sesshomaru hesitated, but eventually lifted his feet off the ground, and hoisted himself onto the fresh, clean linens that smelled like jasmine, but almost to a sickly extent. He settled himself on the edge, only being a foot away from the newborn. After a long pause of silence, the woman paused for a moment as if making a hard discussion, and then calmly asked, " Lord Sesshomaru, would like to hold your brother?"

Sesshomaru darted his eyes at his father, who nodded his head. After a long sigh, his picked Inuyasha up, and settled his hand under Inuyasha's head, realizing his hand barely fits around his head, as he was only about 7, and settled the rest of the little body on his thigh. Sesshomaru longed to crush his small head, as the fact that this baby just ruined his life, but he knew his father would never forgive him. Suddenly, the baby's eyes meekly started to open, show the large, yellow, Youkai eyes, ones exactly identical to Sesshomaru's and Lord Nishi's. His little dog-ears flicked and danced with delight seeing another person like himself, but Sesshomaru knew only too well this would not last long. " Precious, isn't he?" said Lord Nishi, finally. Sesshomaru thought that it was impossible for this thing to be precious. After another long, awkward silence, Lord Nishi rose from the bed. " I'm afraid I must attend to my duties," he sighed. After a moments pause, he started on his way to the throne room. Sesshomaru suddenly saw his chance to leave, and hurried off after his father.

-7 years later-

Sesshomaru raised his head up from the bed, looking into the darkness. The still night casts rays of moonlight through his window, waking him up. So he laid his head back on his bedding, hoping to fall asleep again. It didn't work. Yawning, he slowly rose, popping his neck bone because it had a creak in it. He supposed it was as good a time as ever to go walk around the castle.

Slightly opening his door, he creped against the hall walls, slinking like a cat. After turning he corner, he heard a stumbling sound, as though someone was blind, running into walls. Of course, the darkness wasn't blinding to Sesshomaru because his Youkai eyes enabled him to see in the dark, just like all the other demons in the castle. This narrowed down Sesshomaru's suspicion to one person: Inuyasha. He smirked and approached the young pup. Inuyasha discovered the ability to walk directly forward, his arms outstretched, for his face was not what he wanted to find the wall first. Taking advantage of his brother's poor night vision, Sesshomaru sneaked up behind Inuyasha and shoved him into the marble floor. "Hey!" said Inuyasha, getting back on his feet. After pausing for a few moments, Inuyasha yelled, "I know you did that, Sesshomaru!". Sesshomaru pushed Inuyasha again. He knew it was childish, but the opportunity was too good to resist. Finally seizing a candle off a nearby table, Inuyasha looked up into Sesshomaru's face.

"What was that for?" said Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru said nothing, for he didn't have to answer him. He decided to walk on through the castle. But before doing so, he blew out Inuyasha's candle.

"Sesshomaru!" screamed Inuyasha, irritation in his voice. After hearing his brother's footsteps die away, he picked himself off the ground. Slowly, his eyes focused in the darkness, allowing him an extremely dim view of where he was. Well, at least I made it back to my bedroom okay, thought Inuyasha. He looked down the hall. Why would Sesshomaru be walking around the halls so late at night? Inuyasha began to walk after Sesshomaru, his feet loud and clumsy underneath him.

Sesshomaru rubbed his temples. Inuyasha's voice was so annoying, it was making his head hurt. He walked faster, deciding to go outside.

Inuyasha was also making his way down the hall, going step by step. He wanted to see what Sesshomaru was looking for. He heard his brother's footsteps echoing softly off the walls. Then, he heard a softer walk behind himself. Stopping temporarily, he turned slowly to see who it was. He couldn't see a thing, so he tried focusing his eyes better. No luck. But the person kept on walking, so close, he could hear whomever it was breathing. Suddenly, he heard them stop.

"Inuyasha?" said a voice.

Inuyasha just about jumped out of his skin. Then, the voice stepped forward, their face now visible. A little girl was standing there, her golden eyes boring into his. She had pure white hair that was braided down her back, her fluffy tail bobbed behind her. Little bare feet stuck out from beneath her silky gown that had, it seemed, a wisteria pattern in light lavender.

"Don't scare me like that, Tsunami!" said Inuyasha breathlessly.

"What, I didn't do anything, you jerk," said Tsunami, an annoyed look plastered on her china doll face. She rolled her eyes aimlessly. Inuyasha knew that she may have seemed angelic, but on the inside she was just like Sesshomaru.

She and Sesshomaru shared the same mother, and had very similar personality traits, along with their outward likeness. Her temper was as fierily as watsabe dumplings, though her eyes were ice cold.

Her face seemed elegant and flawless as she surveyed Inuyasha, as though to see if he passed her judgment. He felt like he was being interrogated. After what seemed like an hour, she finally spoke.

"Inuyasha, you're even uglier in dim light," she said tonelessly, with a merely bored look on her face.

Inuyasha decided to ignore this slight comment, and continued walking after Sesshomaru. He walked forward, one foot in front of the other, trying to pretend Tsunami was back in her own bed, not following him. But Tsunami, relentless as she was, was not going to give up that quickly. She followed Inuyasha hurriedly, her brow furrowed.

"You don't think you can get rid of me that quickly, do you? Cuz' you know I am gonna follow you no matter what you say or do," said Tsunami now practically broken into a run trying to keep up with Inuyasha's, and, unknowing, Sesshomaru's strides.

"Well, I sure can try…" muttered Inuyasha as he walked even faster than before, his eyes following the moving ground. Maybe if he ignored her, she would give up. Even though he knew resistance was futile, he had to fight back. Maybe it was just his rebellious nature.

Sesshomaru was listening to Inuyasha and Tsunami some 100 feet away, each word clearly heard, for both siblings talked louder than necessary. They fight over anything and everything that was completely pointless, as if they were trying to outdo each other with bad comebacks and angry faces, thought Sesshomaru, as he watched his sister and brother silently bickering in the darkness. He snorted in their direction as they approached steadily. After awhile, Sesshomaru decided just to "run into them", meaning stand there and wait until they were close enough to sense him. And sure enough, Inuyasha turned the corner and ran into Sesshomaru like a blind man.

"Ah!" said Inuyasha as he fell back onto the cold marble floor. Inuyasha had almost surpassed Sesshomaru, but instead, his katana at his side hit Inuyasha right into his left eye, leaving a large bruise in its place. If he hadn't walked so far to the right, he would have hit Sesshomaru dead on, but would suffer far less injuries. Grumbling, he got to his feet.

"Sesshomaru!" said Inuyasha angrily, clutching his left eye.

"What? Did I do anything at all? I was planning for you to run into me, but, alas, you strayed to the right and therefore hit your eye, which is your own fault," finished Sesshomaru with a smirk. He himself had nothing even close to a wound. Even his sword had not suffered under the blunder of Inuyasha, whose hard head might have cracked the sheath.

Tsunami watched her brothers amusingly. She noted that no matter how much pain and turmoil Inuyasha was in, he really mended in 2 days max. Sesshomaru had always meant harm to Inuyasha, but never any real harm. Or at least so far, she concluded.

Sesshomaru now noticed Tsunami, who was grinning at both of them maliciously. He grinned back.

"I didn't notice that you had risen from sleep," said Sesshomaru, "for I would have greeted you. I suppose you were following Inuyasha, trying to see what he was up to?"

Before Tsunami could answer yes, Inuyasha shouted, "Who was seeing what Sesshomaru was up to!"

Rolling her Youkai eyes impatiently, she muttered a 'yes' under her breath, knowing she wouldn't be heard anyway.

Sesshomaru raised a doubtful brow at Inuyasha's remark.

"I was up to nothing."

"It didn't look like nothin'."

"I was merely strolling around the castle…"

"At dawn?"


"What were you really doing?"


"That didn't look like strolling to me!"

"You think a growl is an attempted murder!"

"Do not!"

"Yes, you do."









"I just want to know why you are up at this hour."

"It is none of your concern."

"I think it is."

"You only think, Inuyasha, if able to think at all."


"If you must know…"



"Well, spit it out!"

"I was going to go pay respects to my mother."

"… Oh."

"Now you know."

"I guess I do."

"Good night… brother."

"Good night, Sesshomaru."


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