I said I would update, so here I am. This chapter is for the Inuyasha fans ^^. It is a little recap about all that has happen so far in the fic, along with some more explaining, which I am sure you all want to know. Its done entirely from Inuyasha's POV, so you will get a look into his thoughts about what is going on right now. And to a mean little reviewer, Yes, I realize Inuyasha had a hard life, and that it was worse than Sesshomaru's, but let's be realistic; nothing bad has happened to Inuyasha yet. He doesn't even have a clue that he is a halfbreed yet. His mom and dad aren't gone, and he has not experienced very much pain as of yet. So, realtively, Sesshomaru's life is worse so far, though Inuyasha's will be worse in the future. Geez. And this is my fic, dammit, and I am gonna write it the way I want ^o^ Its called an "artistic liscence". Sucks to be you :P


Inuyasha's POV


I was seated outside on the castle grounds along with my sister. Tsunami picked flowers and sat around humming. It is more than obvious she is happy. And why shouldn't she? Sesshomaru saved her life. He always has to play the hero and the peacemaker. It sickens me.

Why the hell should he be praised for killing another demon? It makes no sense. We are taught not use fighting to solve our problems. And yet he killed Monoru. It makes sense that it was self defense, and defense for Tsunami, but Sesshomaru did not have to kill him. But he did. He is just hungry for bloodshed, like everyone else. Except for me. Me and Mom.

I do not know why I feel that way. Somedays I do feel that urge for blood, that overpowering scent that triggers the senses. But somedays I feel like it is so wrong, like it is massacre. One day it is enjoyment, the next day it is frightening. And things happen to me. I feel pain. I do not know if others go thourgh this too. I told my mom, and she said it is normal. I did not tell or ask Sesshomaru. Something told me not to.

I feel like I was hit in the head. I feel my claws dig back into my skin. Everywhere in my body it aches. For a while I do not feel like moving. I feel like nothing. I feel weak. I am placed from everyone, like they know and I don't. It makes me feel like nothing, just nothing.

When I wake up, it goes away. There is no more pain. Yes, my head still throbs slightly, but it does not really hurt. And then the for a while it is normal, than it happens again. I guess everyone else goes through it. I cannot tell.

I remember when Lady Konoko was alive. It is a little blurry, but I guess I can still describe her. She was very pretty, with long white hair, beautifully pale skin. She always treated Sesshomaru with great respect. She did not treat me the same. She always looked like she knew something I didn't everytime I saw her. Her face seemed to hold pity when it looked at me. She never held me like a son. I would try to hug her. She would always push me away. It was like it caused her grief.

I asked mom why, and she says it is because of her, but I do not understand. My mother always treated Lady Konoko warmly, her children too. After she went away, my mom used to often speak to Sesshomaru like she did me, and gave him warm smiles and did nice things for him. But he always pushed her away like his mother did to me. She would try to hold Tsunami, but Sesshomaru would take her away. He would hide her, so my mother couldn't find her. But not well enough, so that everyone else could find her.

It would make my mother sad everytime he did that. She would still smile, but it was a cold and regetted smile. Her eyes would be sad too, and they would rain chilly tears on me when I tried to make her feel better. She never pushed me away. Not once. It made me happy.

Even now my mother is friendly to Sesshomaru, but he still pushes back. He lets Tsunami near her now, though his eyes narrow and give off a signal that clearly says, stay away. My mother will come Tsunami hair, and play with her, but Tsunami gives off an icey vibe as well. She will realize in a matter of time that mom is not her real mother, and will wiggle out her grasp.

Again, I ask mom why. She always tells me, but the answer is usually just as confusing. She says it is because Sesshomaru is afarid. She says it is because she will never be his mother, and that if he lets her get close, he is scared he will forgot about his own mother. I feel like I do not understand. I tell her so, and she says that is why he is the same way with Tsunami. He never wants her to forget. He also is afarid if she is taken away from him, he will have nothing left to remind him.

I see the sky has now turned black, and that the trees are silvery and wisps of smoke. Look, I see Sesshomaru come back outside. He picks Tsunami up to carry her in. Just as he is almost thourgh to doorway, he looks back at me.

"Come on, Inuyasha."

I smile to myself as I brush myself off. I am not forgotten.


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