Oh, Baby!
Part 2 of 2
Author: ChibiCori
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Rating: PG

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Oh, Baby! Part 2

Darien sighed gratefully as he sat on one of the benches that littered the park's
walkways. He had never been so tired in his life. Every bone ached, every muscle
screamed for release. He tried his hardest to not look as tired as he felt, but the
dark circles under his eyes and his slouching posture gave him away.

That morning- make that, early morning. No, EARLY, morning- had been an
ominous foreshadowing of the disaster Serena's degression into babyhood would actually
be. She had decided to wake up from deep sleep at three in the morning, and being
the butterfly she was, refused to be alone. Needless to say, Darien was reaquanted with
his favorite episodes of I Love Lucy. When Serena finally settled back into
dreamland around six, Darien noted bitterly that the sun was now pouring happily into
his apartment. Grumbling, Darien threw his comforter over his head and attempted

And when I write attempt, I mean it, because at 7:15, Serena decided she had had
enough sleep for the night.

At the first cry, Darien told himself he was just hearing things, she couldn't possibly
be up again. All babies do is eat, sleep and cry, right? At the second lusty wail,
Darien groggily noted that the latter seemed to be very true in Serena's case.

Darien soundly cursed the names of all the senshi as he reluctantly got out of his bed
and picked Serena up out of her make-shift crib. She gurgled brightly at her perch
on Darien's hip as he crossly threw a pre-prepared bottle into his microwave. Plopping
her onto the counter, he crossed his arms on the cool, tile top and rested his forehead
on his forearms. Letting out a long, whooshing breath, Darien listened as the
microwave hummed in the background.

Serena's tiny fingers threading through his hair brought his head back up and she looked
at him with the most adorable expression. Darien found himself immediately forgiving
her need to be up at ungodly hours.

"How is it you can be awake so early as a baby when you do nothing but sleep all
Sunday morning as a teenager?" Darien asked lightly, not expecting any answer.

But he got one, sort of. Serena giggled and crossed her eyes, then patted his cheeks
with smooth palms, as if apologizing for the inconveinance. Darien stared at her for
a moment, searching clear blue eyes for any sign of deviance, but saw only innocence
and the litte mischief that had always been there.

After she was fed, the morning became a blur. One minute, he was rushing to keep her
from harm's way, then the next he was rushing to keep his things out of harm's way.
The vicious circle of diaper changing, feeding, burping, holding and then changing
again began to make him see double. Darien was nearly pulling his hair out and he had
never said the word, "No" so many times in his life. Having a baby was a lot of work, but
a baby Serena would scare even Godzilla.

The vision of a 50-foot baby Serena crawling through the streets of Tokyo, drooling on
cars, teething on policemen and probably in desperate need of a change filled Darien's
head. Fighting a shiver, Darien came back to his senses just in time to save a vase
from falling on Serena, which she had caused by bumping into his bookshelf.

Around the fifth time she bumped into something, causing countless items to plummet to
their doom, Darien decided it was time to go. Anywhere, he didn't care, as long as
baby Serena couldn't demolish his apartment. Darien found himself missing the old
Serena immensely. Not that she never bumped stuff, but at least he could make out with
the old Serena. That and he missed her voice, and her laugh, and how she did her hair,
and how she felt with her arms wrapped loosely around his waist, and her wacky
antics and....damn, he suddenly felt very lonely.

Darien tried force the feeling relief down as he strapped Serena into her stroller, but
it rushed over him all the same as he buckled the last buckle. She was bound into the thing, somewhat resembling an astronaut at launch. There would be no problems in
Housten, as long as he kept her in it. Darien sighed as he realized that he would have
to take her out eventually. Stupid common sense, who needs ya?

Darien's ease was short-lived however. The moment he had stepped out onto the
street, pushing the stroller with a bubbly Serena in it he felt dread grip his heart
again. What did people always say, something along the lines of "Good looking men
with babies or puppies?"

He warily noted that more women then usual were eyeing him. You know, the old "Look at
that fine piece of meat" look. Throw in a sensitive between the "fine" and the "piece"
and you have the exact look many single, young women in Tokyo were giving Darien
that morning. It didn't help that Serena looked like a little darling, staring in wide-
eyed curiousity about her.

A good looking guy and an adorable baby, he was screwed.

The inevitable happened a few moments later when Serena suddenly burst into wanting,
baby noises. Darien frowned as he noticed that her attention was completely absorbed,
her hands reaching out and her mouth pulled into a little pucker. 'If she is checking
out some 5 year-old kid, I'm gonna-'

But when Darien's gaze followed Serena's, he instantly halted his dark thought. It was
not some kindergarten-Romeo she was so excited about, but a couple buying ice cream from
a street vendor.

"Is that what you want? Same old Serena." Darien laughed as he lowered himself to rest
on his haunches, smiling widely at the baby in front of him, "Sorry, but I think you're
a bit too young for that right now."

Serena absent-mindedly wrapped her tiny fingers around Darien's index finger, then
pointed her own finger at the vendor and began to talk to him, which had it
been understandable would have been along the lines of "pwetty, pwetty pwease with a
cheewy on top?"

Darien sighed as he accepted she was going to be as persistant as ever. "No Serena,
you can't have any ice cream. You are too little. Just wait a couple of days when
you are-"

"What difference would a couple days make?" a strange voice, an extremely female
voice, asked from behind him.

Darien froze, like if he kept very still and very quiet, the extremely female voice
would just go away. But when the voice cleared her throat delicately, Darien
reluctantly turned on his toes and looked up at the voice. As he feared, the
extremely female voice had a very female form. She was attractive with short blond hair
and green eyes. Unfortunetely, those green eyes had that "meat" look in them.

Darien fought a sigh as he slowly straightened. He hesitantly thought that he would
have found this young woman cute, and probably would have asked her out on a date. He
also noted dryly, that he would have lost interest in the young woman in about two days.
Of course, that was all before he found his soulmate in a certain meatball adorned
girl. She held his heart and his somewhat short attention span like no other woman
ever would.

Speaking of the Mini-Meatball Head, he didn't like the look she was giving the young
woman. He'd seen it many a time on Serena when other women attempted to hit on him.
Funny thing was, it was no less menacing on the now cherubic face. Her expression
was completely blank, her face not decieving a single emotion to him or the
woman. Everything was in her eyes, which sparked and flamed with a mix of all sorts
of feelings. And none of them good. When Serena got THAT look, Darien always knew
that trouble was never far behind.

"Well?" The young woman asked again, tucking a stray blond petal behind her ear-
rather flirtatiously too.

Darien racked his brain for an excuse, but due to his lack of sleep, his brain
wasn't working at its best, "Ummmm-"

"I mean, why wait a couple of days when she can have some right now?" she offered
quickly, not wanting to scare off the fine, sensitive piece of meat in front of

Darien smiled slightly, noticing that that LOOK of Serena's was getting more violent by
the moment, "Errr, she is really too young for it."

The woman's laughter ringed out into the street, causing several people to turn and
stare. Darien put a hand behind his head and blushed bright red. He hated making
a spectacle of himself, though he was getting more used to it with Serena and
Rini constantly pulling him around town.

When she was finished, she waved her hand in dismissal, "Don't be silly. No one is ever
to young for ice cream!"

'Darn, she didn't take the hint.' Darien thought sourly,'Then again, it was a kind of
vague hint.'

"She is too young to hold the cone." Darien stated matter-of-factly, then took his
place behind the stroller, ready to push it as quickly as humanly possible, away.

But the young lady refused to be, uhhh, refused, "I'm sure you can get it in a bowl, if
you ask nicely."

Darien nearly shuddered at the sweet and flirty tone the "if you ask nicely" was in,
then quickly added, "Well, I'm not a very nice person. It's a hopeless cause."

The woman laughed, again, "Tell you what, I'll ask him for you. I am VERY nice. I'll
even pay for it too."

'Shoot! Go away!'

"Oh no, I couldn't. I don't know you well enou-"

"My name is Vicki, I am a Capricorn and I looooove walks in the park!"

"gh" Darien blinked as he realized she had just divulged all that information before he
had even finished the word.

Vicki smiled and tossed him a stomach-turning sweet look before jogging over to the
vendor. The corner of Darien's mouth quirked up for a moment and then he just shook
his head. It was hopeless, he was cursed to be a boy toy for the rest of his life.

Serena's displeasured grunt brought his attention back down to her curly head. She
was still looking darkly at Vicki, who was now animatedly ordering ice cream. She
then looked up at Darien with a, dare he say, cross look on her face?

"Now Serena, you wanted ice cream and now you're getting it. You can't complain
about that." Darien scolded, then grinned crookedly as he smoothed a hand over
unruly, golden curls, "Why do I keep talking to you like your 15?"

Serena's mood suddenly shifted and she was happy and bouncy again. She tugged at the end
of Darien's jacket and cooed a soft little song to him, finding entertainment in the
fabric that only babies can find. She then stretched her arms out to him, wiggling
little fingers at him in want and her mouth wordlessly begging him to pick her up.

Darien couldn't resist the adorable invitation and unbuckled her. Lifting her to sit on
his hip, he nuzzled her nose gently with his. In return, he got a razberry on his
cheek. Darien smiled and held Serena closer, enjoying the feel of being her sole means
of protection for the moment. For the first time that morning, he was enjoying
baby Serena's company.

An attention grabbing cough broke the sweet scene Darien and his little angel made.
He turned to see Vicki standing behind him, giving him a thorough once over. Darien
fought the urge to stare coldly at her and nodded a head towards the cones and bowl in
her hands, "So they do serve in bowls huh?"

"Oh!" Vicki started, instantly bringing her eyes back to his, at least showing a bit
of embarrassment, "Yeah. I took a wild guess and got her chocolate."

"Good guess." Darien muttered, not really interested in conversation.

"Thanks! And I hope you don't mind, but I got you one too." Vicki held a cone of
vanilla out to him.

Darien shook his head, "I'm not a big ice cream fan." but did reach out for the bowl so
he could get something out of this whole nightmare. But Serena interrupted the
transaction by leaning away from him and reaching out for Vicki. Darien stared in wonder
as Vicki squeled in delight.

"Ooooh! She wants me to hold her! Can I?"

Serena made it quite clear that she wouldn't take no for an answer and Darien mumbled
an affirmitive response as he passed his tiny girlfriend to the enemy. Serena looked up
at Vicki and smiled brightly, batting her blue eyes at her.

"I think she likes me!" Vicki breathed, looking at Darien with much meaning, "Is she

"Uhhh, no. I'm just babysitting." Darien said as he eyed Serena warily.

"How sweet. She is just so cute!" Vicki said in baby talk as she pressed her forehead
to Serena's. Serena backed her forehead away and turned her attention to the ice cream
cone in Vicki's other hand, melting in the early afternoon sun.

"Do you babysit a lot?" Vicki asked, turning her full and complete attention to him.

"You can say that." Darien answered, Vicki's sudden new attitude slowly taking his
thoughts from Serena's odd behavior.

"I bet you'll be a great daddy." Vicki cooed- literally cooed.

Panic swelled inside him as Vicki began to advance on him, her words laced with an
obvious meaning, "Uhhh, yeah. People tell me that all the time."

"Of course, you'll have to be married before you can have a baby." Vicki purred -
literally purred - "Then again, marriage isn't an automatic prerequisite, is it?"

Darien swallowed nervously, taking a step backward to each of her steps forward. His
rump finally hit a tree trunk and he suddenly felt very trapped, like a fine, but
sensitive, piece of meat. Sparing a glance around, he saw no means of escape and he
prayed silently to any god that would listen. 'Please God, if you will just get me out
of this, I won't bother Serena about her poor grades for a week, no, a month!'

They seemed to go unanswered as Vicki began to close in for the kill "How would you
like to-"

Darien watched in awe as Vicki's smooth face suddenly twisted into one of shock and
she began to screech. Darien quickly grabbed Serena away from her before she dropped
her, but the baby seemed to be enjoying the show immensely. Vicki flailed around for a
few moments before grabbing her shirt and untucking it from her shorts. A scoop of
ice cream plopped onto the sidewalk between Vicki's legs.

Serena giggled loudly, causing both adults to look at her. Darien couldn't help but
notice Serena's hand was a bit sticky with, if his nose was to be trusted, vanilla
ice cream. The little brat had stuffed an ice cream scoop from the cone Vicki was
holding down Vicki's shirt!

'That's my girl!'

Darien thought as an unholy grin split his face. A chuckle soon followed and soon
Darien was doubled over in laughter, Serena delighting in the show of enthusiasm.
Vicki simply stared in disbelief.

"Why are you laughing? That little brat just put ice cream down my shirt!" Vicki cried
out in outrage.

Darien wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and fought the urge to let laughter
consume him again, then pointed out, "Cuz it was funny."

"It most certainly was not! I'll have you know that this is a very expensive shirt!"

"And I'll have you know that I really don't care." Darien countered, sliding a glance
at Serena, who was looking at Vicki with triumph shining in her eyes.

"Why you-" Vicki struggled to find the word, but couldn't. She finally just let out
an exasperated cry to the heavens and then looked back at Darien, her eyes lethal,
"I'm leaving. I could never date someone who behaved so horribly."

As Vicki stormed off, Darien couldn't help but add sarcasticlly, "Gee, how will I ever go
on living?"

This brought a giggle from Serena, who looked up at him with shining eyes. Darien sighed
as he looked at her pointedly, "You really shouldn't have done that Serena. It wasn't
very nice."

But he couldn't help but think that Serena knew he didn't mean it. She just smiled coyly
at him and bowed her head at the half-hearted scolding.

Which leads us back to the park, where Darien sat in grateful silence, Serena
playing quietly in the grass in front of him. They had headed to the park right after
the interlude with Vicki and had made themselves comfortable. A breeze blew at
Serena's curls, sending them dancing playfully around her head. Darien had tucked a
pink flower from the gardens behind her ear and she looked like a baby elf playing in
the well manicured grass. At first she had scooted all about, forcing Darien to go
after her and bring her back. Serena thought it a game and continued to do so, a tiny
game of tag. But now she just sat on a little tuff of grass by the bench and watched
a ladybug scitter from blade of grass to blade of grass.

"Darien?" a deep female voice called from behind him, drawing his gaze away from

It was Haruka and Michiru, who pushed a stroller with her. Darien immediately
recognized Hotaru to be the occupant. She had gotten bigger since the last time he had
seen her, she was almost a year and a half now.

"Hey there." Darien offered in salutation.

Haruka shook Darien's hand and then asked, "What are you doing here? Is Serena with

Darien tripped over the words as he tried to answer, "Well, kind of."

"Kind of?" Haruka looked about to ask what he meant when a tug at her pant leg brought
her attention downwards. Her eyes were greeted by a blond baby, with bright blue eyes
and a pink flower tucked behind her ear. She smiled up at Haruka and tugged at her pant
leg again, using the fabric as support as she stood on wobbly legs. Haruka stooped to
pick the baby up before she pantsed her, that and to get a good look at the oddly
familiar face.

Michiru also noticed the familiarity and asked Darien suriously, "Darien, is this baby
here with you?"


Michiru and Haruka both looked up at him with surprise, then quickly looked back at
the baby. Suddenly making a connection, Michiru looked back at Darien and then away
in embarrassment as she asked, "Umm, I know that we've been out of loop for while,
but, uh... This baby looks a lot like, errrr-"

"Did you and Serena make this baby?" Haruka interrupted, getting straight to the
point Michiru was trying to make.

Darien blinked, not fully understanding for a few moments. When the impact of her
words finally sank in, Darien instantly put up defending hands in front of him, shaking
his head in fierce denial, "NO! Oh geesh, no!"

Michiru eyed him critically then looked at the baby again, "Then why does this baby look
so much like Serena?"

"Because it is Serena." Darien answered, still in shock over Haruka's accusation.

"What?!" both girls cried in unison.

"Uhhh, you might want to make yourselves comfortable." Darien said, pointing to the

As Hotaru and Serena played in the grass in front of them, both without a care or a
memory of their older selves, Darien explained Serena's situation. When he finished,
Haruka stared at the shrunken princess and Michiru gasped.

"And Ami is positive that it is only temporary?"

Darien nodded, "Yeah, that's what all her readings say."

"Thank goodness. The last thing we need is another baby senshi." Haruka added in dry wit
as she jerked her head in Hotaru and Serena's direction.

Darien nodded in agreement as he leaned his elbows on his knees, watching as Hotaru
held Serena's hands and supported her as Serena lifted herself into an unsteady
standing position. He smiled at the site the two shrunken senshi and wondered if
Hotaru would ever get to grow up to be Serena's age. Well, her real age.

"I hope another monster doesn't attack while Serena is out of comission." Michiru's
worry broke into Darien's thoughts.

"What do you mean?" Haruka, who had been paying attention asked.

"Well, Sailor Moon is still the one who always finishes the monsters. The other
senshi couldn't possibly beat a fully powered demon without her." Michiru

Suddenly, as if the fates were doing it just to spite them, an explosion sounded at
the other end of the park. Darien, Haruka and Michiru immediately knew the reason for
it too. One of those weird 'Eye' people were attacking again. They all stood,
looking towards the battle. Even Serena and Hotaru had stopped their play to
look, instinctively knowing that something was very wrong.

"We must go help them." Michiru said, putting a hand on Haruka's shoulder.

Haruka paused a moment and then nodded her head, "Darien, stay here with the princess
and Hotaru."

Darien wanted to argue, but didn't as Haruka and Michiru took off running towards
the battle. 'Man, why do I always feel like I'm here to baby-sit?'

He turned to pick up Serena and Hotaru. He should get them far from the battle scene,
who knows how far the senshi could be drawn into the park. But when he felt Rini
transform, he ceised the motion. Fear seized his insides, as they always did when
either Rini or Serena transformed.

Darien found himself torn between protecting the two infant senshi and running to
his daughters aid. It had always been so much easier to defeat the monsters when
both Serena and Rini changed, and though Darien had always worried about them, this time
was much different and much more worrisome. This time, Rini didn't have her mother there
to scoop her up and move her from dangers way, or deal the final blow that would save
them all. Finding the cons to outweigh the pros, Darien scooped up both infants as he
ran towards Rini and the battle.

When he got there, he placed both girls behind some bushes and looked at Hotaru with
all seriousness, "Hotaru, I have to go help Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama, I want you to
stay here and keep Serena with you. Do you understand?"

Hotaru looked at the raging war behind him and then at Serena. When she turned her
solemn purple eyes back to Darien's she nodded and then said, "Go, help fwiends."

Darien put a hand on Hotaru's shoulder and smiled. The little girl understood so much
for one her age, then again, she was supposed to be a 10 year-old girl right

He then turned to Serena, who was watching the dust clouds risng above her green haven
in interest. She wasn't scared of the noises of clashing powers and fists, she seemed
to know what they were and what they meant. Darien planted a soft kiss on her downy
curls and then turned to the battle. Pulling a rose from his jacket, he allowed the
magic of his alter ego to run through him.

Soon he stood before them, his mask and top hat in place. He leaped into the trees
around them and found his way to the thick of the fight. They're foe this time was the
one called Tigers Eye. He laughed as he ordered his monster to attack Jupiter and
Mars. Darien halted before throwing the rose to see what the monsters attack was.

On the ground, the frightening clown reached into his oversized pants and pulled out
four fish in each hand, "I am Big Pants and I have a joke you are going to love! It's
called the Fish Fry!"

With that, the clown threw the fish at Jupiter and Mars. They dodged the attack, but
not without sacrificing some of Rei's beloved hair.

"Hey!" Mars called out in fury, then spoke to her friends, "Watch out, those fish
are sharp!"

Tigers Eye chuckled as the clown readied another bunch of fish, "Fish Fry, I'll have
to share that one with Fish Eye." Then he cried out to the senshi, "Dear me, seems like
I have you beat. Even with your new pumpkins here, you don't have the power to destroy
me or Big Pants! Where is your precious Sailor Moon now?"

Big Pants smiled viciously as he threw his arm back, ready to send another onslaught
of razor sharp fishies when a sudden red slash impaled the hand and made him drop his
fish. Big Pants cried out in pain as Tigers Eye looked up at the voice sounding from
the trees;

"How dare you attack this park where babies eat ice cream and people watch their
children play?! You are in need of a changing!"

Mars guffawed and turned to Venus, "Do you think babysitting has gotten to him?"

"What do you think?" Venus snickered.

Tuxedo Mask, obviously done embarrassing himself, jumped down from the trees. Neptune
ran to his side and asked in a hushed voice, "Where are Hotaru and Serena?"

"They are safe." Tuxedo Mask offered, vaguely.

Uranus narrowed her eyes and said menacingly, "If you just left them in the bushes,
I'm gonna..."

Tuxedo Mask swallowed nervously as he shook his head, "What do you take me for Uranus,
a complete moron?"

Uranus looked about to answer, and not in a very affirmitive way for Darien when she
was suddenly whacked upside the head with a foam-rubber bat. She slowly turned her head
to see Big Pants smiling grotesquely at her.

"Play with me!" he demanded.

Uranus clenched her jaw tight and then spoke through her teeth, "Are you ever going
to regret that. World Shaking!"

The attack flew at Big Pants, who stood in a batting position, his big rubber bat in
his hands. As Uranus's attack neared him, he took a mighty swing and sent it flying
over the trees. Everyone watched until it landed, causing a huge explosion. When
they turned back to Big Pants, he was gone.

Suddenly, he appeared before Mercury. He slammed his bat into her, throwing her into a
bush behind her and then advanced to Mars, who didn't have time to react before she was
sent flying into a tree trunk.

He continued to pummel the senshi, acting as if rounding bases in a baseball game. With
all the inner senshi down, Big Pants set his sights on Chibi Moon. He swung his bat
high above his head and laughed evily, then brought it down in a deadly arc.

Tuxedo Mask's cane stopped the death blow, "Tuxedo Mask!" Chibi Moon cried.

"Call Pegasus, Chibi Moon!" he cried, grunting at the exertion of holding Big Pants at

Chibi Moon's pink eyes filled with tears, "What good would it do, without
Sailormoon's attack he is useless! Oh, how I wish she were here!"

The air filled with a wicked laugh as Tigers Eye scoffed, "She's right, you all are
doomed without Sailor Moon. Give up or I'll- Huh?"

Everyone's gaze followed Tigers Eye's to see baby Hotaru standing in front of him.
She looked up at him darkly and then stuck her tongue out at him.

"Hotaru!" Uranus and Neptune cried in unison.

"You a bad, bad man!" Hotaru pointed out calmly, giving Tigers Eye a stern look.

Tigers Eye smirked, "Yeah, I am. And what are you going to do about it, squirt?"

Hotaru crossed her arms in front of her chest and said with a shrug, "Me distwaction."


Seeing that the blond man in front of her clearly didn't get it, Hotaru hooked her
thumb over her shoulder. Tigers Eye and the senshi's gaze followed to see Serena
sitting right next to Big Pants, her eyes filled with curiosity.

Big Pants was delighted to have the new play thing and dropped his bat, causing Tuxedo
Mask to fall backwards. Chibi Moon immediately dropped to her knees beside him.

"Ooooh! Aren't you pretty? Want to play?" Big Pants cooed, Serena giggled, then took
a hold of his ankle.

The pleased expression on Big Pants' face began to melt as a tiny moon symbol appeared
on Serena's forehead. The clown monster began to flail and scream, but he couldn't seem
to escape Serena's tiny grasp. The area began to shine around them and Big Pants let out
a final wail before disintigrating before them all. As the light faded, Serena clapped
her hands gleefully and then looked at Tigers Eye before sticking her tongue out at him.

"I've been beaten by a couple of infants! Oh, the guys will never let me forget
this!" Tigers Eye cried before leaping into his circle of fire.

Nobody moved for a minute, they all just stared at Serena and Hotaru before Uranus
whacked Tuxedo Mask upside the head, "I can't believe you just left them in the bushes!"

^_~ ^_~ ^_~ ^_~ ^_~ ^_~

Darien sighed heavily as he threw himself onto his couch, Serena snuggled on his chest.
She was changed, bathed, fed and burped, all together a very happy baby. Darien felt
like he would probably need a crane to lift him up in the morning.

After the whole park thing, Serena conked out. She deserved it though. Darien chuckled
as he thought of how even as a baby, she was one the bravest soldiers ever. She slept
then, wearing only a diaper and holding fistfuls of his shirt. Her curls drifted into
her eyes, and Darien brushed them out of the way with gentle fingers. She wriggled
then, causing Darien's hand to still momentarily before falling back into deep

Darien sighed again as he felt his eyelids grow heavy. He mentally counted off things
he had better do before he fell asleep; check on baby formula, make sure he had
enough diapers in the morning...yawn!...doors locked...clean clotheeeesssss...zzzzzzzzzz

Darien drifted off, completely unaware that the baby on top of him had just grown a
few inches.

^_~ ^_~ ^_~ ^_~ ^_~

Serena yawned and stretched as she slowly opened her eyes, wincing slightly at the
obtrusive light. She felt like she had been sleeping forever. The last thing
she remembered was fighting that monster Saturday morning...

Goosebumps rose on her flesh and Serena scowled as she reached for her covers. But
they weren't there. 'What the heck? What is going on....' Serena finally pried her
eyes open and took in her surroundings.

'Hey this is Darien's apartment!' Serena thought as she looked around. It didn't take
to long to notice that she had been sleeping in Darien's apartment, on his couch- or to
be more precise, on Darien- and that she was completely naked.


Darien woke with a jolt, sitting up suddenly. The last thing he had expected was to
be slapped back down suddenly, a hand placed firmly over his eyes.

"No, don't you dare look!" he heard a happily familiar voice demand.

"Serena! You're back!" Darien cried, and in his joy reached out to hold her.

He was rewarded with Serena's ear-drum shattering shriek, "No, absolutely no
physical contact until I am fully clothed!"

"Fully-?" Darien began, then realized that when she had grown back to her full size
again, her cotton and plastic covering her butt must have popped right off. So she
was naked, how...interesting.

"Where can I find something to wear?" Serena asked shakily.

Darien smiled, "Borrow a shirt of mine or something. I doubt anything the girls
brought over will fit you."

He heard her hesitate then breath out a sigh as she said, "Fine. Close your eyes."

Darien grinned even wider as he squeezed his eyes shut. She paused, feeling with her
palm to make sure that he had complied with her orders before taking off. He heard
the padding of her feet and then the sound of dresser drawers opening before he opened
his eyes.

He got up and went to the kitchen, looking for something for her to eat, because
knowing Serena, she would be starving. From his room, he heard a THUNK and then
her muttered curse. Chuckling, Darien threw some old pizza into the microwave. He
heard Serena enter the room and he finally got to look at her in all her grown-up
glory. And he had to admit, she looked really cute in one of his over-sized t-shirts.

Her blue eyes, which hadn't changed really, looked warily at him and her long blonde
hair hung loose around her shoulders, brushing the ground. She rubbed her forehead
and mumbled, "I bumped my head on your dresser."

Darien laughed and took her into the circle of his arms, "Here." he whispered,
before kissing her bump.

Serena blinked in confusion, then smiled because, heck, it felt better, "Do you
have anything to -"

The microwave beeped and Darien pulled out the plate and handed it to her. Serena
giggled as she blew on the hot pizza, "What are you, a mind reader?"

"No, I just know my Serena." Darien said, lifting his arms to hang lazily on her

Serena gazed up at him at that and then set down her untouched pizza, "Ummm, what is
going on? First of all, I wake up naked, in your apartment, sleeping on your couch
with you. Then I find at least four bumps on my head that I don't remember getting in
the first place. I feel like I haven't had any solid food in me for days and there is
a whole bunch of baby stuff in your room."

Darien stared in amazement, "You mean you don't remember anything that's happened to you
in the last two days?"

"No, the last thing I remember was fighting that monster Saturday morning."
Serena explained, a puzzled expression crossing her features.

Darien shook his head impishly before leading her to the living room, "We'd better sit
down for this. It's a long story and just thinking about it is making me dizzy."

I'll save you the details. Sigh, this was longer then I first expected. Anyway, tell
me what you think! kamikaze_bunny_eater@yahoo.com

Muchos Smoochos