Muahahahahahahaaaaaa! I'M BAAAACCCCKK!

Now that I have desecrated the beloved songs of Christmas, ransacked the morals of the Paris Opera Company by putting them in disastrous situations involving liquor and parties, I now come to you with a much more innocent approach. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. It is now the time to delve our minds back into the memories of childhood and desecrate the well loved fairy tales and nighttime stories of Mother Goose and other such fables. Be warned, fair readers of POTO Phictions, for what lies beyond is silly, completely off the wall, and heavily embarrassing for the characters of our most beloved story of woe. Read. Laugh. Cry if you will. But do not hold me responsible for what ensues, dear friends; for I am tired and I've had a lot to drink. (