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A Dish Best Served…


Lois twisted her ear ring discretely, looking at the small girl

coloring at her desk with intense purpose, as though it were the

only work in the world to be done. People swirled around the news

room, not really taking notice of the odd sight at the Lane-Kent


"I can't believe you did this, Clark," she said calmly, trying to

hide the anger in her voice. The sweet edge, however, made her true

feelings apparent.

Clark innocently typed away at his computer, pretending not to

notice her ire. "Well, I owed a favor to a friend, and his wife's

having a baby, and they think she spends too much time around her

grandfather, and we like kids? so?"

"We are busy people. THREE DAYS?" Lois looked at the little

creature, shocked. "Doesn't she have any other relatives?"

Clark was a bit smug in his reply. "She's a special little girl who

Requires… special supervision."

"Clark Kent, we are busy people. We don't have time to

give `special' kids supervision," his wife informed him.

"Mara, honey?" Clark started innocently. "Do you feel like telling

Aunt Lois how much explosives you'd use to blow up this safe under

my desk?"

The girl put down her orange crayon, and wandered over. She looked

at the small off-white painted box closely. "Pends on which gauge of

steel. C4's real good, and don't need lots, cuz ya get it in that

crack there, and it busts the weld. Kablewy, real good." She looked

up, smiling anxiously for approval.

For her efforts, Clark gave her a pat on the head.

"Children shouldn't be allowed near that man," Lois whispered


"Grandpa says you're nosy and you talk too much," the girl reported

innocently. "He knows everything."

Lois' eyes narrowed. "And to think I used to flirt with that man."

"Keeping her for a few days is revenge enough," Clark said sagely.

* * *

Bruce attempted to continue working at his desk, but the little

bundle of energy in front of him simply would not permit it.

"He said I could be his sidekick!" Mara told her grandfather

excitedly. She unzipped her light purple jacket and showed off her

blue and gold Superman t-shirt. "Can I be Uncle Clark's sidekick? He

asked me how ta blow up a safe, and we painted nails…"

She showed off her purple fingernails. "An' we had candy apples. I

like them. They're real good. Alfie should make `em fer dinner. An'

yesterday, when we were at the street fair, Uncle Clark lemme beat

up a mugger all by myself `afore Superman came down and walloped the

baddie. You shoulda seen it; I thought Aunt Lois was gunna pee

herself. She said you're a dirty man, an' you should shu-up an' let

her do her job.

"An' I'm gunna be Superman's sidekick…" She began taking coloring

books out of her bear back pack to show off.

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose. "Are you going to ask how your

mother or brother are doing?"

The girl looked at him blankly. "Why'd I do that?"

"Because you want to know how they're doing?" he asked, attempting

to lead her.

"Naw. I'm gunna be Superman's sidekick…" She pulled a Superman

coloring book out of her back pack, and a teddy bear with a cape.

Bruce looked past the small child to the rather smug man standing

behind her. "Thank you, EVER so much, Clark. I'm not sure how we

would have survived this time without you."

Clark Kent gave a small salute. "You know me, Bruce. I live to