Harry Potter and the Great War.

Chapter One

"Remus! What are you doing here?"

"It has started Harry." Remus pushed past him into the house. "Where is everyone?"

"My Aunt and Uncle had a dinner party and Dudley is upstairs on the telephone." Harry Potter, a soon to be 16 year old, watched the man he considered to be part of his only 'true' family left, pace the kitchen in a fluster.

"Pack. Take everything you'll need."

"But Remus, I only just-."

"Harry, spell or no spell, you are still vulnerable here." He began patting his pockets for something. "Damn it! Where is Tonks?"

"Sorry Remus!" Tonks, full name Nymphadora Tonks, was a young auror witch, of whom Harry also considered part of his non-blood-related family, stumbled inside. "My broom got blown a little bit off course."

"Is it just the two of you?" Harry asked, motioning them to follow him upstairs to his room.

"Unfortunately." Remus pulled a piece of paper from his pocket. "Severus wanted to come but he's been injured."

"Snape was injured?" Harry asked, half worried, half overjoyed.

Tonks sighed, opening Harry's closet. "He was attacked coming to Headquarters."

"By what?"

"Not Death Eaters, thank god." Remus sighed tossing some books in on top of the clothes that Tonks had jus tossed into Harry's open trunk.

"I suppose he's staying at Headquarters then?" Harry asked.

"Yes, on Dumbledore's orders of course. Do we have everything?" Remus nodded, while closing the lid of Harry's trunk.

"If I don't, oh well." Harry knew he should be frightened, but he wasn't. He was being strong, not only for himself, but for the all of the Magic-world.

"I can't wait until you can apperate." Remus sighed, and with the help of Tonks, began to carry the trunk down to the kitchen.  "Got your wand?"

"Always, Remus." Harry assured him.

"Lets go then."


An hour or so later, the three looked up at number 12 Grimmauld Place. Since Sirius's fateful death, the house seemed…well…brighter perhaps. Harry could tell, even from the outside, that someone had been busy cleaning, and making it inhabitable. He wondered if Kreacher was still around. He knew he probably was.

"Now I want to be quiet. Mrs. Black is as bad, and annoying as she ever has been. We still can't get her painting down, and Severus hasn't been very…err…pleasant since his accident, and isn't pleased with being laid up in the house all the time." Remus spoke, tapping the handle of his broomstick against the pavement.

A minute later, Remus was setting their brooms in a tall umbrella holder near the door, calling. "Severus? Molly? Arthur?"

"Are Hermione and Ron here?" Harry asked hopefully.

"No, not for a few more weeks yet." Remus led Harry and Tonks into the kitchen. Harry saw, as he passed the living room, that Severus Snape, his dreaded Potions professor, was asleep in the chair, shirtless, with bloodstained bandages around his right arm, and his stomach. A pencil was dangling from his fingers, and a notebook was in his lap. He could see that the page was nearly filled, and that the notebook was nearly filled, judging from the number of pages on either side of the covers.

"Is he OK?" Harry asked, as they entered the kitchen, where Tonks picked up a note from Molly and looked it over, before handing it to Remus, who murmured it aloud.

Remus, Tonks, and Harry,

   Severus was sleeping when we left. Be back later this week, with Hermione (her letter is on top of the refridgerator (Harry, you must tell me how to spell that). Left some dinner for you all in the oven, if you're hungry, and baked some muffins for your for breakfast. Stop by tomorrow near lunch.


Molly Weasley.

Remus pocketed the letter away, and pulled out the plates of food for them all from the oven.  "Hungry Harry?"

Never one to turn down Mrs. Weasley's excellent cooking, Harry sat down next to Remus, as they heard Severus curse, and stand from his chair, before clomping into the kitchen in his (what Harry thought to be-) dragon-hide pants, and combat-type boots.

"Evening Severus." Remus spoke to him through a forkful of spaghetti.

"Sleep well?" Tonks asked.

Severus grunted at them both, and threw his notebook into the trash bin, before murmuring under his breath. "Stupid worthless…crap job…fine mess I've got…dumbest damn…blood mother-."

"Severus!" Remus quickly stood before his sentences became anymore understandable, and got the notebook from the trash. "What's wrong with you? You begged us to get this for you out of your office!"

"It's worthless Remus. Put it back in the bin." Severus sounded bitter (then again, Harry thought, he usually did).

"What do you mean? You haven't even tried any of these things."

"Remus…there is no part of the body, on any animal, no herb or plant, that can aid me in what I need, no what WE need it to do."

"Well don't worry!" Remus assured him. "I'm sure that Flitwick will work out a charm, or spell." Remus watched him as Severus moved to the sink, where he began to remove the bandages. "Do you have to do that here?" Remus turned away from the sight.

The actions of the two grown men puzzled Harry. Tonks however, seemed unfazed by the two.

"Have to do it here, Lupin." Severus said. "That portrait that Mrs. Black hung in her bathroom screams about me getting my filthy traitorous blood on her porcelain sink." The injuries looked horrible on his arm. Three large gashes, very close together, as though done with fingernails of some kind, looked to be deep, but not infected or anything. He seemed to be doing something right.

Remus sighed, pulling some more bandaging from the First-aid drawer. "Do you want some help?"

"No." Severus poured a bit of rubbing alcohol over his wound, without flinching (Harry remembered the time when he was young, and had cut open his leg on something, and Aunt Petunia had poured loads of the stuff over it…felt like salt almost, burning into his skin).

Tonks set her plate on the counter. "Well, I'm off to bed then. Good night gentlemen."

"Good night Tonks." Remus nodded at her while Severus grunted.

"Good night Tonks." Harry spoke after he had gulped down half his glass of water.

"Oh, Remus…before you sit down, would you mind going to get me my crushed Shebmory? It's among the things inside-."

"I'll find it." Remus assured him, and exited the kitchen after Tonks.

Severus turned to lean against the edge of the sink, with a towel pressed against his slowly bleeding wounds.

"So…" Severus spoke gruffly in the direction of Harry. "Err…how's you summer been?"

Harry was surprised, but answered quickly, least he get the Professor annoyed. "Fine Sir.

"Cut the Sir, and Professor crap, Potter. It's summer vacation." He turned to the sink to run some more alcohol over the wound. "Dumbledore wish us to continue our occlumency classes. He has gotten special permission from the Ministry for you, Miss Granger, and Mr. Weasley to use magic this summer, as long as you'll be here under supervision for the majority of the summer."

"That sounds fine…err…"

Severus sighed. "You may call me Snape, or Severus, but don't get used to it Potter."

"Well if we're going to be using those kind of names, perhaps you should begin calling me Harry?" Harry felt his temper rising.

"I am in no mood to argue right now." Severus turned to Harry. "What do you say to an hour a day?"

"That sounds fine…Snape."

"Very good, Potter." Snape nodded. "And as long as you, Miss…Hermione, and I are going to be cooped up here by ourselves most of the time for the next few years, what do you say to err…working on your potions a bit? I see you've signed up for my N.E.W.T classes."

"Alright." Harry nodded. "That sounds fine."

"Good." Snape nodded, as Remus returned, brandishing a large bottle filled with a purple sort of herb.

"I dare say, Severus! Do you honestly need THIS much?" Remus plunked the bottle down with a hollow type sound on the counter top.

"Buying in bulk is cheaper, Remus. You know that, and you will also remember that it is a key ingredient in YOUR particular potion, so I happen to go through plenty of it." Severus began to pour some of the purple herb into his palm, and rub it into his skin (it somehow liquefied, and dripped into his wounds, making them glow purple). "Now if you will kind stop nagging me, you pompous old-." He seemed to not be directing the insults to anyone in particular.

Harry watched as Remus sighed, and Severus began to rewrap his arm. A moment later, he was unwrapping he wounds on his stomach.

The wounds on Severus's stomach where much worse then those on his arm. They where longer, and deeper. They looked kind of puffy, but not infected. They bled slowly down his skin, as the pressure that had been applied to them was taken off. Severus tossed the bloody bandages into the trashcan.

"Do you need another towel?" Remus whispered, looking away from the wounds.

"No." Severus turned away to wash the wounds without having to look at the pain that seemed to be flashing over Remus's eyes.

"Are you finished Harry?" Remus tried to sound cheerful, but Harry could still see the feelings that where flashing across Remus's face.

"Err…yea." Harry carried his plate to the counter top, where he sat it on top of Tonks's plate. "I think I'll be off to bed then. Same room as usual?"

"Of course Harry." Remus nodded. "I've already carried your trunk upstairs."

"Good night then." Harry nodded at the two.

Severus grunted again, and Remus gave him a smile. "Sleep well Harry."

Harry heard Severus grunt at Remus after he had exited the kitchen. "You've never told me to sleep well."

"Don't be bitter Severus." Remus's voice sounded heartfelt.

Harry leaned near the door to over hear the conversation.

"I'm allowed my bitter days, Lupin."

"We're alone now. You don't have to call me Lupin." Remus whispered.

"Don't get on my nerves."

"Does it hurt, Severus?"

"Yes it bloody hurts."

"More then-."

Remus didn't have to finish his sentence. "Nothing hurts worse then that, Remus Lupin!"

Remus was quiet for a moment, and Harry heard some footsteps, and just about jumped a foot in the air, as Severus's cruel looking face suddenly pushed the door open.

"AH!" Harry screamed suddenly falling on his backside.

"You'll do well to remember I am very good at what I am hired to do for the Order, Potter." Severus snapped. "Ever try to listen in on a private conversation again, and I will 'personally' see to your expulsion."

"S-s-sorry…Professor. I-I-."

"Go to bed Harry." Remus suddenly stepped in front of Severus, pushing him back into the kitchen. "Don't mind Severus. He's just-."

Harry didn't have to be told twice. He raced up the stairs, to the room he had shared with Ronald Weasley the summer before, and part of Christmas Vacation as well, the first Christmas he had ever spent away from Hogwarts.

Harry closed the door tightly behind him, and changed into his pajamas, before climbing into bed. Although he had recently taken to sleeping in the near nude, being stalked upon in the middle of the night by Kreacher, the house-elf of the Black Manor, while completely naked, did not sit well with him.

As he lay back into the pillows, he wondered what Remus and Severus were talking about at that very moment…


The next morning, Harry awoke, to find that a few large muffins had been set on a plate, and set next to his bed, along with a glass of orange juice, and a short note from Remus, which he read as he picked at the muffin.


  Ran into Diagon Alley for a few things for the week. If you find that you need anything, Molly will be running in as well next Wensday. Stay in the house with Severus! I know he's not exactly the best person to be cooped in a house with, but I'll be back soon enough. Tonks is at the ministry offices, but should be back for lunch. See you in a few hours.


Harry sighed. Great. Stuck in a house with Severus Snape for hours on end… Then he thought, maybe he would get an Occlumency lesson? He'd been practicing as often as he could, knowing how important it was now.

"POTTER!" Severus's voice rang up the stairs. "I know you are awake up there!"

"Coming…err…Serverus!" Harry knew that calling him Sir, or Professor would only anger him more.

A few minutes later, the two stood in the living room.

"Lets work on Occlumency for awhile, if you don't mind." Severus seemed a little pleased to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

"Sure." Harry nodded. He cleared his mind, but he felt as though there were still some kind of a doorway in his mind left open, just a crack…and he found it impossible to shut it.

"Are you ready Harry?" Severus took out his wand.

"Yes." Harry again tried to closer his mind out.

"Legilimes!" Severus called.

The visions of Remus showing up the night before suddenly raced over Harry's mind.

"Protego!" Harry yelled back.

Suddenly, a very odd vision crossed his eyes. It was of a Woman in large room, and a large bed. Severus was seen weeping at her side. Then it was of a Teenaged Severus, being hung upside down (Harry had seen this one before), struggling to keep his robes up over his dingy colored underwear, before it was of a young Severus, kissing a…

"STOP IT!" Severus ended before Harry could see who it was that the teenaged Severus had been kissing. "None of that was any of your business Potter! I've warned you before of using that spell during these sessions!"

"Sorry." Harry picked up his wand from where he had dropped it a moment before. "It was the only thing I could think of… Who was the woman? In the bed?"

Severus pressed a hand to his stomach, for a moment, before snapping. "Not that it's any of your business Potter, but it was mother." Harry knew that he had struck a nerve, but continued.

"And the…person? In the last thought?"

"MY PERSONAL LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS POTTER!" Severus yelled, waking Mrs. Black in her portrait..

"FILTHY BLOOD IN THE HOUSE OF BLACK! HOW DARE YOU TAKE OVER MY GOOD HOUSE-!" Severus closed the door to the living room.

"Clear your mind Potter." Severus seemed to have calmed. "Clear your mind, and lets begin again.

Again, Harry could not seem to close something in his mind.

"Legilime!" Severus called.

It took a moment, but Harry seemed to keep him out of his thoughts.

"Very good Potter. Quite an improvement." Severus pulled back.

"Thank you." Harry nodded.

Severus looked at the lock. Only fifteen minutes had passed. "One more go?"

"Sure." Harry cleared his mind.

Severus called the spell again, and this time images from dreams that Harry had been having seemed to float over both of their minds.

"Protego!" Harry pointed his wand at Severus.

The images again changed, and Harry found himself looking at Severus…in bed, only this time older, recently even, with a…

"No!" Harry broke off the connection this time, and found Severus had fallen back into the recliner, clutching his left arm, where Harry could see that the mark of the death eater was burning.

Harry didn't care.

"Did I see what I think I just saw?" Harry's voice was cruel, and unfeeling.

Severus groaned, and began clawing at the mark in some kind of frenzy. "Potter, I'll answer all of your questions, but now is NOT the time."

Harry's eyes were hard, as he turned from the room, and threw open the doors to where Mrs. Black was still screeching.

Kreacher stood on the bottom step, agreeing with her.

"Why if it is not Harry Potter!" Kreacher stood up. "Has come back he has, to the house of Black! To muck it up with his powers, he has! Kreacher is not glad to see him he is not. Harry Potter has locked Kreacher out of his room he has."

Mrs. Black seemed to have stopped screaming now, and was primping herself in the picture.

"I noticed that the Professor is in a bit of pain…" She smiled evily at him. "Hurt much?"

"Shut up you old hag." Harry stormed up the stairs, shoving past Kreacher to his room.

"Evil…vile little…" Mrs. Black had started up again.


"REMUS LUPIN!" Harry threw open the door of the bathroom later that night, when he knew that he and Remus could talk in private.

Remus was in the shower and peeked out a bit, "Err…Harry, do you mind? I'm…kind of busy."

"Remus, I don't care. Do you have 'any' idea what I saw today?"

"Well yes actually. Severus told me." Remus shut the water off, and awkwardly got the towel from where it sat on the toilet seat, trying not to expose himself.

Harry sighed, and turned around. "Would either of you care to explain to me what I saw today?"

"Oh god Harry…please don't tell me I have to…err…give you the talk."

"No you don't have to give me the talk! I know perfectly well what the two of you were doing in that memory! What I would like to know is what you were DOING with him in that memory!"

"Well…um…" Remus pushed back the shower curtain, the towel wrapped around his chest, and hung down to his knees (Harry could tell he was shy about his appearance, and perhaps even his 'assets', but he didn't really care at the moment). "Harry, really…could I at least get…err…presentable first? I swear, as soon as I'm dressed I'll tell you everything…well okay, I'll leave out some details to spare you the disgust, but otherwise, everything."

Begrudgingly, Harry stepped outside, while Remus got dried off and dressed.

A few minutes later, the two sat in Remus's bedroom.

"Okay," Remus sighed sitting on the edge of his bed, looking at Harry, who sat in a comfortable chair across from him. "It all started in our Fifth year at Hogwarts. James was being cruel to him, and one day in the hallway he stopped me, to badger me about being a prefect and doing nothing to stop James from…well, hurting him, and embarrassing him." Remus's face was downcast. "I told him right then and there that I had no control over James and Sirius, but I promised I would never hurt him the way they did. He asked me why not. I replied, because I liked him…And I didn't mean in a…err…well…friendly sort of way. I meant in a romantic kind of way. You've seen him as a teenager, and you can't tell me that even as a straight-man you don't see that he must be even a little bit desirable." Remus's face brightened slightly, and he continued.

"Anyway, after that, it seemed that we bumped into each other more often when we were alone. In the hallways, in the library, after classes, after dinner…In Hogsmead. You have to understand, I rarely went to Hogsmead as a child, because of my…err…condition. Dumbledore tried to schedule them as far away from the full moon as possible to make sure that I could go, but there was always some kind of a conflict. So…one Holiday, it was Christmas I believe, in our 6th year, James and Sirius had gone home, and I was left on my own in the Gryffindor tower. Those days were rough for families, and everyone usually went home…well, the entire house was empty for the Holiday, as was Slytherin Tower, except for Severus…well, I suspected that Dumbledore knew then that Severus and I were…well…interested in each other, and he suggested that Severus move into the Gryffindor house for the remainder of the Holiday…just so that we'd have company, you see. Well…it turns out…that we did keep each other…a lot of company." Remus coughed, and went on.

"For the next year, Severus and I saw as much of each other as possible, where ever we could. Unfortunatly, at the end of 7th year…we had to split up, because…well…there were just to many things going on. I was going for an Aurors degree with James, while Sirius was trying for Curse-breaking for Gringotts, and Lily was trying to become a Healer. Severus…Severus had different plans. That summer, he joined ranks with Voldemort as Head-Potions maker and defensive planner. Little do you know, but…even though he was working with Dumbledore at the time, Severus still made the plans for the attack on your parents house.

"Don't get angry with him, Harry. He didn't mean for the both to be killed. You see, Dumbledore was forming a plan to stop Voldemort once and for all…but…they arrived to late. It was also Severus who pulled you from the burning house, and deliver the news to Dumbledore that Voldemort was gone, even if for only awhile. We all knew that he would come back some how. Anyway, after all of that happened, and I got my teaching degree, and came to work at Hogwarts in your third year, I…well…I tried to patch things up with Severus. He was angry at me of course, thought I should hate the sight of him for having killed my best friends, but…I can't stay angry with Severus, you see. My life with out being with him at all was so horrible. No one would give me a job, and…transformation isn't exactly glamorous without his potion." Remus cringed. "Eventually, he forgave me, and started off again… Then, last summer, when we started up the Order again…we got into an argument. I wanted him to stay here with me, so I that I could be around him and keep an eye on him. Sirius didn't like that idea at all. You see, Sirius never liked Severus, and never understood what I could see in him….

"Eventually, Severus left, and went back to Hogwarts to teach for the year, although I saw him off and on… But then, when term let out, and he came to stop by headquarters for a meeting….he was attacked, as you know… I've…I've been taking care of him I guess." Remus stopped, and looked up at Harry's hard eyes. "Oh Harry! This is so stupid! It's not like I'm a child, having relations with a Professor! We're the same age, Severus and I!"

"You're…you're like my Uncle or something!" Harry stood up suddenly. "And you're off having sex-capades with my POTIONS professor? The one Professor in all of Hogwarts that I hate with some kind of fury!"

"Harry!" Remus stood up suddenly. "You don't hate him! You can't hate him!"

"Why not?" Harry snapped.

"Oh my.." Remus clamped his hands over his mouth. "I really shouldn't be telling you this at all! Why are we talking about this? Change the subject!"

"Why shouldn't I hate Snape?"

"Oh dear…" Remus sighed. "Oh dear, oh dear… I really can't say anything to you Harry! It isn't my place! Dumbledore, or Severus will tell you when they feel it's the time for you to know!"

"What are you talking about Remus!" Harry asked. "Tell me! Tell me now!" He took out his wand. "I'll hex you! And I won't get in trouble for it either! I have permission to use Magic this summer!"

"Oh dear…Oh my…" Remus was flustered, shaking his hands out. "Harry…Oh god…Harry, ask Severus, not me. I don't want to get into this."

"TELL ME LUPIN!" Harry yelled. He had never called Remus "Lupin" before, but Remus could tell that he was very angry, and annoyed.

"Harry…well…it's just…oh god…Harry, Snape isn't…well…he isn't who you think he is."

"What do you mean?" Harry's voice was cold, dropping to the floor like ice, and shattering upon the floor.

"Oh dear…well Harry…"


"Severus…Oh god Severus, he was very insistent…I think you'd better tell him right now…"


"Severus, honestly…He's 16 years old…"

"He is NOT sixteen years old for another 4 days!"

"He's old enough to know!" Remus insisted.

"Old enough to know WHAT?" Harry asked.

"What is all the yelling?" Tonks asked, suddenly running into the room, and tripping over the rug. "AH!"

"Oh god…" Remus sighed, racing to help Tonks up. "Are you alright?"

"Fine Remus. What's going on here?"
"Well…err…we were going to tell…to tell Harry…the thing."

"WHAT THING?!" Harry yelled.

"Perhaps," Severus looked from Harry to Remus. "We should wait until the headmaster is here?"

"No need Severus." Dumbledore suddenly swooped in. "Just got here. Heard that Molly was cooking stroganoff for dinner. Couldn't resist."

Dumbledore looked well, but Harry could tell that something was bothering him.

"Severus," Dumbledore spoke softly. "It is time to tell the boy."

"Tell the boy what?" Severus spoke stubbornly. "I don't want him to know."

"Severus…" Dumbledore crossed his arms. "Stop acting like a child."

"Dumbledore, I only just found out myself! I don't…I know you're trying to help me, but…"

"Severus…" Dumbledore was insistent.

"Oh god, fine!" Severus threw his hands in the air, before placing them on his hips, and turning towards Harry. "Alright, you little guttersnipe. Listen, and listen very well, because I am only going to tell you this ONE TIME. If you want it repeated for you, you'll have to talk to your lovely Headmaster here. I slept with Lily Potter, and we had an affair for several weeks. You are not James Potter's son. Lily preformed a gene-altering charm, so no one…so no one…oh god. Dumbledore you…you tell him." Severus stumbled from the room, to the bathroom, where everyone heard him throwing up, followed by the cackles of Mrs. Black's photo.

"I…I…I'm his…his son." Harry was flabbergasted. "I'm Severus Snape's son?!"

"Harry, calm down." Dumbledore held him back. "We were going to tell you as soon as you got here…but…but Severus told us he needed some time to adjust. We just found a bundle of your mother's letters to your Aunt Petunia, explaining the situation...the letters however, where never sent. They would found in a compartment in her old desk in her room the castle." Dumbledore pulled him to the bed.

"But…but. I'm…I'm still me right?"

"Well…yes. Of course you'll always be you…but Severus will be appointed your legal guardian by the Ministry."

"No! I can't! What of that spell between Aunt Petunia and I?"

"As long as you still continue to visit the house every year, and Number Four still remains in your mind, as your home…the spell will work perfectly fine."

"Does this…does this mean that…that I'll be…staying with Snape from now on though?"
"I'm afraid so Harry." Dumbledore nodded. "But! Severus will be staying here for the remainder of vacation, due to his injuries."

"But…I don't understand. He…he's with Remus…Why would he be…be with…with my Mum?"

Dumbledore pursed his lips. "I'm afraid Harry, that those are questions you will have to ask your…your father."

"I'll go check on him Headmaster." Remus turned from the room quietly, and went to the bathroom, where he quietly knocked on the door, and allowed himself in.

"Professor Dumbledore…the spell…will it ever…you know, wear off?"

"No." Dumbledore shook his head. "You can however take potions if you would like to see your…err…truly meant image."

"No." Harry shook his head. "I just…I just wanted to make sure that…Well, whatever."

"Come Harry…I dare say that all this excitement has made me a bit hungry." Dumbledore stood. "Lets go get a bit of Molly's fine cooking. You too Tonks." He put a hand on either of their shoulders, and led them from the sounds of Remus's comforting voices through the heavy door, Mrs. Black's vile laughter, and the occasional sound of Severus throwing up.

Severus did not join them for dinner that night. Remus however, came down a few minutes after the others had, making the excuse that Severus was not hungry and he would take something upstairs to him later.

The table was unusually quiet, no thanks to Dumbledore's efforts to start a conversation.

"All right, this is ridiculous!" Dumbledore tossed his napkin down, and sighed. "Just because we've delivered a bit of news to a few people, doesn't mean we all have to effected! Most of us already knew!"

"Beg your pardon, Albus, but…" Remus sighed. "Maybe Severus was right. We should have waited."

"Oh come now! Harry would have figured it out anyway."

"Was my mom smitten with…with, Snape?" Harry asked quietly.

"Err…" Remus looked down at his plate. "Perhaps we should discuss this some other time, Harry?"

"No, I want to know. Did she really love him, or was she just feuding with my Dad…err…James?"

Remus sighed. "Severus was angry with me about something, and Lily…Lily had always had a soft spot when it came to Severus. She'd fancied him since the first day on the train. They had sat in a car together, although Severus wasn't interested in her at all. James was jealous….It was why he was always fighting with Severus…." Remus looked down at his food, and pushed it away. "I'm not hungry anymore. Delicious Molly, but I can't eat right now."

"Understandable Remus." Molly got up, and took away everyone's plates, since no one was eating.

"One evening, Severus shows up at Lily and James's place…well, James had just left in a huff, because Lily wasn't cooperating about his latest scheme and well…to get back at him for being such a fool…they…err…shagged a bit."

"Thanks for leaving out the gruesome details." Harry's voice was biting, and sarcastic.

"Anyway, over the next weeks, while James was still off somewhere, and Severus and I were fighting, they er…shagged a bit more, and a few months later, Lily found out she was pregnant. She knew it was Severus's, because the dates matched up. She quickly preformed a Gene-altering charm, which transformed a Snape baby, into well, a Potter baby…and that's how it all happened…At least to my knowledge. She never told James before he died. He wouldn't care I don't think. Honestly, I don't think James was ABLE to have children, but that's besides the point." Remus looked at the table, and then up at Harry. "The truth is Harry, is that…Severus didn't care for your mother the way she always hoped that he would. At one point she finally understood that, and that's why she began to go with James, and why they finally got married like James had always knew they would…" Remus looked away. "There was a prophecy with James's name on it too you see…" Remus repeated the memorized words.

"He who marries on a day in June, is destined to wed a woman who does not desire him for himself. The two will bear a child that is not their own, but his of a another mans…" Remus looked up at the startled faces, and shook his head. "James never heard the prophecy. He knew there was one, but…he was never interested in that. Sirius and I broke into the Department of Mysteries one night and accidentally broke it open… We were the only two who ever heard it. By that point, James was already married, and everyone knew that Lily was with child…It wasn't until we were leaving the office, and looked at the box…that we knew it was James's prophecy."

Harry looked at the scrubbed wood table. "I'm over it now."

"Good." Dumbledore pulled his plate back. "Then lets finish this delicious meal, and play a game of oh…exploding snap, or Gobstones, mmm?"