'What are you talking about Sydney?' Anya asked in an exasperated tone. She had long since abandoned reading her novel, as her young, impertinent brother sat at the edge of her bed. He shook his head.

'Just sayin' gov'ner Milligan's gonna have a fit when he sees you tomorrow, sa'll!' he said as he stood up and walked to the door. Anya frowned.

'Don't be ridiculous! And stop talking like a street sweep! Rubbish like that never account for anything and mother will be the one having a fit when she hears!' Anya said setting her novel onto her nightside table and reaching to blow out her candle. She heard Sydney heave a great sigh.

'The way you act, you'd swear you're already a hundred years old!' Syd said making a rude face. Anya returned the gesture.

'I am turning ten tomorrow! That's a double digit!'

'By the time you're twenty you'll be even more of a prude!' Syd spat, before he slammed the door. Anya stared after him and lent back under her heavy sheets. What was she supposed to do? Act as though she were some explorer or soldier, like her brother did. If she was to enter high society one day, she would have to begin practice as soon as possible.

She barely noticed the breeze that blew her candle out and felt herself settle back and lay her head against the rough cotton pillow, as she settled into a dreamless sleep.

**************************************************************************** ******

'MAURA ANASTASIA PENELOPE MARTIN, WAKE UP!' Anya's eyes fluttered open and squinted against the light in her room. She pushed back her blankets and stretched, surveying her room.

It was her nineteenth birthday today.

It seemed like only yesterday she was fantasizing about becoming a princess of the isle in the Caribbean where her parents had taken their family to live when she was fifteen. Now that she looked around her, she believed she couldn't be more UNhappy.

Her father had risen threw the ranks of aristocracy far too quickly once they'd arrived in Port William. She had never imagined it to be so dull and bland. But her parents took no notice and continued with their trivial pursuits of respect and fine things. They barely concerned themselves with Anya, only to present her with suitors, all of whom were turned away.

Anya sighed as she cast her brilliant lime colored eyes out into the vast ocean outside her window. She longed to go back to Ireland, to see all her old companions and never returned to this accursed place.

'Anya if you do not come out of your room, you will not join us for the ball tonight.' Her mother's harsh voice called. She sighed. What was the point? She would simply be bored by some pompous soldiers of the guard anyway.

However she did climb from her bed, her feet recoiling at first when they touched the stone cold floor. She walked to the window and opened the windows wide, feeling the humid air rush past her and fill the room.

After all, she thought, today was a new day.

**************************************************************************** ******

Jack sat at the table below the first deck, sipping his rum gingerly, which was peculiar for him. He gazed out the open porthole, out at Port Royal as it began to shrink away, replaced by barren rock. He'd spoken to Will secretly that night and they'd had a long talk of everything and nothing in particular. And it left Jack empty.

He saw how much Will had. He had a woman, devoted to him, no matter what deed he'd performed, a humble occupation, and the freedom to walk the streets without fear that someone would recognize his face.

Jack shook his head and downed the rest of the bottle, then tossing in to the ground where it shattered. He hated the rare philosophical moments he had every so often. That was usually why he drank. To forget.

'Captain, we be approachin' Port William soon. The plan be unfoldin'.' Gibbs called down the stairs. Jack smirked.

'That it be.' He said under his breath, before abruptly standing and grabbing his hat and coat, making for the stairs.

**************************************************************************** ********

'You look lovely tonight, Anya.' Nicholas said, in what Anya supposed he thought was an attractive voice. It really wasn't. She smiled weakly, looking out from the balcony out at the dark waters below the governor's house. Nicolas had been trailing after her all evening and she could not seem to lose him. He was known for being attracted to loose women and they to him, and his company was nothing short of unpleasant.

'Thank you Mr. Hamell.' She replied in a voice of no emotion. He frowned yet maintained his drunken smile.

'Why must you always call me Mr. Hamell?' he asked, a laugh mingled with his question. She shrugged awkwardly.

'Why call someone by their first name, if you have no plan to endear yourself to them.' She answered. He frowned further and his smile faded slightly.

'But surely you think I am handsome?' he said taking her hand. He lent forward, breathing his scotch laced breath in her face. 'Surely, you would consider marriage with me?' She looked down at his hand, as if disgusted, before wrenching her hand free.

'Frankly Mr. Hamell, I would rather marry a pirate than you.' She said matter-of- factly before returning her attention to the scenery before her. Yet again he had a look of frustration on his pale, freckled complexion.

'A pirate?!' he repeated, apparently enraged by the idea that he would be chosen second to the likes of a sea serpent. 'But they are the scoundrels of the sea, fork tongued liars from the depths of hell, who pillage and plunder and think naught but of themselves, who rape women and kill humble soldiers, just for a cruel laugh! You would rather marry one of their deceitful kind than I?!' She shrugged.

'Does that give you any idea of how much I dislike you?' she said leaning against the stone rail. He huffed, making a strange sound of frustration and promptly left Anya outside alone. She sighed. Then she saw something on the horizon that caught her eye. She squinted, trying to make out the tiny figure out on the water. But when realization sank, she felt her blood run cold, her eyes widen with shock, and her stomach squirm. On the horizon, was a pirate ship.

She tucked the stray sun kissed hairs behind her ears as she slowly backed away from the balcony's edge, wordlessly moving her mouth. Her father, Lord Martin, turned and smiled as he saw his graceful daughter alone out on the terrace.

'Anya, darling!' he called, as she turned around. She looked at him with a look of utmost terror, her green eyes betraying her. He frowned. 'Anya?'

'Pirates...' she managed to force out, though it was so low, it died on the ocean breeze. Lord Martin took a step forward, concerned for his daughter. Everyone inside had turned their attention to her, looking bewildered and confused. Finally Anya found her voice. 'PIRATES!' she screamed at the top of her lungs so that no one in the grand hall could mistake what she'd said.

Suddenly she heard something whistling threw the air and turned, as a cannonball whizzed past her, narrowly missing her. She fell instantly to the floor, her heart racing. She whipped around and saw the cannonball graze one of the grand marble beams and ricochet toward the guests. She also saw it hit Nicholas.

She heard herself scream, as he was propelled backwards, into one of the glass French doors. She heard many other screams and so the flash of an explosion from somewhere in the village overlooking the peak. She made to get up, but felt a forceful hand pull her down.

'NO ANYA!' her eyes met cold gray ones. Her father pulled her down to the ground, so she was laying on her stomach. 'Stay down. No matter what, STAY DOWN!' he yelled as an explosion detonated off shore. With that, he stood and ran toward the doors, as did many of the other gentlemen present. Anya was left to lie on the balcony, too afraid to move.

**************************************************************************** ***

'Must this really be done?' Gibbs asked, as he pushed one hand threw his filthy, shaggy, graying hair. 'Must the Pearl harm more lives than it already has?' Jack grimaced as he placed one of his own grimy, bandaged hands on Gibbs' shoulder.

'My apologies old friend. But some things must be done.' He took a staggering step forward to watch as the firing of his own cannons lighted the small port. He turned his friend around and smiled a glittering gold grin. 'Take what you can get.' He raised his hand in a fist. Gibbs paused, but a small smile surfaced on his face.

'Give nothing back.' He said raising his own fist. Jack patted his back and started down the wooden steps.

'Captain! We be ready to sail out!' Anna Maria called as she and several others climbed into the small vessel bound for Port William. Jack nodded.

'Coming, pet!' He answered with a careless wave and a lazy wink. Anna Maria rolled her eyes as she gave the rope some slack.

'We need supplies Captain.' Gibbs said with a chuckle as he sat by the stern of the boat. Jack nodded with a smile.

He turned to look at his friend, backing toward the vessel.

'I'll bring you back plenty of rum, Gibbs!' he shouted as he came closer to the edge. Gibbs nodded.

'Aye! But how much of it will make it to this ship with you in its company?' he said shaking slightly with laughter. Jack tipped his hat just as he reached the rail of his grand ship. Just as it caught the back of his knees and tipped him over the side. Anna Maria rolled her eyes.

'He has got to be the worst pirate...'

**************************************************************************** **

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