Title: Egg Whisk

Chapter 7

By: X


Disclaimer:  For the last time on this story; I own nothing and am getting no money

Harper burst.  "No!  I'm sick of being everybody's little wind up monkey!  I'm not gonna let you make me a part of your fight."  Harper was angry; this was not going to happen to him again.

            "But it was the Elmarins who used you; we are fighting those that used you.  We are the just side.  With you on our side this time we will triumph!"

            "No, that's not how the universe works.  There's always going to be the big kid on the block out to steal your lunch. I help you; you're the big man, how long before you turn on someone else?"

            "You must help us Mr. Harper.  If you don't agree willingly…"

            "I know, I know, you'll do to me what the Elmarins did to me."

            "You leave us no other option."

            "Yeah, well, not this time.  I'm out, no go; Seamus Harper will not be a part of your grudge match."

            The Billisites surrounding him pressed closer.  Harper dropped to a crouch and swung out a leg, knocking several of them to the ground.  With a sound like a strangled snarl Harper rolled, knocking down the remaining attacker and leapt to his feet.  He bounded over a fallen alien and onto an access ladder.  He was leading them to his already prepared, super duper ambush. 

Mihir made it to his feet and made a grab for the fleeing engineer.  "You really are more annoying than I expected." The Billisite sneered.

"I do aim to please" He threw himself forward and landed on the smaller human.

"You've readjusted better than the others."  Harper rolled onto his back with a wicked smile.

"I've got stubborn friends" he kicked hard, knocking his attacker clear.  Then he set off an explosion under Mihir.  The Billisite was forced back a couple of steps.  This met with Harper's calculations and the pressure the Billisite now applied to that location set off another explosion.  "Ah!" yelped Mihir.  This explosion sent him back onto a third detonator.  Harper took advantage of the increased distance and took off in a run. 

The Billisites were up to something.  Dylan hadn't believed Harper at first, but now they couldn't find him.  Sure, Andromeda seemed to believe he was in his quarters asleep, but everyone knew that was completely ridiculous.  Harper just did not take naps in the middle of the day.  He especially did not take naps when he thought he was in danger.  Dylan doubted the young man had slept since the Elmarins arrival. 

            He had arrived at the room assigned to the delegation and knocked.  No answer so Dylan overrode the lock.  It was his ship, his gym, and he was going to get some answers.  On the other side of the door there was no one around.  A quick scan of the room revealed what was probably effecting Andromeda's sensors.  There was an open access panel and wires connected to some sort of panel with lights.

            "Hunt to engineering.  I want someone down here to the Billisite quarters –NOW" he didn't wait for a reply; he knew he could trust his officers.  He started searching.

            Under a small pile of papers were pictures.  He recognized them as from the official Elmarin's files.  Harper, Lourna Phillips,  Toby Milosh, and Patricia Wellis stared up at him against blue scribbled backgrounds.  Seeing them together the puzzle pieces rained down around Dylan and into place.  Andromeda was taking the Billisites to the 4th genius, Wellis.  The 4th genius had been killed because because when the elimination occurred she had the wrong maker.  Here, early in their incarceration all 4 of the geniuses had blue markers.  But the grisly scene of death still lurked in his mind, there Wellis had some remnants of the blue, but mostly red.  The only ones that had blue markers were these 4, it had been the signal to keep them alive. 

            So the Billisites had found the files, figured out the code, collected Milosh and Phillips, were heading for Wellis and were just going to pick Harper up on the way.  The Commonwealth was practically handing him over.  Dylan wanted to find them, and find them now.  He wasn't going to fail his engineer again.

Harper was leading his enemy farther into the ambush.  He could hear the explosions, the curses, and then the storming boots on deck of the Billisites. The other Billisites were close behind.   Harper leapt on top of a table and spun to face his would-be captors.  He was brandishing the Enemy Scrambler 3000.  The former kitchen utensil whirled to life and as the energy built it began to glow.  "What the hell is that?" Tamin asked

"Enemy Scrambler 3000"

Tamin pressed forward.  "It's stupid" he remarked.  Tulla stood next to him, a serious expression on her face. Serrin cowered a little behind the woman.  Harper swung the stick at him and he jumped back.  It had been so close he could feel the heat it produced.  Tulla jumped up onto the table, causing Harper to jump off.  Thrusting the Scrambler at Tamin the Billisite tried to pull back when the whisk snapped open and the red hot, thin bent wires straightened out and cut his face.  Tamin screamed and dropped to the floor clutching his face.  Harper clicked a button on the Scrambler.  He swung the stick around clocked the young man in the head, he was out instantly.  Now that time had passed, the wire cooled, magnets pulled it back into its whisk shape.  Smiling widely Harper set it spinning again. 

"You sure you want to do this darling?"

"Yes" she smiled.  Harper sensed what made her smile, Tamin lumbering to his feet.  She thought he was going to surprise the little human.

"Fat chance of that" He swung around fast and once again caught Tamin with the hot, spinning end of the Enemy Scrambler 3000.  He moaned and fell to the floor again.  Tulla growled and tried to charge Harper.  He gracefully swung the whisk around and tangled it in her hair.  The woman yelped.  Harper now had a woman on the end of a meter stick. 

But that sense of danger perked up, Mihir was coming towards him.  He dropped the weapon and ran for the already open panel that led to the access tunnels.  It was time to finish this.

            Mihir had little hope once Harper made it into his real home on Andromeda, the access tunnels.  A hand clamped solidly around Harper's ankle as he was pulling himself into the tunnel.  He kicked but Mihir held him tight.

"Mr. Harper, why are you making this difficult?"  Harper allowed himself to be pulled backwards a little until he got a bit more maneuvering room.  In a rapid sequence of movements he slammed the ankle connected to his enemy into the side of the access ladder.  In pain, Mihir's grip loosened.  Harper flipped onto his back, his hand already inside his trusty tool belt..  He threw himself forward and the hand found a new home on top of Mihir's.  "What?" he squawked as he felt something cold on his wrist.

"It's sealing putty, completely, utterly, unbreakable if you let it set."

The other Billisites crowded around the bottom of the ladder, cursing Harper.  Tamin and Tulla, stood there because Serrin was still unconscious.  "Hey, maybe you want to work on getting him out of there?  You only got maybe 10 minutes before he's a part of the ship."    That started the scrabbling, drawing their knives to cut him free.  Harper scrambled down the tube.  When he got to a computer junction he sealed of that section of the deck.  Even if they freed Mihir, which Harper expected they would, they weren't getting to him again.

Harper crawled trough the tunnels up to the command deck.  Popping out he found the surprised faces of Dylan, Tyr and Beka.  "Shorty!" cried Beka.  "We thought we lost you again."

"Not that lucky boss, I'm stuck to you like glue"

"Wouldn't have it any other way."

"What happened to the Billisites? Where are they?"

"Deck 3, section 4, the maintenance supply room" Harper snapped his fingers, "Internal sensors out?"

Dylan nodded, "Hacked in through a terminal in the guest quarters."

"Figures" Harper strolled over to a work station and tapped away for a moment.  "There you go Rommie, all hail the Harper."

The scene in the supply room appeared on the main screen, the shining image of Andromeda next to it.  Mihir was yelling, the others desperately pulling at the door, pounding on walls.  Generally they looked pissed.

"The audio is rather vulgar, Mr. Harper, they appear to be comparing you to some form of trick demon."

"Good to be remembered."

"What are the Elmarins up to?" Dylan asked, sighing.  He didn't need any more surprises.

"The delegation is fighting amongst themselves in their quarters."

"Fine, whatever makes them happy.  Andromeda, where's the nearest Commonwealth starbase—where the Billisites can be given a trial?"

"Sinti, right where we are dropping the Elmarins"

Dylan smiled.  "Excellent, we'll save on gas money." 

"You're sure you're okay with the Elmarins negotiating to join the Commonwealth?"  Beka was sitting on the edge of a consol while Harper tinkered beneath her.  It was late now; there were few people in the halls and no one in the machine shop.  People rarely came to "Harper's" machine shop.  It was too much of a mess, and most of the trained High Guard engineers couldn't deal with the chaos that was the creating Harper.

"I've seen their delegation.  They were fighting amongst themselves; they're arrogant, self important, cruel, and not big on compromise.  I really doubt they're going to convince the Commonwealth they belong.  They haven't changed."

"But, you're OK?"

"Yeah boss, don't worry about me.  I'm fine."