Ch. 5 ~ A Lost Love~ "Who do you love?"

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Sirius leaned up against the door once it snapped shut. He sighed deeply and shook his head.

"Sirius, old man, get a grip." He told himself, then he quietly walked away.


Hermione came down from her room the next morning to find the common room empty.

"Good," she breathed.

Hermione snuggled down into the most comfortable armchair next to the fireplace to read her favorite book, Hogwarts, A History. She had just gotten to, in her opinion, the best part, where it tells why and how Hogwarts was founded, when Harry came bounding through the portrait hole with Ron trailing close behind.

"Hermione?!" Harry called out, "Hermione?!"

"Harry? Bloody hell, Harry? Would you tell me what's going on?" Ron cried, desperate to know what was happening.

Harry ignored him, "Hermione?!"

"What?!" she said, getting up from her chair, "What's all the fuss about?"

"Hermione. We need to talk," she looked at Harry in confusion, "Like, NOW."

"Ok-ay." she replied slowly.

They all stood there in silence. "What is it, Harry?" she asked impatiently.

Harry looked at Ron…a grin came across Ron's face as "realization" kicked in. 'He's going to ask her out. About time.' "Oh, should I leave?" Ron asked stupidly.

Harry nodded and sarcastically said, "Yeah."

Ron, still grinning…though Hermione couldn't figure out why, obliged and happily stepped back through the portrait hole. As the door closed, Harry spun on Hermione.

"So….who is it that you love?"

'Very forward, isn't he?' Hermione thought. "Excuse me?"

"You know, if you really loved him that much and that long, you could've told me. I'd be fine with it and I could've helped you."

"Really?" Hermione asked, shocked. She was confused, and that didn't happen often. But it seemed to be happening more and more lately. She could've sworn that Harry would be furious at her for loving Sirius. Hermione was lost in her thoughts when she vaguely remembered that Harry was still going on, or truthfully, that he was still there.

"…so when Sirius told me that you loved someone, but were scared it would make me mad, I couldn't help but wonder who. Of course, Sirius had an answer…"

That peeked Hermione's attention, "What? H-he…had an answer?"

"Of course. He said that the only person that he could see you that troubled over was Ron."

"Ron?" she let out a breath of relief.

"Yes, but when he left, I was thinking. Why did Ron tell you who he loved and he didn't tell me? He hasn't 'loved' anyone since 3rd year when he thought he loved you."

Hermione blushed, " Oh, right."

"But you know? It's funny…" he continued.

"What is?" she asked cautiously.

"Here I was thinking that you loved Sirius the whole time, but it was Ron all along." He looked at her, searching for a reaction, which came seconds later.

All the color that had previously filled her cheeks drained and she turned a shade paler than Nearly-Headless Nick. "W-what would make y-you think that?" she stammered, desperate to know how he knew.

"Well, first of all, there was what you told us in Flitwick's classroom." He paused, and Hermione looked away, "Then there was the conversation with Sirius in his office."

Hermione's head snapped up, "How'd you know about that?"

"Sirius was concerned about the real reason as to why you left so quickly and was looking for you. That's when he had ran into us and Ron and I told him happened in the common room. Then he told us about your visit."

If it were possible, Hermione went even more pale and she dropped her head into her hands and sat down. But Harry kept on….

"So when he came to me this morning, I knew I had to get to the bottom of it. So…I'm going to ask you my first question again. Who do you love?" Harry finished and watched her intently.

Hermione slowly raised her head and looked at him, her eyes full of confusion, frustration, and desperation. When she opened her mouth to answer, a strange thing happened, she couldn't. She knew the answer, it was screaming at her in her mind, but it was too soon. Too soon to admit to anyone else. She'd only just come to truly accept it herself.


"Oh, Merlin."


Ron walked into Sirius' office with a huge grin on his face. Sirius looked up and smiled.

"Ron. How are you?"

"I'm great."

Sirius laughed, "What are you so happy about?"

It was Ron's turn to laugh, "I think Harry's going to ask Hermione out.  He said he had to talk to her and he told me to leave."

Sirius' smile faded quickly, "What?"

"I think Harry's going to ask her out." Ron repeated.

Sirius was confused, not only did he love Hermione, but so did Harry…at least, according to Ron. And Hermione loved Ron…oh this was getting to be too much.

Sirius lowered his head into his hands.

"Oh, Merlin."


"I need to find Harry."


Harry was watching Hermione. She hadn't moved and she hadn't answered him. He cleared he throat and she looked up at him. She looked him right in the eye.

A small grin made its way across his face, and he nodded slightly, knowingly. With that, he turned and walked out of the common room.

Hermione sat there for a moment, thinking of everything that had happened. "Ron?" she exclaimed in confusion, she shuddered.

Moments after Harry had left and Hermione had returned to her reading, Ron came through the portrait hole with the same huge grin on his face.

"Hello, Hermione!"

"Hello, Ron." She said, trying hard not to laugh, "What are you smiling about?"

Ron's grin widened, "The same thing your smiling about."

"Oh, I really doubt that, Ron." She said, still trying to stop giggling.

"Oh do you?"

Hermione nodded.

"So did you tell him yes?"

The smile faded from her lips, "Tell who yes?"


"No. Was he supposed to ask me something?"

"Well, I thought he was. That wimp." 

Hermione was really confused…again. This wasn't good. 'God, Hermione. Get a grip. That's twice in one hour.' She told herself.

"What was he supposed to ask me that he didn't?"

"I don't know if I should say."

"Ron, just tell me."

"Oh, okay. He was going to ask you out. Or at least, that's what I thought."

Hermione couldn't stand it anymore. Ron. Harry. Sirius. It was all getting to be so much and she just snapped.

"Ron?! Did you ever think that that may be your problem?! That maybe, if you'd stop thinking, you wouldn't be such a git?!   AARGH!!!" she yelled, throwing her hands up in frustration.

Then she turned and stormed out of the Gryffindor Tower, leaving a dumbfounded Ron standing in the center gaping at her.


"Harry." Sirius called down the hall. He'd been looking for his Godson ever since he left Ron standing in his office.

Harry turned around, "Sirius. I've been looking for you."

"Good. I've been looking for you too."

"I need to talk to you about this whole…Hermione…thing." He said, searching for the right words.

"Good, shall we go in my office then?"


The two men turned and went to Sirius' office. When they arrived a few moments later, Harry quickly took a seat as Sirius shut the door and hurried around to his desk.

"Now, what was it you needed?" he asked, trying not to sound too anxious.

"I talked to Hermione."

Sirius shifted uncomfortably, "And?"

"And…I found out that Ron isn't the person that she was talking about." Harry said, trying to hide his smile.

Sirius let out a sigh of relief, Harry grinned and continued. "I didn't think that she did, but I needed to be sure."

Just then, Sirius remembered what Ron said earlier.

"Harry? Did she say yes?"

It was Harry's turn to be confused, "What?"

"Did Hermione say yes?"

"You've lost me, Sirius. Say yes to what?"

"Didn't you ask her out?"

"What?! Ask her out? Bloody Hell, Sirius! What ever gave you that idea?"

Sirius looked at Harry with bewilderment, "Well, Ron thought that you…"

Harry held up a hand to stop him, "Hang on…did you just say 'Ron thought'?"


Harry laughed, "Sirius, any sentence that starts with the words 'Ron thought', should never be said."

Sirius grinned, "So…you didn't ask her out?"

"No. Hermione and I are strictly friends."

Sirius' grin widened, "Great."

Harry laughed again.

"Well, we know that she doesn't 'love' you or Ron. So who could it be?" Sirius inquired.

"Sirius, for a professor, you can be pretty thick sometimes."


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