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Chapter One

Far from Heaven

The telephone was ringing again and the handsome aristocrat hurriedly answered it, "Talk to me." He said into the receiver. He was already late. Not that it really mattered, considering he was the owner of the whole company.

"Draco? Hi, it's Aster. I'm just calling to congratulate you on your latest best seller."

Draco frowned in concentration as be balanced his briefcase of his knee while holding the telephone between his ear and shoulder, slipping on a suit jacket and reaching for a travel mug of coffee. "The painting or the book?" He said. He stubbed his toe and bit his lip to keep from swearing into the mouthpiece.

"Why the painting of course. I haven't gotten around to reading the entire book but when I do I'm sure it'll be just as good --"

"Yeah, can you hurry this up? I'm late."

"Alright, well I look forward to our meeting in August and again, congratulations, it's beautiful."

"You have poor taste." He said and hung up in the middle of her startled silence. He never asked to be nominated for a prize in the art contest. It was purely his secretary's idea.

He left his home and went to his garage. Draco lived in a manor house. It was an ivory color and quite a large living space for one person. As it tends to be with a muti-millionaire business man.

His sleek black cars were lined up for him in the garage, choosing a convertible he hastily opened the door and got in.

He sped along the freeway to his office building.

The building he had specifically built to host his company was over forty-five stories high and a translucent blue so that people passing by could not help but notice it.

He pulled up to the building and gave his keys to the valet.

When he entered the building, people asking for favors, for confirmations, opinions, and more, instantly surrounded him. He ignored them all and took an elevator up to the top floor.

The entire floor fifty was his office. He had a large window that stretched along the entirety of the room and his desk sat facing the elevator with its back toward the countryside.

He set his briefcase on his desk and sat in his expensive swivel chair. Why did he even come to work, he wondered, if as soon as he got there he wanted to be back home?

Sighing, he pressed a button on his intercom. "Diamond, any messages?"

Diamond Winters was his secretary and probably the only female in the building he hadn't slept with. Not because she wasn't attractive, but because she was the best secretary money could buy and he didn't feel like firing her if 'they didn't work out' or 'she wanted something more'. On occasion, he had fired many girls with these reasons, earning him the title, 'Aristocratic Playboy'. Also, 'Shallow Bastard' by the lower class people he tended to not hire because they 'didn't meet his expectations', translated, they weren't attractive enough.

"Yes," Diamond replied. "You have 57 messages as of this morning and 15 lunch offers for--"

"Any real messages?" He interrupted, knowing she'd know exactly what he meant.

"Yes, Miss Parkinson would like you to know that you really are a shallow bastard and Miss Dele says she's sorry she ever met you."

"Ah, found out about each other, did they?" He said, running a hand through his hair.

"Yes, that and the other twelve girls you've been on and off with. Oh, and your mother called."

"Right, thanks. Well try and get me a date for tonight, would you? I'm guessing Sapphire won't be attending."

"Sure thing, Mr. Malfoy." Diamond said and left him to his work.

Just then, the elevator dinged and an attractive woman entered his office. She wore a low-cut blouse and a short skirt that wouldn't be acceptable even on a prostitute.

Draco pressed his intercom again. "Winters? Cancel that date thing." He smiled as the woman approached his desk, "And what brings you, Miss Silver?"

Spade Silver was one of the many he had slept with in the building. He hadn't fired her because she had never requested they be something more. They had used each other for the same thing, to ease the bitterness away for a while.

"Your files," She said, sitting on his desk. She handed him the files containing the reports. "Mr. Rindle cut the deal because you slept with his daughter."

"Oh yeah… her…"

"Mr. Ross kicked you off his council because you seduced his wife."

"Damn easy too…"

"And Mr. Kado quit the partnership because you ripped him off in the Rydal deal."

"Ok then. And good news?"

"Your stocks are up," She said pointed to a blue folder. "Fifty cents."

Draco smirked. "With my holds? That's lots."

"Right you are." Spade said and made he r turn to go but Draco got up from his desk and went around to her.

"What's your hurry?" He said, putting his hands on her waist.

Spade wasn't phased in the least. "What do you want, Mr. Malfoy?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"The party, tomorrow night."

Spade rolled her eyes. "I'm already going with someone."

"Are you? Can't you cancel? Tell them the 'Playboy Aristocrat' has humbly requested you as an escort."

"Sapphire and Pansy found out about each other didn't they?" She said, guessing it on the first try.

Draco sighed and stepped back from her, resting his hands on his desk behind him. "Yeah and according to Diamond the other twelve too, leaving me dateless for tomorrow."

"Hm, shocking."


"Only twelve?"

Draco narrowed his eyes at her and Spade just smiled.

"Well, I'd like to help Mr. Malfoy, but I'm actually in a serious relationship with someone at the moment."

Draco's eyes widened. "You? Of all people, in a serious relationship?"

Spade rolled her eyes, "Is that so hard to believe?"

"A little, yeah."

"Well I'll see you there anyway, ok?" She said and walked the rest of the way to the elevator. She pushed the button and waited.

"Who is it you're seeing?" Draco asked, the curiosity was killing him.

Spade smiled at him with a mischievous glint in her eye, "Your secretary." then disappeared behind the elevator doors.

Draco stared for a moment then recovered, he pressed his intercom. "Diamond --"

"I'll find you a date, Mr. Malfoy."

By the end of the day, Draco was tired and glad to be home. Even if he didn't do much.

He pulled a wine bottle from the refrigerator and a glass from the cupboard.

He poured a glass for himself and strolled out onto the patio in his backyard. He surveyed the ground. He spotted a shimmer from a glass, no doubt left there from the last party he had hosted. He began to walk towards it when a crash of thunder echoed through the sky.

Frowning, he looked up, it had been perfectly clear a moment ago, how could it be raining?

He saw what looked like a ball of fire hurtling towards the earth. "What the hell?" He said. He shielded his face as the ball of glowing energy struck a tree nearby.

Lowering his arm he saw a shimmering form up in the tree. Throwing his wineglass down he advanced to the tree. Squinting, he looked up through the branches. There was a person! It looked as though they had fainted. As Draco trained his eyes on the being, he noticed an almost ethereal glow about them. It was golden and white and made his stomach jump painfully.

Grabbing a low branch, he hoisted himself up. He carefully climbed his way to where the being had fallen and then busied himself with untangling their robes from the twigs. Just as all the robes were coming free there was a loud crack and the branch beneath them broke.

"Shit!" Draco cried out as he and glowing person fell through the branches and hit the ground. "God damn it, that'll leave a bruise." Draco muttered through clenched teeth.

"Do not use thy Lord's name in vain." The creature near him muttered and fell silent again.

Draco turned toward him and realized that he was a man. Draco stood and went to him. He picked the young man up and was amazed at how light his was. The strange man instinctively turned toward the heat that Draco was offering and again there was that painful lurch in Draco's stomach.

He noted the glow fading and the young man became closer looking to a normal person.

Draco carried the creature inside.