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Chapter Twelve

Ever Closer

Draco kept the angry thoughts in his head. Who had invited them anyway? Sirius and Remus strolled leisurely behind him and Harry as they walked across the park. Draco was a little dismayed at the lack of reaction Harry gave when they discovered they wouldn't be spending their day alone together. Furthermore, Blaise hadn't wanted to be left our either and was struggling with his little legs to keep up with their strides. They had to keep reminding him not to float, but his dislike at being 'below' everyone else kept making him forget.

For the third time Draco had to snap out of his darkening mood to hear what Harry was saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear, what was that?"

Harry smiled at him with good nature. "It's all right, is there something on your mind?"

Draco scowled inwardly, he couldn't very well tell the angel he wished they had less company, especially since said company were close friends of the angel's. "It's nothing, don't worry about it."

Harry didn't pry.

"I'm hungry!" Blaise whined and Draco glared down at him.

"Then go home and eat."

Blaise glared back. "But I'll die from hunger before I make it back!"

"Let's get something to eat then," Harry said cheerily and turned to Remus and Sirius. "If that's fine with you."

"Not hungry, but whatever." Sirius shrugged. Sirius had been in a bad mood all day. Actually, even Remus was a little icy. He smiled brightly enough but Draco knew that those kind of smiles don't always mean good things.

"Is that okay, Draco?" Remus asked, sporting that unnerving smile. There was something in Remus' eyes that Draco recognized.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Yes." Draco took a moment to survey where it was they were and then said, "I know a place."

They walked a bit more and finally came to a place Draco frequented. A fancy bar by the name of: "Chalice"

"All right!" Blaise said grinning happily and they entered the building.

"Sorry, no minors allowed." A bouncer said and pulled Blaise aside.

Blaise stared in horror as the other four continued onward.

"Malfoy you asshole! Get back here!" He kicked at the bouncer. "Get your fucking hands off me! Malfoy! I'm going to kill you, I swear!"

"We'll bring something out later." Draco said over his shoulder. And they left Blaise cursing and spitting outside.

"That was mean. He'll be very upset." Harry fretted once they were sitting down inside.

Draco shrugged. "We'll get him something good and he'll be fine."

Remus eyed Draco warily for a moment before saying, "How did you know I wanted to speak to the two of you without the little demon around? I presume that is why you chose this place."

Draco fiddled with his fork and Harry stared at him. "You knew that?"

Draco shrugged. "I kind of picked it up in the way you were looking at me, I guess. I mean, I know better than anyone that Blaise can't really be trusted. So hurry up and say what you gotta say before little Blaise blows someone up."

Sirius folded his arms and Remus nodded. "Very well. Aside from me being here on Earth, I have quite a few contacts in Heaven and I've been hearing a lot about Harry and the trouble he's causing."

Harry looked truly remorseful at this statement.

Remus continued, "I think it's very likely God will be requesting Harry back any day now. I wanted to ask the both of you, what your plan for this is."

Draco glanced at Harry who was frowning in concentration. Draco was trying to distinguish if mentioning that Harry wasn't going anywhere if he could help it, was appropriate. He also vaguely wondered if he'd go to hell for hiding the angel. He decided he didn't care.

"We don't have a plan." Harry replied honestly.

Remus folded his hands on the table. "Harry, why do you want to stay?"

Harry looked up at him in surprise. "What? Oh..." He looked torn. It was no secret that he was very proud of his wings, very proud to be one of Heaven's own, so why was he avoiding the return?

Remus stared at the two of them for a long moment before saying. "All right, I am going to help you. Until you figure out what you really want, Harry. I'll do what I can to prolong your stay."

Harry looked gratefully up at him. "Really? Thank you!"

Draco played with the idea of thanking him to, but didn't. There was still something unnerving about the look in his eyes.

When they exited the Chalice. Blaise looked up moodily from where he was seated on the sidewalk. "Bastards." He spat bitterly.

Draco handed him a carry-out box. "Here, you Baby."

Blaise, despite his roots to Hell, was quick to forgive.

It was still quite a bit of a jaunt back to Malfoy Manor, but the sun was still shining and the wind was light. "What a nice day." Harry sighed happily. Draco agreed. Their moment of content was disrupted however, but a frantic cry.

"Sirius? What's wrong?"

Draco and Harry both turned to see what was causing the older angel to panic.

Sirius, it seemed, had fainted.

"What happened?" Harry asked, both Draco and he rushed over to the fallen one.

Remus was quiet for a moment, considering something before replying. "Part of Sirius' curse, he gets very weak in the sunshine."

Draco huffed. "Then why the hell did he agree to go out walking with us?"

Remus looked grim. "Over the years, it's gotten better. He wouldn't have agreed if he wasn't feeling up to it."

Draco was very uneasy in the pregnant silence Blaise, Harry, and Remus caused by looking at one another, clearly understanding something Draco didn't.

"Lucifer is close." Harry said softly, horror and fear evident in his tone.

Draco couldn't even begin to describe the sheer terror that shot through his body.

They got Sirius back to the house and the angels made him comfy of the couch. Draco watched his odd exchange, angels caring for a demon, in silence.

Blaise had been chanting a mantra to himself for the past half an hour. "Not good, not good, not good, not good-"

Draco was still feeling the slight tremble in his hands, Lucifer must have enormous powers to cause a full demon to faint at the mere presence of his former master.

Draco hardly registered the sound of bell chiming. Harry and Remus shook each other a look that only made Draco's legs fail and he and Blaise fell to their knees.

Remus grabbed Harry's shoulders and spoke sternly into his face. "Listen to me, I will mouth to you what to say. Keep a straight face and don't look directly at anything. Do you understand?" Harry only nodded mutely and Remus shoved him forward.

A light poured from the ceiling and into the living room, Harry fell to his knees as well and the light poured over him as well.

Draco could hear nothing but it was obvious that something or someone was talking to Harry. Draco looked over at Remus.

Remus mouthed, 'I haven't had the chance to find another.'

Harry spoke. "There hasn't been time for me to simply look for another. The demons are relentless in perusing me. It is near impossible to ignore their persistence as they target those close to me."

There was more silence which was filled by a voice Draco couldn't hear.

Remus mouthed, 'They are well hidden.'

"Any angel or demon who open a portal hide them. They are very difficult to track."

The next silence was filled with the inaudible voice and even Draco could sense the tension in the next statement. Harry's eyes widened in shock and Remus' face turned stern as he mouthed, 'NO'

Harry shook his head. "N-no..." He looked put out though and when the light finally disappeared he stayed where he was and didn't move his eyes from Remus.

"I-I just lied to Him..." Harry said, his voice shaking with an indefinable emotion. His eyes never strayed from where they were locked on Remus' "You made me lie to Him."

Remus' face remained an emotionless mask.

Draco found himself staring at Remus as well. Even Blaise's mouth hung open as they fixed the older angel with gazes of shock.

Draco was right, there was something untrustworthy in his eyes.

Remus was a traitor to God. Not just because he had run off with a demon.

He had just got God's favorite angel, to lie.


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