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A Cat, a Dog, and a Boy Named Tyson!

By: Rumi-Chan

Day Three: Part One

(I'm sorry, but I only had enough time to write one part of the chapter. Gomen nasai, minna. I hope you can forgive me.)


Chikara tiptoed in Tyson's room, and her amethyst eyes fell upon the sleeping feline curled up with the blue-haired seraphim on the bed. The hound had fallen on the floor, still asleep. The cat snuggled closer into the soft material of the boy's shirt, and the boy smiled.

Chikara gasped in delight, and she climbed out of the open window of Tyson's room. Now, to find Max's house. Chikara heard Tyson's wish about that special someone; and she figured out who it was. The Sovereign of Wishes was going to get Tyson Kinomiya and Kai Hiwatari together by the seventh day!

Chikara made her way to Max's bedroom window, only to discover that the window was closed. She pouted, and then tried to pry the window open, but then she realized something. "What the heck am I doing," the girl cried, "I can go through walls! I'm such a baka!" She then made her way into Max's room.

"What a mess," Chikara grumbled as she placed her hands on her hips, "Seriously! There are discarded clothes all over the place and the rooms reeks of...." Chikara then turned bright red. She took a peek under the covers that were covering Rei and Max, and nearly screamed. The tiger and the blonde were both stark naked. (I thought of how Mugs would like this erm....hinting. That paragraph was for you, Mugs!)

Chikara (who was blushing madly and was suffering from a major nosebleed) threw the covers over them, ran to Max's desk, snatched a few pieces of tissues, whispered a spell in Rei's ear, and then left quickly. "Kami-sama," she cried, "You don't see something like that everyday! I hope that spell works!"


Kai woke up and found the bed empty. Where was Tyson? He heard the water running and his hentaish side kicked in. He reached the door to the bathroom, and pushed it open. Tyson was half-submerged in the bathtub when he noticed Kai.

"Ao," the blue-haired bishounen exclaimed, "I thought you were still asleep!"

For once in his life, Kai was happy that he was a cat. Cats don't get nosebleeds! Tyson looked so perfect! His long hair was pooling about his sides, his tanned skin glistening, and those blue orbs that held such a friendly and loving gaze. Frankly, Kai was in heaven. Kai then moved closer to the tub and attempted to leap in.

Tyson giggled, "Ao! Cats don't care for water!"

Kai was hanging off the edge of the tub mewing, "Well this one does! I'm getting in that tub!" He swung one hind leg over, then the other. PLOP!!! Kai fell in!

Tyson's peals of laughter bounced off the walls off the room as Kai clambered onto his arm. "You silly cat! You're so cute, Ao!" Kai looked about wildly mewing, "Where are you, Ty?"

Tyson smiled at the sight. Here was this adorable blue cat, with fur covering his eyes. He brushed back the fur, and set Kai out of the tub. Tyson then reached over patted Kai on the head, "Go and wake up Aka, Ao. Remember, don't fight, okay!" Kai was still giddy from seeing Tyson, erm, not clothed, and pranced (can cats prance?) out of the room.


Later on that day, Rei and Max came back to visit Tyson again. Max stayed a good distance away from Kai of course. While Tyson was preparing a snack in the kitchen, Rei sat on the couch, watching TV when Ao decided to watch with him.

Ao purred, "What I wouldn't give to be in that tub with Tyson again...."

Rei jumped. 'Did I just hear that cat speak,' he thought.

Ao sighed again, "Ah, Ty-koi....if that baka aka wasn't in the way....then, I could have you all to myself...."

Rei blinked. 'Okay, that cat just spoke. I'm not dreaming.' He pinched himself hard, but it was no dream. 'Okay, so it's not a dream. That's, erm- interesting. Wait a minute!! That voice!! That voice sounds so familiar! It couldn't be!

A voice interrupted Ao's (Kai's) chain of thought. "Kai?"

The kawaii kitty looked up at the pair of amber orbs that stared right back at him.

Rei swallowed past the lump in his throat. "Kai? Is that really you?"

Kai was taken aback, "Rei! You-you can understand me?"

~*End Day Three: Part One*~


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