AN: Time for some humor, people! Big Brother, Newsies Style! Here's a list of the newsies that I will be using in the house:

Jack, David, Race, Kid Blink, Mush, Skittery, Specs, Dutchy, Snitch, Bumlets, Itey, and the all-powerful Spot! I am starting from the assumption that these boys don't know each other yet, and this is modern day, and the boys are teenage, not adult.

And guess who the host and narrator is? That's right…the all-evil Sarah…but she'll get hers, trust me…

Another thing I'll need suggestions on- how do you feel about slash? I've never written it before…so I'll leave it up to you…and it would be tasteful slash, for all you people who are worried…

Lines within the chapter denote next day, line of *'s denote diary room entries. Got it? Good.

There will be lots of chapters- I'm not sure how often we're going to 'kick off' a newsie. Probably every other chapter or so. And which newsies are 'kicked off' is going to be mostly up to you, or up to events in the household. Also, I want your suggestions on challenges and house competitions! This is gonna be fun…



            I walked into the house along with 11 other guys my age, gripping my duffel bag close to me as my mind raced. Was I crazy? What was I thinking when I let my friends get me into this? I was quite possibly the shyest, least social boy from all of Chicago, and I was volunteering to live with 11 total strangers?

            I made my way from room to room and finally found a bedroom, throwing my duffel bag down on one of the beds. We had been instructed not to speak until official introductions in the main room, but I got a good look at the people occupying the two other beds in the room.

            The first was a short boy with light brown hair and silvery-blue eyes, and a quite scrawny frame. He looked up and sneered at me, and I quickly looked at the next person, not wanting to make someone mad in the first five minutes. His attitude certainly made up for his physical intimidation factor.

            The next boy was taller and more built. He was tanned and had black hair that seemed to fall into his eyes just about every two seconds, and gave me a pleasant smile. I smiled back shyly, hoping that he would continue to be as pleasant as he first seemed.

            "All guests, please report to the sitting room." The host said, her high-pitched voice booming over the intercom. I walked slowly to the large room and sat down on the couch. Soon all twelve of us were gathered in the room, and the narrator's voice came on once again.

            "Welcome, house guests."

            All of us mumbled our hellos, feeling equally stupid talking to a voice coming from the ceiling.

            "My name is Sarah, and I will be leading you through your time here in the house. To start, each of you is going to stand up and tell us your name, where you're from, and the most important hobby you have."

            Sounded simple enough. No big deal.

            "But we're also going to start you off with a twist."

            Uh oh.

            "Based on your profiles that you sent us, we have assigned each of you a nickname. We will not explain the nicknames- over your time in the house, you should be able to figure out the reasons. These nicknames will be assigned one at a time as you introduce yourself, and you will only be allowed to call the others by their nickname."

            I swallowed hard. What did they mean by 'nickname'. What kind of nickname?

            "You may begin. Go in order from right to left."

            We all looked to the boy on the right, a boy with glasses and unruly brown hair. He sheepishly stood and cleared his throat.

            "My name is Andrew Anderheim, and I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas.I guess my most important hobby would be reading and writing." He said, his voice soft but steady.

            The narrator immediately took over. "Andrew, your name for your time spent in the house will be Specs. Next?"

            He sat down, a few snickers going through the room as the next boy stood. He was one of my roommates, the one that had scared me to death. He glared around the room, and then spoke with a loud voice. "The name's Patrick. Patrick O'Keefe. I'm from Brooklyn, and my main hobby is beating up kids that piss me off. Got it?"

            He sat back down, and the narrator hesitated before speaking. "Patrick, your name shall henceforth be Spot."

            'Spot' leaned over to Specs and whispered, "What's 'henceforth'?"

            "From now on."

            "Oh. I knew that." He looked up in a sudden flare of anger. "SPOT?! What's the big idea?!"

            The host sighed. "Next, please."

            The next 'victim' stood up, a boy with dark skin and brown, curly hair that looked incredibly soft. He looked like a really nice guy, and he smiled shyly.

            "My name is Thomas Meyers, and I'm from Hope, Kansas. My hobby is botany."

            Spot snorted. "What da hell is botany?"

            "The study of plants." Thomas said quietly, looking almost hurt.

            "Thomas? Your nickname is Mush. Next."

            Mush blushed deeply and sat back down as the boy next to him stood up. He looked just about like a pirate wanna-be; he had a brown patch over his left eye.

            "My name is Trent Thompson, and I'm from L.A.. I'm an actor."

            The narrator seemed relieved to have Spot silent for once. "Trent, your name will be Kid Blink, or just Blink, for your time in the house."

            Blink sat down and the next boy stood; a confident looking guy with brown hair and a bandana tied around his neck. "I'm Jack Kelly. I'm from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and my hobby is horseback riding."

            "Jack, your nickname will be Cowboy."

            Jack smiled and sat down, and I realized that it was my turn. I slowly stood and looked around, trying to concentrate on keeping my voice steady.

            "Hi…my name is Chris Anderson. I'm from Chicago, and my hobby is painting."

            "Chris, your name will now be Dutchy. Next!"

            I smiled as I sat down. I had mentioned that I was proud of my Dutch heritage, and Dutchy was a whole lot better than what it could've been.

            A younger boy with short black hair stood up next to me. "My name is Peter Kent, and I'm from Seattle, Washington. My hobby is soccer."

            "Peter, you will now be known as Itey."

            A boy with crystal blue eyes and brown hair stood up, brushing the wrinkles out of his shirt as he did so. "My name is David Jacobs, and I'm from Houston, Texas. My hobby is studying."

            One again, Spot couldn't help but comment. "Studying? Yeah, right."

            The host ignored him. "David, your nickname will simply be Davey."

            A taller boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes stood. "I'm Jason Mitchell. I'm from Providence, Rhode Island, and my hobby is basketball."

            "Jason, from now on, your housemates will call you Snitch."

             My other roommate stood now, and he still had that warm, pleasant smile on his face. "My name is Darien Warkan, and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a dancer."

            Spot snorted, but let the narrator speak. "Darien, you shall now be Bumlets."

            Darien broke out into a huge grin as the next boy, a short boy with dark brown hair and equally dark eyes stood. "My name's Carson Tanner, and I'm from Las Vegas. Needless to say, my hobby is gambling."

            "Carson, your nickname will be Racetrack, or just Race."

            The last boy stood, a tall, handsome boy with unruly light brown hair and hazel eyes. He seemed very careful, and very hesitant, but he finally spoke. "My name is Michael O'Konnor, and I'm from New Castle, Indiana [1]. My hobby is speech and debate…and band."

            "Really? What do you play?" Davey asked, and received quite a few 'you're crazy' looks.

            "I play soprano saxophone."

            Spot snorted for just about the third time. "Brass clarinet." He muttered, snickering.

            The narrator cleared her throat. "Um, boys? Shut up!" she exclaimed, and even Spot shut up. "Michael, your name will be Skittery for your time in the house."

            He sat down, and a silence stretched for a few seconds. "House guests…you are free to explore. Your first food competition will begin at four o'clock, and you should report to the backyard at three thirty. Have fun!"

            With that, the intercom switched off, and we were left to talk and explore on our own…


1: Okay, I couldn't help it. That's a shout out to all my homies, however few of you there are, cause this town is really small and it SUCKS!

AN: Hehe…This. Is. Going. To. Be. Fun! I'm sorry if I made Spot a little too bitchy…just yell at me if you think I should tone him down. I just thought it would be fun to have his personality that extreme. And give your opinions on the slash thing!