Ok, I am finally giving in to the urge and writing a crossover between my universe and LotR. This hopefully will be humor, kinda like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, what with setting loose someone from a different world. :D There might be some serious parts though. Since I, personally, am in love with three LotR characters that are going to visit me, I am going to try and show a different side of the story of a fan learning that they are still people with their quirks and looking beyond face level to find out what she really likes, and, surprisingly, what she DOESN'T like. May even have a twist, if I go that way. It will not be a Mary-Sue though, so don't worry. I'm not going to convince Leggy I'm what he's always wanted in the first chap or anything. :p

Onward and upward! Read on, and I hope you enjoy.


I happily kissed the two Lord of the Rings stand-ups I had just bought at a yard sale as I loaded them into the car. My mother rolled her eyes at me. "Sunny, you'd better not do that in front of your father." She said as she climbed into the car. "He'd throw them away and say you were obsessed."

I laughed and got into the passenger's seat. "I AM obsessed, what's his point?" I asked as I buckled up. My mom just rolled her eyes at me and started the car.

I leaned back with a sigh, envisioning exactly where I would put my hobbits and elf. The girl that had sold them to me had been seemingly eager to get rid of them, eyeing them warily as she received the relatively small amount of money she had asked for the practically new stand-ups. She had even offered to help me load them up, ushering me to the car as fast as she could and seeming to breathe a sigh of relief as we drove away. There was something weird about how much she had wanted me to take them, something not right...Oh well, I wouldn't think about it. It didn't matter why she didn't want them, I had them now.


I set down Legolas as I finished setting him up and stood back, eyeing him and the four hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. I grinned and brushed off my hands. "Perfect." I muttered, collapsing on my bed and picking up my copy of The Two Towers to read, flipping open to where my marker was and quickly beginning to read where I had left off.

Time seemed to fly as I read, sucking in every word, until there was knock on my door. "Lights out!" My mother called, and I cursed silently. "Darn." I muttered, placing my marker back inside the book and carefully setting it on my nightstand. I was about to turn out my light, when my eyes fell on the stand-ups that now graced my room. I sighed and blew them a kiss. "Night Las, night Frodo, night Sammy, night Merdoc, night Pipsers." I said. There was no response, of course, but they were so life-like that I could feel my body sagging slightly in disappointment. "Too bad you're not real..." I whispered, but quickly brushed that thought away with a laugh, turning off my light. "Sunny, all that fan fic writing is starting to rub off." I said quietly, and drifted off into sleep.


Quiet voices were the first thing I was aware of. "Who's there?!!....Ouch!! Get'er off, Pip! You're squashing me!!!.....Hey...what?...OW! MERRY!....GET OFF HIM!! Are you all right, Mr. Frodo?" Several male voices intermingled together brought me to the waking world.

Slowly, I pushed my eyes open sleepily and glanced at my clock. 3:52 a.m. Great. My room was pitch dark except for the tiny light from my clock, which illuminated nothing. For a moment, I thought perhaps I had been dreaming, but the voices came again.

"Where are we?" "I'm not sure. I do know we're not in Moria, though." "Our packs are gone!" "Don't worry about it, Sam." "Ow! I keep tripping! Where ARE we?!" I could have sworn I knew those voices, and groggily, I reached for my light switch and flipped it on. Immediately, four cries of surprise were heard, and my own quickly followed as I glanced around my room.

My stand-ups were gone, and in their place were five real, flesh and blood Lord of the Rings characters!!! I screamed and sat up in bed, backing up quickly. What in the heck?!!

Legolas looked to me quickly as I screamed, as he had been taking in his surroundings. "It's all right, miss. We mean you no harm. We arrived here purely by accident, I can assure you." He said, his bow held loosely in his hand so as not to scare me, but to be prepared for whatever foe he might encounter.

"We don't even know where 'here' is!!" Cried Pippin, looking back and forth between me and the elf standing in my room.

My breath seemed to have stopped, and I struggled to regain it. "I..." Slowly I stood up, pulling my nightshirt down over my sweatpants from where it had bunched up as I had moved quickly. "I'm sorry, I was just startled. My name is Sunny." I said quickly. Should I tell them that I knew who they were? They would find out sooner or later. "And you are Legolas Greenleaf." I said, nodding to Legolas.

He stiffened. "How did you know that?" He asked suspiciously.

It might not have been the best choice I could have made, but I grinned widely. "Oh, I know much more than that. I know that your father is King Thranduil, which would make you the Prince of Mirkwood, and nearly 4000 years old." I said. Before he could reply, I turned to the hobbits. "And you, Peregrin Took. You are the youngest of the Fellowship, and the future Steward of the Shire." I had to hold down laughter at his expression, and looked to Merry. "Meriadoc Brandybuck. You are Pippin's cousin, and his match in mischievousness, or so I have heard." I didn't wait for a response, looking to Sam. "Ah, Frodo's beloved friend and gardener, Samwise Gamgee. I am pleased to meet you face to face."

Lastly, I looked to Frodo, and straightened the grin off my face. "Frodo Baggins. You are the ringbearer, and the most important member of the fellowship, for much relies on you, does it not? All because of a little ring your Uncle gave you when he left the Shire for Rivendell. Who knew all this could come about from something so small, found in the hands of a crazed creature?" Frodo's expression became worried, and he studied me.

I never got to say anymore, as I suddenly realized that an arrow was aimed for my heart. "How did you come to know so much? Have you kidnapped us? What do you want?" Legolas demanded, face stern.

//Oops.// I thought. I had pressed my luck. "I read it." I stated simply, making no quick movements. It would not be good if my mom found me dead by a weapon not employed for centuries.

"Read it?" Frodo questioned. Sam's gaze was suspicious, and he moved closer to his master.

"Yes." I said, and pointed slowly to the book on my nightstand. "In there."

Pippin dashed over and picked up the book, scampering back to the other hobbits. Frodo took it quickly, scanning through. His expression of worry intensified. "We're all here, but...none of this is true." He said.

I nodded. "I know it seems strange, but it is true. It just hasn't happened to you yet...I don't think." It occurred to me that I did not know for sure where in the story they had come from. Then I remembered one of the voices mentioning Moria. "Yes, it hasn't happened." I repeated.

Legolas frowned heavily. "What do you mean by that?" He demanded.

I sighed. "It's a long story. Would you mind pointing that thing somewhere else? I mean, what am I REALLY going to do to you, Legolas? One girl?" I pointed out with a shrug.

Legolas slowly lowered his bow slightly, but did not let the arrow in his hold relax. "I take nothing at face value." He said simply.

"I see." I replied. "Smart way to live in your world." I winked, and he frowned at me. I sat down on the bed and let a hand go through my hair. "Ok, here's the deal. You are in either another universe, or the future. I don't know which."

The hobbits' jaws dropped at that, but Legolas showed no reaction. "What makes you say that?" He asked.

"Well, as far as anyone knows around here, you and the hobbits are only myth. You came from a story by a man named J. R. R. Tolkien. He described a world called Middle-Earth, in which the fellowship set out on a perilous journey to destroy the one ring. From the description, it sounds as if perhaps you are now in the future, in a time in which the only sentient species left on earth is humans." I said simply.

Legolas' bowstring fell into its natural form as his grip on it relaxed. He seemed about to say something, when our attention was caught by the hobbits.

"Oy! Merry, let me see that!" Pippin was saying, struggling to wrestle my copy of TTT away from his older cousin. Merry was paying him no mind, glancing through the book.

Suddenly, he laughed. "Now I know she isn't telling the truth. This book says me and Pip get stuck with a bunch of giant trees that move and talk." He grinned up at Legolas, just as Pippin tackled him.

"Let me see it!" The youngest hobbit cried. Merry just laughed harder and held the book out of reach. I snatched it from them both, and cries of despair rang through the room as they looked up to me.

"It's all quite true, Meriadoc." I said simply, placing the book in the box with the other three, and setting that on a shelf way out of a hobbit's reach, but not an elf. On the other hand, I wasn't worried about Legolas going nuts over reading it.

"Then how do we end up there?" Pip asked, standing quickly. "Let me see the book, I want to know how we end up with trees!" He dashed to my side, eyeing the books hungrily and looking to me in a pleading way.

I shook my head firmly. "One should never know too much about their future, and I shudder to think what would happen if you changed what is meant to happen just because it doesn't suit you. All of Middle-Earth might be destroyed." I shut my mouth after that, not wanting to give anything away. I suddenly felt like the Doc from Back to the Future, telling Pippin that line about not knowing too much about your own future. I struggled not to laugh, as they would think I was laughing at Middle-Earth's destruction. That would not provoke a good response.

Legolas seemed to agree with this, but didn't look as though he believed me quite yet. I decided I would have to prove it to them. "Come on, I'll show you." I looked out into the hall, making sure no one was up, then gestured for them to follow me, putting a finger to my lips to show that I needed silence. I led them through the house, grabbing a flashlight, ignoring the hobbits' surprised looks. I reached the front door and unlocked it, flipping on our porch light before I opened the door. "Take a look and then tell me you still think you're in Middle-Earth." I said with a grin I couldn't contain, though I knew it was mean.

The five characters stepped outside into the warm summer night, eyes wide as they looked out into my neighborhood. A car went past, and Pippin gave a yelp, darting back in the house. The other hobbits jumped in the air. Legolas' intake of breathe was the only sign that he was surprised.

Quickly, I gestured them back in, lest my neighbors should see and think I was harboring escapees from an Insane asylum. I had to admit, this didn't look good; me, standing in only a Tweety-bird nightshirt and sweat pants, surrounded by four midget men, all wearing no shoes on their hairy feet, and a very tall men with pointed ears and a bow. Definitely not good.

Pippin was visibly upset by what he had seen. The other three hobbits were grouped around him as he spoke loudly, trying to quiet him. Only Legolas seemed calm, but that wasn't unusual, come to think of it.

"None of this would have ever happened if we hadn't left the Shire!" Pippin was exclaiming to his fellow hobbits.

Merry took this in, listening to his cousin but not nodding or shaking his head. "Maybe...maybe not, Pip. Either way, it's too late to do anything now, so calm down." He said nicely, but firmly.

I noticed that Frodo was eyeing Legolas rather than paying attention to his cousins. Legolas seemed to know that the ring-bearer was watching him, but he did not react. Instead, he, in turn, was watching me. I felt the weight of his gaze keenly and fidgeted a bit. Finally, he spoke. "So you are saying we are where?" He asked.

"Earth." I said. "To be more specific, North America, the United States, the state of Idaho, and the city of Boise." I paused, but hardly long enough for anyone to do or say anything, as I have a tendency to talk way too fast when I'm excited...or when I'm not, for that matter. "Today is July 23rd, 2003." I supplied.

All of the Lord of the Rings characters were now staring at me openly. It was obvious I had just confused them a lot more. I sighed, but said nothing more.

Merry finally broke the silence. "Well, do you have food in this world?" He asked blatantly, and I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I saw the look on Legolas' face.


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