Now, before you go any further, I must tell you something. I am a scarily obsessed person who can find nothing better to do with her time than find ways to put any character Orlando Bloom has ever played, in this case, William Turner, in danger, pain, and, if at all possible, extreme mental anguish. As Jack would say, "Savvy?" If you are tormented by the idea of my hurting Will, then don't read any further than this sentence!!


Ok, everyone who is still here, second warning. This story starts taking place about 2 hours into the movie. If you have not seen it, it will KILL the movie for you. Got it?

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Will swallowed and took a quick, deep breath as he was shoved over the chest of glittering Aztec coins. Dimly, he knew that Barbossa was talking, but he barely noticed. Instead, his thoughts were centered around Elizabeth as he reminded himself that this was for her.

Deep inside, though, something hurt at the knowledge that Elizabeth would never know he loved her.

Barbossa grabbed a handful of Will's, long, curly, deep brown thick hair and grinned toothily in his face. He presented a long, wicked looking blade into the younger man's vision. Will eyed it nervously but otherwise showed no other outward reaction. Barbossa yanked his hair harder and placed the knife none-too-gently at Will's neck.

Will prepared himself for the moment of searing pain, but it never came. He finally looked up to the pirate. "Ya want at live, don't ya boy. I ken see it in yer eyes." Barbossa raised an eyebrow. Will looked away, knowing nothing he said would help him now, not in this company. Barbossa dug the knife into Will's neck, but not enough to draw blood. "It be that girl, isn't it?" He inquired. "That pretty little lass. You fancy her." The cursed man chuckled.

Will's head flew up. "I love her.' He declared forcefully, angrily, surprising himself. It was so easy to say it now. Why couldn't he ever tell the one that really mattered?

Barbossa smirked heavily. "I see." He said, and paused, the knife lifting a little.

Will frowned. //Get it over with, will you?// He thought. //What's the point of all this?//

Barbossa seemed to come back to himself. "Do you want to live?" He demanded.

Will sighed, looking up angrily. "Of course I do!" He admitted, his eyes shining with fury.

Barbossa nodded and grinned slowly, looking to his men and back. "How badly?"

Will immediately tensed upon hearing those words, and his gaze quickly turned from fear to worry. He swallowed hard, dreading the meaning of those words. "What do you mean?" He asked hesitantly.

Barbossa's men looked equally confused as they stared at their captain. Barbossa just continued to smile, wheels of greed and evil seeming to turn inside his head. "I simply mean, would you be willing to sell your life to me for my allowing you to continue to use it?"

Will's confusion did not leave him at those words, but his face drained of color. "For what would you want my life?"

Barbossa stared at him a moment, yanking Will's hair back farther to force the younger man to look him in the eye. "You would serve me. Work for your keep on my boat without any gripe. Could you do that?" He asked.

Will thought hard for a long moment. He could feel there was something underneath the captain's words, and it made him more than nervous. He knew he should just let them kill him and be done with it, but in the end, he would do anything that brought him closer to escaping and finding Elizabeth. "I can." He finally said.

Barbossa grinned and nodded, talking a hold of Will's hand and slicing it open before placing the medallion inside and closing Will's fingers around it. Will could not help wincing as the piece of gold fell into the chest and the curse was released.

Barbossa shoved Will down to the pirates arms. "Bind him and take him to the ship." He said. The pirates quickly obeyed.

As the pirates moved away, another approached the captain. "Sir, what be the purpose in keeping the whelp? He'll just get in the way and be a bloody pest." The pirate growled.

Barbossa turned to face him, shaking his head. "Do you know how many would pay a pretty price to own such a thing of fiery beauty, to be able to tame him?" He asked.

The pirate just grunted. "We got enough without him. He won't bring enough to bother." He said.

Barbossa nodded, distracted. "You may be right. But nothing would please me more than to see Bootstrap's kid sold into a life of misery. He'll die in the end, of course, but the dying will be much more rewarding than killing him now…for me of course. Bring me a sort of…satisfaction." His smiled grew as he bit into an apple.


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