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William quietly place the tankard of beer in front of one of the drunken pirates. Over the years, he had learned to be silent, because it invited less pain in the long run. Most of the patrons were too drunk to notice anything but the beer he carried. However, a few were just sick enough to in tormenting him.

"Thank ya, mate." The pirate said from underneath the brim of his dark, weathered hat. Will couldn't help the second glance he stole as he walked towards the owner of the next beer he had to serve. That voice had been familiar! He caught a glimpse of a bandana and beads woven into the dark pirate's hair before he made himself turn around. It couldn't possibly have been who he thought it was. He must have been distracted by the fact that he had been thanked. He had almost forgotten what the words sounded like. Besides, staring drew attention, and that was the last thing William wanted anymore. He brushed the thought away and continued on his duties.

Will could feel the pirate's eyes burning into the back of his neck, but he tried to ignore it, knowing that if the tavern keeper should see him slowing or appearing distracted, he would get the blunt end of some hard object tonight. However, as the night wore on, the pirate never stopped watching him. Will became very self-concious, avoiding the man's eyes and worrying why the pirate would be interested in him.

Will was acutely aware of the pirate as he stood and made his way to Will's master. Not for the first time, the blacksmith wished it wasn't so dim in the tavern, so that he could make out the pirate's face now that he was standing, head up and visible. Something about the walk caught his eye, but the memory was painful and foggy, so when Will was called away by another drunken patron, he stopped trying to remember, instead watching out of the corner of his eye as his master and the pirate conversed. He threw some hair out of his face and tried not to dwell on it. There was nothing he could do either way.

When he looked over again, it was when the tavern keeper called him. He was pleased when he noted that the pirate had disappeared. He made his way quickly to his master's side, only to be met with a firm strike to the face. "Took your time getting here, didn't you?" The mad who had bought will snarled.

The former blacksmith bit back the tears forming at the pain and struggled to control his anger. "Sorry, master." He forced out, refraining from rubbing at his stinging cheek. Even after all this time, it was impossible to call this man master without anger.

"I'll let it go this time." The cruel man said slowly. "Only because I have something for you to do." Will looked up in surprise and nervousness, and immediately cursed himself, knowing his master's rule about looking into a 'freeman's face,' as he put it. Fortunately, his master had been looking towards the stairs that led to the rooms he rented. "One of the patrons asked for you. Paid good silver, too." He said absently, rolling several coins in his palm, and suddenly looked at Will. "Can't think why he would want you." He said softly, eyeing the younger man's scars. "He didn't say, but for this much, I didn't ask, just told him not to harm you beyond healing. Don't disappoint him!" He laughed cruelly, and Will couldn't help the hitch in his breath.

Slowly, he turned towards the stairs, trying to think what he was going to do. He was notthis broken, and never would be. "Third on your right!" His master called from behind him. Will didn't even turn, but continued up the stairs.

When he reached the room he had been directed to, he stopped and drew a deep breath. It was useless to postpone this. He knocked softly and opened the door when he heard the call to come in.

It took his eyes a moment to adjust. When they did, he swallowed hard. The pirate was sitting against the headboard of his bed, one leg thrown out in front of him, slightly bent at the knee, and the other dangling off the side. "Good, you came." The pirate intoned drunkenly.

Will couldn't help himself. "I don't know what my master told you, but I am only a server, and I do not serve in this manner." He said, not able to help the disgust that crept into his voice. "I would rather die." He added quietly, though the words took the last of the rebellion that had not been beaten out of him.

The pirate chuckled and started to stand. "That's all right, kid, I'll stick ter girls fer that." He chuckled again, taking a swig from the bottle held lazily in his left hand, and Will felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment.

There was a moment of nervous silence, and finally Will couldn't stand it. "Then why…why do you want me?" Will asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

"I wanted ter see sommat." The pirate said slowly as he walked over. Will tensed up, yet that swagger seemed familiar. The pirate drew very close, staring Will deep in the eyes, and though William knew he should lower his gaze, he couldn't. After a second, the pirate leaned back at a drunken angle. "It is you, ain't it Will?" He breathed.

William's eyes widened with surprise. He stared at the pirate for a long moment. "Jack?" He asked, his tone tentative, afraid he would be wrong, that this was all a dream.

Instead, Jack grinned, gold glinting as he flung one arm to the side, palm up, and pointed one finger of the other hand in the general direction of William's face. "Captain Jack Sparrow." He intoned with pride.

William couldn't help himself. All the months and months of over working without proper food, rest, or even enough water to drink finally caught up with him as the shock hit his system. He exhaled in a long sigh, swaying dangerously on his feet till he landed on his knees, hands thrust before him to catch himself, a murmured curse stuck in his throat.


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