Ok, this is a story where Obi-Wan is born a slave and Qui-Gon must save him. Lots of angst, sweet mush between the two. Can Qui-Gon break through Obi-Wan's walls and help the young boy recover from the life he lived?

Warning!! Obi-Wan is very young in the beginning, and is mistreated physically. No sexual abuse. Is the physical abuse, while not graphic, and short, bothers you, please leave now, I don't want to upset you.

Ok, read on! Hope you like it.


Qui-Gon sighed as another slave prostrated himself obscenely before him. "Enough. What is your message?" He asked, careful to keep all emotion out of his voice.

The slave directed her gaze to the floor. "Dinner is going to be served in the main dining room. The King requests your presence." The slave's voice trembled. Qui-Gon pitied her. She had probably been told thousands of horrible lies about the Jedi, and so being sent to tell him this must have seemed a death sentence to her. //She probably expects me to eat her.// Qui-Gon thought sarcastically. //Probably thinks that she's the dinner the king is offering. Poor kid.//

"All right. Let me freshen up, and then if you would be so kind as to show me the way to the dining room?" He asked softly, trying to be as calming as he could for the frightened girl. She couldn't be more than 18.

"Of course, sir." She replied, standing, while keeping her gaze down, and going to wait by the door.

Qui-Gon shook his head and went into the refresher, briefly splashing water on his face before returning and grabbing up his robe and lightsaber. "All right, I'm ready." He said as cheerfully as he could manage, and followed the girl out.


As they walked down the hall, Qui-Gon pondered the mission as it had been going so far. The planet Uzani had requested admission to the republic. Qui-Gon had been sent to see if they were ready to become part of the republic. However, as soon as he had arrived, he had discovered a problem. Slavery. The whole planet was deeply involved in slavery. He had told the king that he would have to give up this custom, but the king had brushed him off. Qui-Gon would probably have to return and advise that the republic wait until they were ready before allowing them to join.

They came to the dining rooms, and Qui-Gon took the seat the slave gestured to. He nodded to the king, who sat about four seats away, surrounded by his sons and daughters, the favored ones at least. Assorted underlings of the king also were there, talking quietly amongst themselves, plotting how to gain more power through the king.

Qui-Gon waved off the slave girl, nodding politely as all at the table acknowledged him. He blocked a sigh. Another night of pretending. He half-heartedly ate the food that was served to him, not really paying attention. It was hard for him to deal with slavery, because it disgusted him so much.

Slaves bustled about, but he hardly took any notice of them until, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small boy that couldn't have been much older than four standard years. He frowned. This boy had probably been born into slavery, poor thing. How horrible, never knowing any life other than being owned. He felt his heart clench in sympathy. The boys eyes were bright blue, but when he turned his head, they changed to a vibrant green, complimenting his auburn hair. The boy had good features, and was obviously going to be handsome when he grew up.

The boy was holding a very large tray filled with desserts that were to be passed out, balancing it carefully, as it was bigger than he was. He was walking to the head of the table in order to serve the king first, when Qui-Gon saw the king's youngest son grin and abruptly stick a foot into the slave boy's path.

The child lost his balance with a cry, falling forwards, the tray flying from his hands to land in the kings lap, sending red goop all over his fine robes. The boy landed hard on his face and moaned slightly. Qui-Gon winced. This was going to be bad.

The king was outraged, his face turning almost as red as the dessert filling on his lap. Three other servants hurriedly ran forward, picking up the tray and doing their best to remove the dessert, but the king pushed their hands away angrily. He pointed a shaking finger at the small child that was struggling to his feet. "Who made him a server?!" He demanded.

A female servant winced. "We ran short my lord, and Obi-Wan was the only one left." She said. Qui-Gon noticed she had not mentioned why they had ran short. The boy was on his feet now, trembling, great tears rolling down his face as he waited for the king to decide his fate for something that was not even his fault.

"Bring. Him. Here." Ordered the king, spitting as he talked, so great was his anger. The servants hurried to obey, grabbing Obi-Wan's arms and leading him over, though they were gentle. They let go as they came to the king, and the child's breathing became labored, but he immediately fell to his knees and bowed his head. The king met this gesture of respect with a blow, his fist flying out and catching Obi-Wan under his chin. The blow picked him up off the floor and threw his small body into the wall, his head connecting solidly. The boy crumpled to the floor and didn't move.

Qui-Gon winced with sympathy, worrying for the child. A strike like that to the head was hard enough to kill a small child such as this young Obi-Wan. As he saw the king's anger was not satiated, he realized this might not be the end of the boy's punishment.

"Take him to the improvement room, and then put him on punishment detail." The king ordered. The slave next to him winced heavily, her eyes tearing as she looked at Obi-Wan, who's auburn hair was being marred by red, sticky blood.

"Sir…" She began. She was not actually a woman yet, more like 16 or 17. "Please sir, he is only four, he may not survive such treatment!" She whispered the last as the king whirled on her.

"You think he deserves better?" The woman quieted. "You would like to join him perhaps?" The woman's tears began to fall, but she looked away and shook her head. Qui-Gon understood. She would do the child no good by getting herself beaten, and she had already stuck her neck out as far as she dared without losing it.

"No, sir." She whispered, and backed away. Two male slaves carefully lifted the child and carried him out of Qui-Gon's sight. Qui-Gon rubbed his forehead as he felt a headache growing, seething at the injustice of it all.

Qui-Gon felt sick with disgust, and stood. "If you will excuse me, I will retire for the night." He said. The king nodded his assent, and Qui-Gon left the room, but made his way around to the kitchens where they food was being prepared. As soon as he was noticed, all the slaves stood, terror evident in their eyes. What could the Jedi want?

Qui-Gon scanned the room until he found the slave that had tried to stop the king from hurting Obi-Wan. He gestured for her to follow him, and, eyes wide, she obeyed.

Once in the hall, Qui-Gon turned. "Where is the Improvement room?" He asked.

The girl began to tremble violently. For a long moment she was silent. "You want Obi-Wan, don't you?" She finally whispered knowingly.

Qui-Gon saw no reason to pretend, so he merely nodded. "Yes I do. Could you direct me?" He asked

The girl bit her lip as her eyes teared up, and fell to her knees. "Please sir, leave him be, he's hurt enough already and in enough trouble. If he offended you in anyway, I will be more than happy to take your punishment for him, but please, sir, let him be. He is but a child. Please…"

Qui-Gon was horrified, and quickly pulled her to her feet. "I do not want to harm him!" He said, his eyes wide. "I wish to save him from such horrid treatment!" He said firmly.

The girl's mouth all but dropped. "You…you what?"

Qui-Gon sighed. "I want to help him." He said slowly and clearly.

The girl fell to her knees again. "Will you take him away, sir? He is my younger brother, and he may not survive much longer! Please, I beg of you…"

Again, Qui-Gon pulled her to her feet. "I am going to do my best. Now, before he is further harmed, where is he?"

The girl quickly pulled herself together. "I'll take you to him."


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