Hello, it's me. Sorry, no update, just a question, but an important one, so listen up. I am going through my stories, deciding what to dump and what to continue, and on this one, I need an opinion from the readers.

Ok. To be fully honest, this story hasn't interested me since about…chapter 5. I continued it for a friend, and as is the case with most stories, some unknown factor in this one is what made people read it. To be honest, at times this frustrates me. I mean, what makes the story I dislike the one everyone wants to read? The same happened with Lost in Rivendell. Nearing the end, I absolutely hated the story. However, so many people reviewed (632! That's unheard of for me!) and emailed me, honestly wanting to know if I was all right and if I would finish the story, that I felt terribly. I finished it despite everything, and wouldn't you know it? I liked the end. Now, again, to be honest, there are still a million and one things I hate about that story. However, it took me a couple days shy of two years to finish. If I'm any sort of author (and I hope I am) then I would hope I would have grown enough to see differences in my writing. Looking back on that story over two years from when I finished it, I'm torn if I want to bother re-writing it as I wish it had been. I don't know if anyone would read it. But that's not the point. (Anyone still around? OO) The point is that I like parts of it enough now that I have the desire to re-write it. I don't loathe it anymore. So I know that if I forced myself through this, bit the bullet as it were, I would grow to like it in time.

However, herein lies my biggest difficulty. I made a huge big boo-boo in this story, one I have been loathe to face or admit. All of you who commented on, "He gets kidnapped so fast!!"

Yeah. You were right. Error. Not the way it was supposed to go. I'm not sure where my head was when that happened…but it wasn't with me. So….in order to fix this story…I need to go back…two chapters? And re-write them. And push them back. There are things that need to happen there. I think I was just too lazy, not really wanting to write this and pushing out an update, and got too caught up in just writing it without looking ahead. (I do that a lot.)

So. Is anyone willing to let me strike the last two chapters, replace them with what SHOULD have happened, and go from there? That is my question. I offer no guarantees of when precisely, because as much as I would like to, I simply don't have them. But I don't want to start re-writing on this without knowing I should bother.