Ok, I've had this for a couple of weeks now, but due to a lack of computer-availability I haven't had the chance to type it up.  Not that this should particularly interest you, but I felt the need to share. : )  Anyhoo, this story depends on Minerva and Albus having a strong friendship with Arthur and Molly Weasley.  I don't know why they do, but I don't think it is out of the question either.  So… enjoy!

Summary:  Arthur and Molly visit Albus and Minerva for supper one night…  Ladies and Gents, we have here the world's worst summary!!  Just read it…please?  AD/MM, slight, slight AW/MW

Rated: PG for now.  It might change to PG-13, but I doubt it.  Depends what mood I'm in when I'm writing. : )

Disclaimer:  The stuff you recognize is JK Rowling's.  The stuff you don't recognize is mine, but it was inspired by JK Rowling.

A Mother's Love

by Laura

            Albus Dumbledore watched his wife from the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.  Minerva was setting the table, no difficult task he knew, but the sight fascinated him, nonetheless.  She moved with a grace that made it seems as if she were dancing rather than walking around the table.  Deceptively delicate-looking arms and hands carried plates and sorted cutlery.  Nimble fingers folded napkins precisely and easily.

            Feeling his eyes on her, Minerva glanced up, never once breaking her pace.  Shaking her head, she returned her attention to the napkins.  She had long since given up on asking Albus what he found so intriguing about her doing simple tasks, as his answers rarely made much sense.  Finishing folding Minerva began to place the napkins around the table, ending with her back towards her husband.  She glanced across the table to see if she had forgotten anything.

            Albus stole up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist.  "It looks beautiful.  Like you," he said, kissing the back of her neck.

            Minerva smiled and leaned back into his embrace. "Flatterer."


            She laughed and turned within the circle of his arms to kiss his cheek.  Albus turned his head and caught her lips with his own. They let the kiss linger for a moment.

Suddenly, the fireplace in the living room roared into life and deposited a young, redheaded wizard carrying a redheaded toddler who was clapping his hands together gleefully, clearly having enjoyed the trip.

 "Not interrupting anything, am I Professors?" the man asked with a grin, noting from the living room the blushing faces of Albus and Minerva, who had sprang apart at the noise of the fireplace.

Minerva cleared her throat and bustled into the living room.  "Of course not, Arthur.  What gave you that idea?"  She started dusting soot off both man and child.

"Perhaps the fact that you won't meet my eyes?"  Arthur replied chuckling.  Minerva defiantly raised her eyes to his, but then blushed and smiled as she glanced away again.

Albus's eyes twinkled.  "Well, she certainly proved you wrong."  Walking forward, he shook Arthur's free hand.  "Where's your wife?"

"She should be along shortly," he said turning towards the fireplace.  "She was giving the house a last glance and saw something she had forgotten to pack.  How is it that the smaller the child is, the more you need to bring?"

Minerva smiled and held her arms out to the boy.  He smiled back and fairly jumped from his father's arms into hers.

"Hi Aunt 'Neva!" he said.

"Hi Billy-Boy!  How's the big brother?"

"Firsty," he replied seriously. "Can I've some lemolade?"

"Bill," his father said warningly.

"Please, Aunt 'Neva, can I've some lemolade?" Bill amended.

"You're in luck Bill, I just made some lemonade," Minerva answered, ignoring his grammar and carrying him into the kitchen.

The two men watched her go, and then Albus turned back to Arthur.  "So how is life at The Burrow?" he said, referring to the house the young man had recently bought.

"Wonderful.  I have two healthy sons, a beautiful wife, and now a home of my very own.  Though I think my mother was sad to see us go."  The young family had been staying with Arthur's widowed mother until they could stand on their own feet.  "She rather enjoyed having us for company."

"Well, that means she'll be happy to baby-sit," reasoned Albus.

"Here, here," Arthur agreed, just as green fire erupted from the hearth behind him and a redheaded woman carrying a blanket-swathed baby in her arms and a large, cloth bag over her shoulder joined the men.

"Ah, Molly, glad you could join us.  I think you've gotten more lovely since I saw you last," Albus said as he took the bag from her.

"You know, I'm not sure how proper it is for you to be flirting with your former students," Molly replied, blushing and smiling all the same.

"Why not?  I married one of them, didn't I?" Albus replied cheerfully, as Minerva walked back into the room.  She was carrying a tray of cheese and crackers in one hand, and Bill in the other.  Bill also had his hands full, with a cracker-cheese sandwich and a small cup of lemonade, his favorite.

Minerva set the tray on a table and Bill on the floor as she eyed her husband.  "I'm afraid what to ask you married one of."

"A beautiful woman, of course," Albus replied.

Minerva raised an eyebrow suspiciously, but turned to Molly and embraced her.  "I'm so glad you could come to dinner," she said.

"Well, we weren't going to turn down our former Headmaster and Head of House, were we?" Molly said, returning the hug with one arm

Minerva pulled back and lifted a corner of the blanket to reveal a tiny head covered in soft, red-blonde hair.  "Oh Molly, he's adorable!"

"Yes, our newest pride and joy.  He'll be a week old tomorrow."

"Little baby Charlie," Minerva breathed.  "Can I hold him?"

"Of course," Molly said, gently handing the baby to the professor.  Charlie scrunched up his face and made a quiet whining noise as he was being passed, but the he snuggled down into Minerva's arms as she slowly walked to a rocking chair and sat down.

Albus got Molly and Arthur drinks and they sat down, too.  The four adults chatted and watched Bill play with the toys he had brought, and then adjourned to the dining room once supper was ready.  The steady stream of comfortable conversation was interrupted only near the end of dessert by Charlie's loud cry announcing he was still hungry.  Molly took him into the living room to nurse him as Arthur and Albus started discussing the new Muggle-Wizard relations decree that was about to be passed.  Bill declared that he was done eating, too, and wanted to get down from the table and play, so Minerva took him into the living room.

Minerva and Bill sat on the living room floor and bill gathered his toys.  As Minerva played with him, she held a quiet conversation with Molly, who was sitting on the couch feeding Charlie, about the younger woman's plans for decorating her new house.

Albus and Arthur, still deep in conversation, started to clear the table.  Minerva heard them and called out "Arthur Weasley, don't touch those dishes!  I'll not have a guest cleaning in my house!"

But Arthur called back laughing, "Too late, there's no stopping us now!"

Minerva smiled wryly.  "Ten points from Gryffindor, for disobeying a teacher," she muttered.

Bill laughed.  "You funny, Aunt 'Neva," he said.

Minerva raised her eyebrows.  "I hope you think it's funny if I really mean it when I say it to you at Hogwarts.  Though if you can't manage 'Minerva,' I don't know how you'll get through 'Professor McGonagall.'"

Bill considered this.  "P'fess Gonall!" he tried.

Minerva laughed.  "Close enough for now."  Glancing up, she saw Molly staring fondly at her.  "What?"

Molly shook her head as she burped Charlie.  "I was just thinking about how different 'Minerva' is from 'Professor McGonagall.'"

Minerva tilted her head to one side, contemplating this.  "Yes, I suppose I am much more strict in the classroom."  Molly gave her a look that clearly said, You suppose? and Minerva laughed.  "It's not even a conscious change anymore.  But my father was the same way."

"You're father was a professor?  I didn't know that."

"He was the Potions teacher before Professor Kedley.  He retired a few years before I started teaching."

"Retired?  He couldn't have been that old, could he?"

"No, he was only 108, but he decided to take a job at the Ministry of Magic, researching and developing new potions.  Better pay, he said, but I think it was because he was able to spend more time at home."  Minerva smiled at the memory.  "He was a great big man, but so much fun.  So long as you dinnae run afoul of him, he was as harmless as a wee kitten."  Her accent deepened as she journeyed back into her childhood.  "All of us kids loved playing with him.  But I remember once, he took me to Hogwarts for a few days, when I was about seven, I think, and I sat in on one of his lessons.  Hardly a soul dared step out o' line.  I was a wee bit scared meself."  Minerva shook her head slightly.

"That must be it then, where you got it from," Molly said.  "You were quite frightening in school."

Minerva chuckled.  "It's a gift."  Then, tentatively she looked up at Molly.  "Can I hold Charlie?"

"Of course!" said Molly, who had just finished feeding him.  Minerva stood up to take Charlie in her arms, and then sat back down in her rocking chair again, as the men came into the living room.  Albus sat on the floor next to Bill, and Arthur sat down next to Molly on the couch.  The three adults struck up a conversation while Albus charmed some of Bills toys to move of their own accord.

But Minerva was almost completely oblivious to all of this.  She had her attention focused on the baby in her arms.  She couldn't get over how tiny and soft he was.  How good he smelled. How warm and comfortable his weight was in her arms.  She studied his little sleeping face.  Minerva marveled at how delicate and perfect he was, from his tiny little nose and lips, to every little eyelash.  From the sparse hair on his head, Minerva could tell his hair was going to be just as red as his parents's and brother's.  Charlie opened his eyes and looked straight into Minerva's.  She quite nearly melted.

After awhile, Arthur stood up and said they should be going.  Thanking Albus and Minerva for dinner, Arthur and Molly gathered up the various things they had brought with them.  Minerva reluctantly handed Charlie back to Molly.  With two green roars of fire, the Weasleys were gone.


            When Albus came out of the bathroom, Minerva was already curled up in the middle of their bed.  She was holding open a book entitled Prince Charming: Cinderella Speaks.  Her eyes were on the page, but unmoving, and Albus knew she wasn't actually reading.

            He walked over and sat on his side of the bed.  "What's wrong?"

Minerva looked up, only realizing he was in the room when he spoke.  "Nothing," she said.

Albus looked at her seriously.  That 'Nothing' would have fooled most people, but not him.  It was slightly too honest, and her eyes slightly too innocent.  But Albus let it go for a moment.  Instead he asked, "Are you going to give me any room tonight?"

Minerva smiled ruefully and scooted over to her side of the bed.  Albus climbed under the covers and lay back against the pillows.  Then he pulled the book out of his wife's hands.

"Hey!" Minerva cried indignantly.  "I was reading that!"

"No, you weren't," Albus said calmly and pulled Minerva close to him.

Minerva opened her mouth to disagree, but then conceded; she hadn't been reading.  And she wasn't opposed to snuggling with her husband.  She relaxed against him, resting her head on his shoulder and letting her hand lay on his chest.

After a few moments, Albus broke the silence.  "So, are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

Minerva picked her head up to look him in the eye.  "Nothing is wrong, Albus."  But he just raised his eyebrows and held her gaze.  Minerva had to look away.  "Damn you," she muttered under her breath as her eyes filled with tears, sitting up and scrubbing a hand across her eyes.

Albus sat up, too, and wrapped his arms around her, feeling the smooth fabric of her satin nightgown.  "Minerva, whatever it is, just tell me.  Tell me what I can do."  It tore at his heart to see her upset.

Minerva turned to face him, but looked at her hands in her lap.  "I know we never discussed it, but I—Well, I just don't know how you'd feel about the idea, and I—it's just—"

Albus cupped her chin with his hand and raised her head so he could see her eyes.  "Say it, love."

Minerva swallowed hard.  "I want a baby."

Whatever Albus had been expecting, this certainly wasn't it.  He raised his eyebrows in surprise and let his hand fall back to the bed.  Minerva rushed forward, as if she were afraid he would object before she'd spoken her mind.

"I was holding Charlie tonight and I could feel his little body in my arms.  I could feel his tiny heartbeat and his lungs expanding and even his little stomach gurgling.  And I realized I was holding a tiny, perfect life in my arms.  And my heart just said, 'I want to make a life.'  I want to have a baby of my own.  Of our own."  Minerva shifted so that she was kneeling on the bed completely facing Albus.  "I want a little boy with black hair and blue eyes," she said touching Albus's cheek.  "Or a little girl with my concentration and your temper," she smiled.

Albus covered her hand with his own.  "My dear, a McGonagall girl with a calm temper?  I hardly think so."

Minerva laughed and couldn't stop herself from leaning forward to hug him.  Albus pulled her into his lap and she only drew back slightly to look into his eyes again.  "I want to have a baby, Albus," she said simply, honestly.

Albus smiled slowly.  "Then let's have a baby."


"Minerva, I can't believe you were so worried about this.  What man wouldn't want to have children, have his own flesh and blood passed on, remade into new life?" Albus asked.

Minerva stared at him in happy disbelief for a moment before capturing his lips with hers and kissing him passionately.  Albus kept one hand wrapped around her waist, while he buried the other in her soft black hair.  Together they leaned back on the bed as the kiss deepened.  When they broke the kiss for the purpose of air, they stared into each other's eyes.  Volumes were spoken in that gaze, words that couldn't be defined, a language that no one could translate, but clear as day to Albus and Minerva, at that moment, and late into the night.

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