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"Heh, watch where you're going!" A cold voice drawled angrily.

"Me?" a slightly smaller girl protested, arms crossed defiantly. "You're the one who came racing around the corner like a dementor was after you."

"That is not how you run when a dementor is after you, trust me, I know."

That threw her off. Eyes wide, mouth slightly open in an O shape, Ginny gazed up at Draco Malfoy in surprise.

"Don't ask," he ordered tersely as she started to speak.

Ginny snapped her mouth shut. "I wasn't going to." Why did she care about anything that had happened to him anyway?

"Uh hu, sure you weren't. You were just opening your mouth to catch flies, right?"

Ginny scowled ferociously. "If I didn't know better I'd swear you come looking for me, just to start these arguments."

Draco winked, a devilish smile lighting his face. "Who says I don't?"

Ginny felt her mouth dropping open again. What had gotten into the boy? Normally they couldn't stand each other, especially after the incident in Umbridge's office last year, but now he was actually carrying on a conversation with her. Sure, it was a bit hostile, but still.

Shaking her head, Ginny decided to ignore his sudden change in behavior. He was probably just trying to get her off her guard. Pushing sideways, she shoved past him and on down the corridor.

His eyes followed her. Ginny felt them probing into the back of her skull even after she'd turned another corner and he had disappeared from view. Creepy.


Draco stood watching her go, not certain what had come over him. That wink, the things he had said…they were totally uncharacteristic. What was wrong with him, flirting with the little Weasel like that? Had he done it just to get under her skin, test her reaction? Yeah, that was it.

She could argue and fight with the best of them, but let Draco Malfoy wink at her- at any girl- and they were left speechless.

This could be fun, he mused. A new way to get to her, and the dorky brother of hers all at once. Almost like playing with fire. One wrong move and Weasley would be on to him in a second, along with her older brother and probably Potter. But do it right, and get the girl on his side… it would definitely be a challenge.

Draco grinned to himself as he walked on down the hall. Things around Hogwarts were about to get very, very interesting…