It is 2 years after Jack got his ship back, and some how he ended up stuck with a wife in a big house. His wife's personality was so similar to his that people often thought they were brother and sister. The one thing that brought them together is the only thing they have in common, Rum. When they weren't drinking (and they were sober enough to have a conversation), they argued. Meanwhile on a boat from London to Port Royale, a 19 year old girl named Lorilie closed a book that she had just finished (which was ironically about "Captain" Jack Sparrow. She was leaving London in search of a life away from her evil mother who passed away a week ago. I'm glad he killed her before I did. She thought. Her mother left her with nothing but her father's possessions. He father had died when she was 10 and her mother remarried and adopted 2 evil children, whose father dies 3 weeks after the wedding (I know what you're thinking, Cinderella, but unfortunately she's not going to Port Royale to see her Prince Charming, but to start a new life that would have been perfect if his father hadn't married a stripper). Lorilie sighed and dropped the book on the table not remembering her fingers were there. "BLOODY HELL!!!!"She screamed. Several other passengers looked at her, but went back to what they were doing shortly after. Then she fell asleep.