Yo Ho (The final chapter, well of course you know there will be a sequel).

"Sam, do you recall the happenings of last night?" asks Adriana.

Sam just continued to snore. Adriana sighed and began to fondle with Sam's long dark hair...wait a minute, Adriana thought. Sam doesn't have long dark hair....She sat up in the bed and looked at the face of the man....it was JACK!

Adriana screamed and woke up with a start. She wasn't in her bedroom, she was on the floor with an empty bottle of rum in her hands. The sun was up, but everyone else was asleep. Adriana stood up, and then figured out why people hate hangovers. She cursed the rum, and walked towards an empty room, where she hoped to get some real rest before she got married...if she did get married.

She didn't expect anyone to be in there, so she just swung the door open, and behold. There lay Jenilia....and....Will? "O DICKENS!" she exclaimed! She then decided to investigate. From where she stood, she could only see two heads, and the rest of their bodies were covered with a white sheet. She snickered to herself as she approached the bed.

"Adriana Camino!" came a loud voice from the bed. It was Jenilia's. "Come no closer..or..or..I'll..uh..."

While Jenni was stuttering, Adriana continued to close in on the bed, and saw that there were clothes on the floor in the room. Adriana smiled. "Well it appears you've had a very productive night."

Jenni gasped and realized what Adriana was about to do, but before she could get a good grip on the sheet Adriana had pulled it away from them and began to run. Jenni sighed and looked at Will whom was still in a state of deep hibernation. "Tis a pity you must wear clothes, my love, for you look much better without them."

Will continued to sleep and Jenilia put her clothes back on, and opened the door. It opened with a loud thud, and Jenni realized she had hit someone with the door. "AAAAHH!" came a female voice. "The bloody doors are attacking!" Lorilie stepped from behind the possesed door and Jenni apologized.

"Such grace, such elegance." Jack said from behind Lorilie while fiddling with his beard.

"Shut up, Jack." Lorilie crossed her arms, and entered the room, and gasped as she saw the naked man atop the bed. She smiled at Jenni, "I almost expected this to happen."

As Jack entered the room, he looked from Will to Jenni, and back to Will again. "My sister is sleeping with my best friend...Bloody hell. I need some rum." he mumbled under his breath. "Farquar, I need to speak with you."

Jenni (or Farquar) cringed at the usage of her real name, and then followed Jack out of the room.

Lorilie looked at Will and smiled. "Let me leave before I get any ideas." she said still staring. Will's eyes fluttered open and he looked at Lorilie, and rubbed his eyes. However, by then Jack had grabbed Lorilie's arm and pulled her out of the room.

"I wasn't really going to do anything, I swear." Lorilie said innocently.

"Yes, I know, but we need to go back home. I just have a bad feeling about Ana Maria. We should go back." Jack looked at the ground.

"Your not suggesting we go back are you?" Lorilie frowned, and remembered how Jack said he loved her and would never love anyone else (see chapter 20), and wondered if he had told the same thing to Ana. Jack nodded. "O hell."

"Lorilie I need you to be with me, but we have to tell Ana how we feel about each other, savvy?"

"What do you mean we? She's YOUR wife, Jack." Lorilie groaned.

"Yes, luv, I know, but I still need your help. It's not going to be as easy as it seems. Ana is a very stubborn woman, and doesn't listen. Especially when she's drunk. So please, Lorilie, for me." he pouted, and he looked soooo cute!

"I suppose...when do we leave?"

"As soon as we can."

The walked into the front room, and Will, Jenni, Sam, and Adriana were all there. Before Jack could say anything, Sam approached him.

"Adriana and I have decided not to get married yet."


"Long story."

"Sorry, I haven't any time, mate."

"Why? Where are we going?"


"We, we."

"You speak French?"


"Oh, well we're going back home. We have business to handle."

"What kind of business?"

"I have a wife."


"Si, a wife."

"You speak Spanish?"


"Well, when do we leave?"

Jack decided not to try and continue this conversation, because he was beginning to get quite confused. "There's no time like the present."

In a few minutes everyone was ready and up on deck. Will noticed that Jack had been ignoring him, and asked Jenni about it.

"I don't know." she lied.

When Jack was talking to her, he told her to be careful with Will because when he fell in love, he became extremely attached. He also said that Will was his good friend, and that he didn't want anyone to break his heart. Considering Jenni's reputation, it was easy to believe that she shared no feelings for Will, but it was quite contrary. She liked Will like she never liked anyone before. She couldn't tell this to Jack because he either would laugh at her, or wouldn't believe her at all. So she kept quiet.

"Let's be on our way then, everyone!" Someone yelled, and then they were off for yet another adventure.

(The End! The Sequel will be ready in a while as soon as I can think up a plot, that way it won't be as pointless as this one, savvy? Well bye bye friends, until next time. In the mean time read my other stories!)