Hooray! Another sequel!!! Everyone seemed to like 'Forbidden Love' and 'Bitter Lovers' so, time for another sequel. This one is called 'Vengeful Lovers' Yeah....I like the whole theme with 'Lovers' at the end....*Giggles* Well, I shalst warn you now...MKPD (Major Kurama Personality Distortion) Hopefully, chappy 2 will be up soon. Thanks to all the readers. Hope I can produce more work for you to like. ^.^

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Chapter 1

He yelped, falling to the cold floor. He was used to this after a year, but tonight seemed to hurt more. With the glimmering blood sliding down his lips, he looked up at his love, his koibito.

"Get up!" A swift kick to his ribs sent him flying across the room, as he looked into the eyes of the ravenous fox who circled around him. "I said GET UP!" Another blow threw the small, fire youkai into the wall of the room that held so many memories.

"Hiei, are you going to get up, or do I have to make you?" A cackle approached the small youkai, as he trembled in fear. With all his strength, he rose to his feet, the blood still sliding down his lips.

"So beautiful, to see your lips drenched in the crimson blood..." Walking closer still, the youko grinned, grabbing the fragile youkai by the waist, pressing his own lips against his, smearing the blood around. The warmth of the blood against Hiei's quivering lips brought the youko to grin as he released him from the kiss. Licking his lips clean of the still clinging blood, the youko grinned.

"Now...say it." Sternly, yet playfully he spoke, running his fingers through the jagged tuffs of hair that lay atop Hiei's head.

"I love you, Kurama..."

"You make it sound so convincing, Hiei." Running a devious finger down his fair, sleek skin.

With no emotion, he closed his eyes, letting tears of pain slither down his cheeks. "It's because I do love you, Kurama." Like a mindless drone, he repeated those words to Kurama. He was nothing more then a puppet, who only obeyed the puppeteer he loved. The year passed by, dragging its' feet behind it. The sincerity in Kurama's eyes faded, and now, those jade eyes which Hiei admired only held hatred and evil, while Hiei's seemed to lighten up, compassion and love now within. Each drop of blood Hiei lost, more and more hatred consumed Kurama's soul, and more kindness invaded Hiei's mind. Hiei loved Kurama with all his heart, and wouldn't dare contradict him, not when he held what Hiei feared most.

Beside the bed, on a mahogany table, sat a vase stood, beautiful flowers arranged to be pleasing to the eye, yet harmful to Hiei's already mutilated body. Turning on his heel, Kurama flashed a grin at Hiei before walking to the vase, wrapping his pale fingers around the stem of a newly bloomed rose.

"Beautiful, don't you agree, Hiei?" Toying with the delicate petals, the scarlet haired youko batted his eyes at the youkai, as his eyes only shifted from view of the rose. He simply nodded, not to the approval of Kurama.

"Hiei, how can you not love the rose?" With a flick of his petit wrist, the rose was contorted into the Rose Whip, a weapon that seduced the eye, an enchanting weapon that seemed to enjoy being used to bring pain to the fire youkai. "The petals, delicate to the touch. But, as they say, every rose has its' thorn..." Bringing forth the whip, it hissed, lashing at Hiei, catching him by his arm. The panicked youkai could only try to retrieve the arm that had been captured, but to no avail. The thorns dug deep into his arm, as he cried out in pain, only to the approval of his master.

"Please, Kurama...."

"Hearing you beg...it's just so...." He grinned, pulling him closer still. "Delicious...." Kissing him once again, he put his delicate fingers to Hiei's blood soaked lips. "My little rose..."